Droid Does What Now? [VIDEO]


If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to scan a girl’s bust with my Droid, I’d be a much richer man and go on a lot less dates. But the folks over at M80 are promising us in a new viral ad campaign that Droid does just that. But wait, there’s more!

Aside from determining the type and size of the undergarments a female is wearing, apparently Droid can control stop lights and predict pool shots, too. To find out what else the Droid does, check out the embedded videos below.

While these features are not only absent from the actual Droid (last time I checked, anyway), but also sort of illegal, I have to say the ads could be considered a bit misleading. However, if any were ever to become reality I can tell you one thing: none of these unlocks could possibly mix well with a night of drinking.

[m80 via Android Guys]

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  1. I wished the traffic light changer was an actual app. :) It would be AWESOME!!!

  2. The Droid taser video is still my favorite. I think it’s by the same guys.

  3. Unless I was coming the other way with my Droid….

  4. those are awesome

  5. Pretty funny…. the pool shot app would be awesome to have.


  7. @swaze
    Get the hell out of here you stupid HTC fanboy. This has nothing to do with the evolution, so go post some where else.

  8. I meant EVO. Darn spell suggest…

  9. WATCH OUT!!!!!!! I GOT A DROID TOO!!!!

  10. The second guy had $38 in singles… was he going to the strip club?

  11. The droid rules and the evo isn’t even out yet. The taser was awesome.

  12. Hey cervex, Thanks for checking that fool! He can definitely go somewhere ELSE with that jibber-jabber!

  13. droid owners are crazy. they are just as bad as the apple cocks

  14. i’m not (not yet) a lucky user of an Android system but i think is awesome!!!! Adroid rocks, iphone sucks! Claudio from Italy.

  15. FAKE! :D

  16. It’s Shopped!!!! Lol

  17. Teehee no detection =D!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. the android community is so big now that people take sides on hardware developers?

  19. Do you know where your child is? Droid does.

    What if a Droid could save your child’s life for less than the price of an iPad.

  20. What happened to that third traffic light, why did he stop the camera :)

  21. Is there any way I can trace the location of phone w just the phone number w my droid I’m aware of tracing w e mails I want to know if I can do it w just the phone number

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