For Those Still Waiting, Droid 2.1 Completes Roll Out Tomorrow


Many Droid users have already received their OTA update to Android 2.1. Others opted to go the way of a manual update. For those of you left in the remaining category of still waiting for the update, fret no more, for your phone will be kicking it with 2.1 by tomorrow.


Verizon informed Gizmodo that the roll out to 2.1 will be completed by the end of the week, so when you see that alert on your screen, follow the prompts to get upgraded to the latest version of Android OS.

Now there are some who say the OTA update has caused a noticeable slow down in performance, but I have had no issues personally. The 2.1 update didn’t live up to everything I thought it would be, but a few nice additions and tweaks make it well worth the wait.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. I was really looking forward to 5 homescreens, this is a big disappointment.

    Has there been explanation as to why the Droid 2.1 is different than the Nexus One 2.1? Both are Google Experience phones, so what gives?

  2. My guess is there will be additional updates rolled out over the next few months. Hence the reason for the “2.1 update 1”. eventually we will get the additional home screens, bug fixes and probably a flash player in the next update or two. Otherwise it probably would have just read “2.1”.

  3. Makes sense

  4. To get additional screens install Helix Launcher from the market. After install on the home screen press menu then configure. Then choose screen size.

  5. @Tom,

    The Helix Launcher app will give you up to 7 screens, and it looks quite nice too.

  6. @CJ – Update1 means Multi-Touch is turned on for pinch-to-zoom in browser, maps (at the time, before it came available to all), and gallery. When the Nexus One was first released, it was without multi-touch just as the Droid. A few weeks later, Google flipped Apple the middle finger and turned it on, and 2.1 became 2.1-update1.

  7. yeah, grab the helix launcher. no lag, 5 home screens, and other awesome features.

  8. FYI — Free HelixLauncher has issues with Motorola Droid 2.1.

  9. What about the Eris????? Where is our upgrade from 1. stinking5?!?!? We were promised by the end of Q1. Phandroid can you do some digging on this please?

  10. I have had no issues with Helix and 2.1 on the Droid. It’s the best additional homescreen app out there, as far as I’m concerned. I do hope to see additional updates to 2.1 in the future, to allow for the packaged homescreens, as opposed to the ones installed from a third party app.

  11. Home++ is also a great alternative many home screens that loop so you can continue swiping left etc

    Small app with clean look and nice features. Im going to try helix buut home++ is my current favourite.

  12. Try gde launcher, its not free but better then all the rest. 7 homescreens and a cube affect when you move screen to screen. No lagging on my droid 2.1 and no force closing.

  13. I am very impressed & happy with Google. The Droid was my first smartphone & I got it on Nov 6 when it was released. For a company to have two major upgrade releases in 6 mos with more coming at a rapid pace is very responsive for a company and reflects its investment in the product. My 2.1 upgrade came early Easter morning, installed successfully in under 2 minutes, and is performing very well. I have noticed a slight increase in battery drainage, but I can live with that. Love my Droid. My son went with the Eris because of the great price, but is now also clammering for the upgrade.
    This is a terrific blog & I check it often, daily. Keep up the great work and coverage!

  14. I checked on my HTC Her from Sprint and i’ts sill on 1.5. I hit the update firmware button but says there’s nothing to DL. Has anyone upgraded yet on their HTC Hero? What was your experience?

  15. I’d also like to know when us Eris Owners will get 2.1? Latest word on the net is possible by end of April but nothing yet definitive. This tight lipped tactic about updates is very frustrating to people that would like to just be informed that our questions are being addressed.

  16. Phone slower because it now auto runs a lot of my apparently in the background. I taskill them but they come right back. Lost my comma on keyboard to voice search key. Not happy with these “upgrades”

  17. Still not update…

  18. I still do not have the update as well.. It is strange though because I did sort of receive it but then when I clicked install it started downloading then I got, I’m assuming, an error (it was a triangle with an “!” in it) and it has not come back since. =[

  19. Someone please tell me the answer to this question. If I updated maunually will I recive an OTA update? Cuz its so gay i don’t have pinch to zoom still using third party dolphin browser. :(
    Email me at [email protected]

  20. @Eddie – HelixLauncher works fine on the Moto Droid. However, HelixLauncher 2 does not because it is intended for the Nexus One.

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