Apr 8th, 2010

Uh-oh. Looks like Google’s self-coined Superphone is starting to attract negative attention in the eyes of its owners. We knew about the spotty 3G signal strength issue since the phone’s launch and even with an update to address those concerns, users are still experiencing problems.


Unfortunately, more complaints are beginning to rear their ugly heads. Problems such as phones being muted during calls to the touchscreen becoming randomly unresponsive have turned up as major areas of concern for several users. Take a look at this huge laundry list of complaints that many users are cosigning on:

1) 3G connectivity issue

2) Touch Screen unresponsiveness/sensing incorrect input

3) unresponsive trackball

4) WIFI connectivity issue

5) Lock button response issue

6) Proximity sensor sensitivity issue

7) Ambient light sensor issue

8)bluetooth issues: fails to operate; inadequate volume; intermittent failure to accept commands

9) speaker: horrible sound quality

10) ringer: insufficient volume

11) earpiece: insufficient volume

12) headset connector: headphones cord activates pause or other functions

13) manufacturer says phone cannot go in pocket

14) Phone mutes when calling people and can only be unmuted by turning mute on then off!

15) missed call notification trackball does not flash

Needless to say, but I’ll still say it, that’s downright ridiculous. I can’t comment on the validity of any of these claims, but check for yourself in several support threads on Google’s official Android Help site to see just how many people are dying for a solution. We feel for you, guys. Here’s hoping Google continues to increase their customer support quality and are cooking a nice update to dissolve all – or at least most – of these issues in one clean sweep.

Are any of you having problems with your Nexus One? Cry out in the comments below!

[Thanks, Engadget]

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