Apr 2nd, 2010

The Motorola Droid FINALLY got an OTA update to Android 2.1 – at least a small number of people have. A large number of the rest have manually upgraded to 2.1, dying to get the latest/greatest features. But now it appears that some ill affects could be realized due to the upgrade, namely a steep drop in frames per second on basic animations:

My first thought was that the “slow” Droid was also running more apps in the background, but they state that each phone had the minimum number of apps running – only what was necessary for the phone to boot.

The above test was performed by Phil Issler of Tesuji games and reported by Ed Burnette of ZDNet. Just a heads up – if you were thinking about manually updating you may want to hold off until this issue is addressed. Feel free to continue solving this mystery in the Droid Forums.

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