myTouch Slide appears in Radio Shack’s Direct2U System


Is this the first in-the-wild confirmation of the rumored follow-up to the G1? Not much can be gleaned from the image leaked out of The Shack’s computer system, but any sign is a good sign for fan’s waiting for a worthy follow-up to the G1 (I’m looking at you, Quentyn).


Of course lacking is any actual image of the myTouch Slide, but this confirms that the device should be headed to T-Mobile, just as expected. Ever since pictures first leaked a few months back, fans have been craving this updated version of the G1 with a physical, slide out keyboard. Looks like the wait may soon be nearing an end, and more news is no doubt to follow.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. Wait. Who is actually craving this phone?

  2. Too bad they didn’t put the Snapdragon processor in it, then I would be all about getting it!

  3. I am

  4. people who don’t want to buy a nexus one, maybe?

    I love the nexus one but the fact that only google carries it also means the price is going to be elevated on the darn thing forever + no keyboard.

    keyboard + android + hardware refresh = requirement to replace g1.

  5. Agrees with Matt. Must have external keyboard for me. Nexus is fine, so is Cliq XT, but neither have the external keyboard. Having owned the G1 since its inception, I rely a lot on that keyboard for extensive typing. Cant wait for it to come out!

  6. Well I am too. But depends on the specs. We shall see…

  7. oppps. Never mind I wont want this phone. CPU specs dosent look good.


  8. Yeah that definitely depends on the specs. Will be following this one though. Been looking for a replacement to my G1

  9. I am deciding on a phone coming from a G1(cyanogens latest rom). I am thinking of getting a HD2 in hopes that there will be a way to put Android on it. It looks like this is a possibility since there are Android phones coming out that are basically the same as the HD2. I am sure it will happen, I just hope everything will work or I will be stuck with a winmo phone:-0 And a backup G1.

  10. I have a feeling this might actually be the HTC Tera with android on it instead of WM6.5. If you read the HTC Road Map it is said to be launching in April.

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