It’s Over 9,000! Android Market Sees Huge Growth In March


While the number of apps available for any platform can be irrelevant thanks to questionable quality, it’s still nice to see that the Android Market is garnering so much attention. Androlib, the third-party market browser and statistics source, tallies the number of apps submitted to the market in March 2010 at 9,308.

That means March saw twice the number of new apps as the previous month!


This particularly stands out as impressive considering we normally see growth by the hundreds month to month, not the thousands.

I would definitely credit this sudden spike to the exciting new phones announced and headed our way and developers finally finding their groove with the Android platform. The next generation of devices provides awesome potential for developers to implement ideas of all kinds. There’s also the fact that there is going to be a wide variety in the types of devices you can get powered by Android in the pipeline.

We’re only a week into April but there have already been another 2200 apps submitted. Simple math and very rudimentary analysis  tells me that the market will easily see 10,000 new apps by month’s end. Head over to AndroLib for the full rundown of stats (with statistics broken down by country and an overview of apps submitted per day).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not quite double.. but still good stuff.

  2. Unfortunately, 80% of it is spam.

  3. It’s over nine thooooouuuuuusssssssaaaaaaannnnnnd!

  4. Not surprising. Development is all about how many people you can get your application to. Writing for Android is so much easier than writing for the iPhone OS. It’s all in java with relatively easy and accessible API’s. Concept C is a bitch.

  5. I wonder what the real count would be if you didn’t count all of the web link apps, spam apps, and the apps that are posted 100 times by the same authore with only slight variations.

  6. author

  7. I’m personally less than impressed with the variety and quality of Android Market apps. Most Android bloggers keep reviewing and talking about the same few well known apps (ASTRO File Manager, Google Voice, Twidroid, Layar, etc.), which to me is a hint of stagnation.

    Quantity is not enough. I don’t want the 123th Twitter client, I have a truckload. I’d like new apps and more creativity instead. Android developers should definitely look to iPhone apps and categories NOT yet available for Android as a source of inspiration.

  8. It’s much less than that after you remove all the BS spam and porn stuff.

  9. The market needs to integrate a way to add certain developers to an ignore list, filter them out of the market so we can actually spot all the original apps that do get published but ignored cause no one wants to search through a list of 150 web launchers, ebooks, themes, ringclips, soundboards and other crap just to find something new.

  10. Pretty sure i saw an author with like 800 web wrapping apps for various news sites, none of them which worked… we need a way to filter, or report developers so that they are actually banned from the market.

  11. Unfortunately quality of iPhone apps is much much higher.

  12. I agree about filtering out the crapps that are reloaded to the new apps. I mean Iphone is too snobby and Android is a lil too liberal. I know its open and it should be, but they need to draw the line somewhere.

  13. its simple the market just needs some simple filters like search by rating and whats popular

  14. Even the blackberry app store has filters like those. C’mon Android. Get on the ball.

  15. “Unfortunately, 80% of it is spam.”
    1000 new non spam apps is good enuff for me.

  16. What?! Nine thousand? There’s no way that could be right!

  17. There’s one glaring omission from this article: the number of apps currently in the Android Market. I want to know how quickly Android is catching up to the iPhone app store.

  18. @Paolo and @franta: you mean like the tons of ifart apps, ibeer/pop apps?? I admit apple has quite a few useful and clean apps, but they also have shitty ones. I have found just as many useful android apps as well.
    Either way, you will only use apps that are useful to you, so more power to devs that are creative and producing great apps!

  19. I was just doing a search on this, and it appears there are about 45,000 Android apps vs 1,000,000 iPhone apps. I’d like to see the breakdown of the price of apps on the iPhone. I haven’t bought a single one on my Android and the equivalent ones on my iPod would set me back about $3 each. Adds up really fast.

  20. @andy In one of the fields I am interested in, i.e. astronomy and space, I mean for example apps like MissionClock, the official NASA app, some really great planetarium apps etc.

  21. @james
    1000000 iPhone apps?
    more like 185000

  22. good ol’ WoW references :)

  23. if iphone really had a million apps they’d be jumping up and down with that number in every ad


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