Apr 7th, 2010

What’s up, phans? As you may already realize, Android has become one of – if not the – hottest entities in the mobile phone space today. With the rapid growth of Android comes the rapid growth of Phandroid: more content, more great readers, and more ‘droid. Introduce me – one of the biggest Android enthusiasts you’ll come to know. Ever since 2007, Google has absolutely taken over my life (even-more-so now with my status as a Phandroid editor) with the mobile phone OS that everyone carefully conditioned “the iPhone killer”.


While that scenario has yet to materialize – and I fully believe that it will soon – Android has been my personal iPhone killer for a long time now. I was one of those geeked-up WinMo-scarred guys that needed a change of pace as my T-Mobile Shadow and Shadow II left horrible tastes in my mouth.

I acquired my HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1 for those of you subsidized in the US) and my life took a U-turn for the better. I no longer dreaded pulling my phone out of my pocket with the thought of having to stumble through one of the clunkiest operating systems I’ve ever used. I still find it hard to put my phone down to this day. Waking up to check the Android market for updates and new apps has become a regular morning routine – something I do before I even so much as think about my toothbrush. I buy apps that I have no practical intention of using just to support awesome devs that are making Android as a platform shine. It would probably ache my heart to think about developers all but giving up on the platform – GameLoft was ready to do just that but decided to quickly retract their stance.


Conversely, it warms my heart to read success stories on all fronts: manufacturers pulling in great unit numbers, app developers making exceptional revenue, and end-users enjoying their Android experience to no end. Do I sound weird at all, yet?

Thankfully, Android has far surpassed what I and many others initially imagined it to be. Google’s marketshare continues to rise as each day goes on, new smartphone owners are adopting Android as their first smartphone experience, and many are beginning to call it the next Windows Mobile: not for what Windows Mobile itself is, but for how widely it’s distributed amongst carriers and manufacturers.

I can go on forever slobbing over just how great Android is doing and how many great new phones are coming out, but I would absolutely loathe boring you. Moving forward with Phandroid, I want nothing more than to earn the trust and loyalty of all you great readers as I add another facet of Google’s brainchild to my life. I am so excited to be working with Rob and Kevin on bringing you a new generation of Phandroid (I made that cheesy one up myself) and satisfying your Android itch every time you need it.

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