Android 2.1 Update For TELUS HTC Hero Delayed To First Week Of May


It looks like Android 2.1 is having even more problems getting itself onto a larger number of handsets. According to the tip inbox of MobileSyrup, TELUS customers with the HTC Hero were supposed to be seeing an Android 2.1 update sometime this month. While April is far from over, talks regarding a delay are already stirring: it’s likely that you guys won’t be seeing the update until early May.


We’re not yet sure what the cause for delay is, but an unnamed source cited that “a lack of effort” was the culprit for this continued trend. Is it just me or does it sound like the tipster is calling their peers out? Alright, enough with the instigating.

The only thing you can do now is sit back and relax as it looks like you won’t be granted your Spring wishes until later on in the season.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Seriously. What is with these delays? The rooted Heroes out there are running 2.1 without any issues what so ever. Seems to me HTC, Motorola, etc… need to hire some of the ROM devs so they can set things straight.

  2. or they just want to fustrate users to the point they just go out and buy a new phone.

  3. I don’t know if I would buy that it’s actually HTC or Motorola… With the performance issues, it might be Motorola, but with all these carriers making their own little tweaks and changes to the OS, who is to say it’s not the carrier’s changes that are causing the issues?

    Maybe the carriers should leave the Rom development up to the guys at XDA and just stick with making their own custom downloadable apps.

  4. Matt – What’s the point of doing that when most of the customers cannot buy new phones yet? The carriers subsidize the handsets and lock you into a 2 year deal to where you can’t upgrade till your time is up, and if you do you pay full price for the phone. Since the majority of people will not do that, it doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Yeah, this is annoying…
    Matt: only problem with that is, if I get annoyed enough to get a new phone off-contract pricing, it won’t be through the carrier! :P An unlocked N1 or Milestone would seem like a better idea

  6. So many updates that have been delayed.

  7. Htc is really pushing it. they should just say its not coming out so people would stop looking for it …..this is so stupid i think im going to root mine

  8. This is getting ridiculous.

    btw @Aaron: Most countries other than the US have stronger consumer laws that wont allow carriers to lock you in a 2 year deal.

  9. What about for those who bought the phone off contract, unlocked it, and is currently using it on a different carrier. Will we get the updated pushed to us Over the Air? (I’m assuming the update will happen Over the Air, if not than ignore this comment)

  10. Its not htc its google and sprint htc has done their part so get off their ass…

  11. In Denmark carriers can lock u for 6 months – making it much easier to switch to another carrier. (and bringin many of almost new used phones for sale at half the price :) – seems like US stopped being a democracy in effect when the most influencing factor became coorperations instead of voters – what a shame… last i checked coorps didnt have any votes – only cash…

  12. exited that hero will get update soon very close

  13. dose any one know if i can get the update if i have a telus hero but i use rogers service ??????
    please help
    [email protected]

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  15. When the updates will be available

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