Clove Further Delays Unlocked Desire in the UK


Looks like those in the UK waiting to obtain the unlocked HTC Desire will be left wanting for a little bit longer after mobile retailer Clove announced the handset will be delayed until next week. A statement released through the Clove blog did not confirm an actual ship date, but claims the HTC Desire will be available unlocked beginning April 13.


For those counting, that is merely six days away, but it might seem like an eternity if you have been patiently waiting as you watched the Desire recently get a release on T-Mobile. Hopefully this will be the last of the delays, and you can at least be happy knowing you will be getting Android 2.1 while delays continue to plague OTA updates for other Android handsets.

The post on Clove’s blog sounds very apologetic, so maybe this date will stick. When people actually start receiving their pre-orders is another question entirely. For those of you left without your unlocked Desire for a few more days, is the delay enough to make you cancel your order, or will it be well worth the wait?

[Clove via Tracy and Matt]

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  1. Strange that the Unlocked Desire has been available from Carphone Warehouse for over a week or so and HTC have already pushed out an FOTA update

  2. Still waiting in Germany – I was going to order once it’s in stock and then just go for the cheapest store ;)

  3. At least Clove have given a release date…Amazon sent me a form-letter email this morning with no indication of a release date and now there website estimates delivery at 1-3 months.

  4. By the end of April.

    All pre-orders should have been received :D

  5. When i heard this news yesterday i did start to look elsewhere to see if an unlocked phone was available and almost went for the one at the CPW, which is about £50 more than i’m currently going to pay. But then i cam to my senses! It’s only a few days. A painful few days.

  6. Carphone warehouse recently ran out of stock , but have said theyre getting more stock on the day that Clove shouldve been receiving stock ie 7th April. hmm Strange that!

  7. Still waiting in Germany – I was going to order once it’s in stock and then just go for the cheapest store ;)

  8. Any feedback on this phone???

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