Spain Gets Android 2.1 With Milestone Launch


motorola-logoAnother day, another Motorola Milestone with Android 2.1 launches. Last week it was Bulgaria, this week it is Orange in Spain getting the privilege. The transition from English to Spanish is less severe than English to Russian, so let’s hope they don’t suffer the same fate as our Russian friends.

While new Milestone users everywhere seem to be getting graced with 2.1, Verizon customers still eagerly await the update from 2.0.1. Not like that is such a huge burden – you’ve still got an awesome Android either way.

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  2. MILESTONE owners with Android 2.0 or 2.0.1 software from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and Taiwan can now download 2.1 from the Motorola Software Update site:


    For example, here is the link for Hong Kong with release notes describing 2.1:


  3. Of course… Why not. Let’s let the Moto Droid’s 2.1 update sit on a server till it becomes obsolete. Better yet, let’s let it sit there for at least a month after Flash 10.1 comes out for mobile devices. Then, let’s promise it about 5 times before releasing it.

  4. Right, but you Droid users are forgetting that we received 2.0.1 update TWO MONTHS after you! On top of that we can’t install custom ROMs because of the locked bootloader.

  5. Bulgarians does not speak Russian, speak Bulgarian. If you meant because the alphabet, is cyrillic.

  6. gabriel, he was referring to the article posted the other day that talked about keyboard being unusable in russia because of the layout.

  7. Hong Kong and Taiwan Milestone got the 2.1 update too, but without Chinese, PRC (zh_CN), Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW) locales.

  8. It seems that OTA update began in Germany and Italy.

  9. well, worth mentioning, dont forget that there is not root yet for these. so beware. no turning back after upgrade.

  10. everybody is getting 2.1 in their Milestone aka DROIDs (GSM), less VERIZON users.

    this is not good

  11. “It seems that OTA update began in Germany and Italy.”
    I just checked, no update out for the German version yet.

  12. Okay, you whiny little idiots, I’m a Droid user and I’m not worried about when we get 2.1. There are people out there still on 1.5, for crying out loud – what about them? Think it’s fair for them to be sitting on legacy software while Droid owners are complaining about a relatively minor software update? If you want to bitch about it that much, go buy a black turtleneck, get a latte and move to Cupertino.

  13. The Droid needs some firmware updates :D

  14. @Shinzakura

    You just proved yourself to be worse than the “whiny little idiots” you lashed out at. People are only frustrated because Motorola has twice dangled a carrot in front of us only to yank it back.

  15. @Napes:

    And how do you know it’s Moto? Or Verizon? There was an earlier report stating that it may have been due to the distributor that Moto contracted with. The fact is, you don’t know (unless you’re working for one of these three entities and possibly not even then).

    I’m tired of the instant gratification that people seem to have. Okay, so we didn’t get 2.1 instantly. Boo hoo. Ever heard of patience? That word seems to be foreign to more and more people each time. What’s next, when we get 2.1 we’re all going to bitch because 2.x or whatever isn’t coming out the week after?

    Patience, people. It’s going to come as soon as it does. Yes, the announcements have been fumbled. But having 2.0.1 for the nonce is not the end of the world.

  16. In addition to the Hong Kong MILESTONE, Android 2.1 is now available for download by PC and USB cable for Retail France and Retail DACH (Germany Austria Switzerland):

    Motorola – MILESTONE – Mobile Phone Software Update – Motorola France

    Motorola – MILESTONE – Mobile Phone Software Update – Motorola Deutschland

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