Unofficial Android Theme For Chrome


A perfect edition to your browser. Roman Nurik – an “Android Developer Advocate” employee from Google has made an great Android theme for those using the big G’s browser “Chrome”. Have a look!


Awesome! This theme is only for the chrome browser so anyone who wants the theme – and I know you do – can grab it here. Themes for the chrome browser can easily be installed and un-installed so give it a try! I wouldn’t mind seeing this theme for Firefox and other browsers. Hint hint wink wink Mr Roman Nurik Sir!

What do you think of it?

[Via AandM]

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  1. Can you make one for firefox? :)

  2. Check out the personas and search for android, there are some.

  3. *addition to your browser

    Also, this came out a while ago.

  4. Addition*

  5. Yes an addition, thats what i mean. But in the mean time, ill download chrome to see what the fuss is all about

  6. @matt
    took you long enough. prepare to never turn back

  7. I am sorry but chrome sucks. Put this on Firefox and then we will be talking!

  8. Just installed, literally took less than 4 seconds from click to live. Loving it.

  9. @Craig
    Lol. There isn’t a single thing Firefox has/does that Chrome can’t..Combine that with the general evolution of Chrome since day 1, and you have yourself a solid browser.

  10. I have IE,Safari, FF, and Chrome browsers on my system. I prefer Chrome to them all, FF is a close second. I haven’t found anything Chrome can’t do that FF can. And this theme is nice, thanks!

  11. Now, if only there was a lightweight way to theme android to windows.

  12. Ha, already been using it! It’s great!

  13. lmao litteraly click the link and it does it… god chrome is cool

  14. Last time I checked, Chrome can’t do RSS feeds… yet I still use it 99% of the time now. It’s painful to click on Firefox and have to wait 5+ seconds when Chrome is like BAM.

  15. Well, now that I check again, I see there’s an extension that lets you associate RSS feeds w/ Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines, My Yahoo, etc… so I guess I’m set now. Although, I do wish it could put them in bookmark dropdowns like FF can.

  16. I have had this for close to a month. Its a cool theme. Havnt you heard everyone is getting chrome. Its very fast.

  17. Been using the theme for sometime now. chrome is my preferred browser. Extensions work really well, they install instantly, no restarting the browser needed and they update automatically on their own so you’ll always have the latest versions.

    Now if chrome can do a better job downloading videos and pictures from websites then there would be absolutely no reason to go near Firefox. Though opera is my second favourite.

  18. I have been running this theme for a while. Its cool.

  19. I’ve been changing themes once a month and this is my flavor for this month. I agree with other users above about Chrome being their favorite. I’ve used Firefox almost exclusively since it launched in 2004. I have completely switched to Chrome about 1 year ago on my Window HTPC, then 6 months ago on my Macbook Pro, and Linux desktop.

    Chrome can do anything that Firefox can at this point and more. It’s much faster than everything out there and has cool themes. Among my favorite unique features, Chrome’s Incognito mode (Ctrl-Shift-N) not only makes your browsing more private, but also gives you the ability to log into 2 accounts of the same service simultaneously. Extensions and bookmark sync are much welcome additions. It took Google a while to design a better-than-FF extension system, but it’s worth it. I like the fact that Chrome tells me what extension can access. Firefox does not tell you this, but most of their addons can access virtually all your private browsing data (and probably more). I’d avoid all extensions that requires login to any account.

    Oh I forgot that the only other browser that I current use is the Android stock browser on my Nexus One. I wish it is as good as Chrome. Hopefully in a year or so.

  20. @Rob
    Firefox does lots of things that Chrome can’t. I look forward to the day Chrome catches up with firefox’s features, then I might move over fully.

    Firstly, Chrome can’t do vertical tab lists (ignoring terrible extensions) BUT they are already working on it and have a very basic version working in the SVN. I can’t use a browser properly without my “Tree Style Tabs” extensions now.

    It mostly comes down to extensions though, Chrome’s extensions barely do anything. Adblock for Chrome is some pathetic version of the extension, which just hides ads after the page loads. In Firefox it blocks the ads even loading, it blocks all connections.
    Chrome’s extensions can’t touch the UI or do any core stuff, which makes them empty compared to Firefox.

    I LOVE Chrome’s speed… But that’s about all it does well and I had to switch back quickly.

  21. @Matt…Why wouldn’t you just use Firefox instead of a Firefox themed chrome browser? Chrome has been my primary browser for about a year and a half. You simply can’t beat the speed. For most of us, this is the number one priority on our list. Although, you Firefox lovers are appreciated for most likely contributing (programming, coding) to the web more!

  22. The best theme I’ve used on Chrome so far. And doesn’t it just feel better? haha

  23. That looks pretty cool.
    I am going to try it :D

  24. BAH! I just noticed your using an apple… what a bloody shame… The screenshot has the gay apple dots top left… makes me puke a little in my mouth everytime i see those.

  25. The green cartoon droid is beginning to get rather old… Can we have an upgrade to something less … well…


  26. I love this theme! Chrome is just a way faster browser and just ‘feels’ more solid than any other browser out there.

  27. Chrome DOES do vertical tabs if you start it with the –enable-vertical-tabs parameter. it’s in an experimental state right now…

  28. If the vertical tab comment was in reply to mine, I pointed out they have started working on it.

  29. Android theme for Chrome is gone :( :( :( :(

  30. thx for the themes.. :)

  31. Closest I got to the Android theme in firefox was to set it as my backround theme in gmail.

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