Motorola Milestone Pre-Loaded With Android 2.1 In Bulgaria?


The Motorola Droid launched with Android 2.0. Then the Nexus One launched with Android 2.1. Since then Droid owners have been clamoring for 2.1, been promised and then unpromised the update, and are still waiting for its arrival. That arrival might finally be coming if its pre-loaded existence on Motorola Milestones in Bulgaria is any indication.


That’s right – starting March 20th, Motorola Miletones sold in Bulgaria with a carrier named VIVACOM will come with Android 2.1 according to Bulgaria.com. If that’s the case, we would expect other operators in Europe to start offering the same. And furthermore, we would expect a carrier offering 2.1 out of the box to also offer updates to existing Milestone owners with the same phone (but with an older OS).

Whether or not this situation extends to the American brother – the Motorola Droid – is uncertain. And lets not forget that each carrier is probably putting Android 2.1 through the paces on each separate phone before it will push the update to the public. But this is at least a good sign that the Droids and Milestones of the world will be getting Android 2.1 before long.

Lucky, lucky Bulgarians.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Would make sense. My telus Milestone came with 2.0.1. Saves them OTA headaches I guess…

  2. damn those bulgarians, I never liked them… I think?

  3. I love ‘m!
    I’m gonna marry one! :)

  4. Great price! 325euro with 2years contract 35 euro/m.
    It is normal?

  5. Yugoslavia)

  6. This is not fair, I want Milestone in Czech too!!

    dosia: Bulgaria wasn’t part of Yugoslavia

  7. to Daniel
    thx captain and look at map

  8. this sounds good, maybe motorola are testing bulgarian milestones and then bring 2.1 to other milestones and droids! woohoo!

  9. Nobody’s testing 2.1 in here, VIVACOM does not have any developer teams that are interesting in developing any kind of applications for Android. There’s not such thing as content oriented services in Bulgaria. If you see the plan, you pay 35E/month for 100hrs telephony, and 100MB data traffic, which is ridiculous.

  10. So what happens to countries where carriers do not provide data transfer? Will there be a way to upgrade through a wifi network with internet access?

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