WePad Android Tablet Crushes iPad In Spec Battle


The day the iPad was launched it got two main complaints: (1) The name was atrocious and (2) It was underpowered and lacking some simple niceities. Say what you want about the WePad name – in terms of taking the closed Apple approach and bringing it to the masses with Android’s open community nature – I think “We” works very well. But more importantly, the specs rock.


With an 11.6-inch screen, 1.66GHz processor, front-facing camera, 2 USB ports, SIM slot, MicroSD slot, Flash, Adobe AIR, and ability to use all open eBook standards, the WePad bests the iPad in all of those categories. You can see the full comparison at

But the sugar gets sweeter. In addition to all the above, you’ll be running Android and will have access to Android Market in addition to the WePad marketplace which is said to include distribution of newspapers and magazines that are optimized for the device. Produced by a German company called Neofonie and it should be available in April in Germany.

I think its safe to say the Neofonie WePad could be a HUGE hit… and if it is… there are a ridiculous number of Android lovers and unimpressed Apple-loving-iPad-haters that might jump aboard if its made available globally.

I want to acknowledge something – better specs are great, but if they can’t be offered at an affordable price, none of this will matter.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. All those wigits make the desktop look way too crowded. I wonder if it will have 3g?

  2. Notion ink Adam is still better than those tablet.

  3. @gwlaw99 – I kinda love having all those widgets on there. it’s like having a news dashboard that is constantly updated and customizable to your preferences.

    Imagine choosing what you saw on the front page of your newspaper … er …, instead of what they wanted to feed you?


  4. Some people seem not to get it. It’s not about the specs, it’s about ACTUAL SPEED and user exerience. From what I have seen, iPad is pretty fast and offers great user experience.

  5. To me; all these pads replace the newspaper; not the notebook, laptop, or phone. This one certainly looks to be a better pad than the ipad, but Im not sure I have $500 to plunk down when the device doesn’t replace anything I own. Its just another gadget I would use in my lazyboy in the mornings.

  6. you know what would be awesome skype VIDEO call using the front facing cam same with motorola backflip since with its keyboard open the cam will be front facing or closed back so you could show someone something infront of you or you

  7. crowded desktop. The Ipad’s UI is what sets it apart from this.

  8. I certainly hope it’s successful in it’s home market, then it can come here. Hopefully it is priced as much as an iPad so at least price wouldn’t be the limiting factor.

  9. @Franta “Actual speed” is a function of the Specs, so yes it does matter.

    @jo If you don’t like a “crowded” desktop, then simply don’t put the widgets on it and create an extra click for yourself to get to that information that is displayed.

    Android is providing a great vehicle in which to pass their competition. I’m excited to see some great products come out over the next year leveraging Android!

  10. Another temporary diversion like the Slate, Ink Adam, Courier, and a plethora of other products that won’t be out on April 3rd.

  11. umm, everybody with the “crowded desktop” comments? I doubt all those widget are “required.” This is a demo picture, after all. They have to stick a lot on it for the “gee whiz” factor (“gee whiz, look at all the stuff it can do…”) Doubtless you can customize it to be as clean or as crowded as your heart desires.

  12. Honestly, I think the problem is that they’re trying to solve two different problems. (And honestly, the iPhone and Android phones are trying to solve two different problems, too.)

    Android phones are trying to be the best techy smartphones. There is absolutely no question that for a tech-literate person, the Droid or Nexus One is a more powerful phone than the iPhone. Locale, right off the bat, is something the iPhone can only dream of; I can set up my Droid so that if I turn it face down on the desk, I’m set away on instant messaging and all notifications are silenced. A quick way to silence your phone when out at dinner, for instance! Amazing!

    In contrast, my dad doesn’t care about this. He wants a phone that makes calls. If it does things like check e-mail and let him read the NYTimes, that’s added gravy, but he doesn’t care about background apps and so on. And when I’ve let him use my phones (Droid, Pre Plus and iPhone — I do mobile development, hence the Too Many Phones syndome), he can figure out my iPhone and not the Droid.

    I know many of my friends who have iPhones now. And the key is, they weren’t people who had smartphones before. They aren’t coming from Blackberry or Windows Mobile, they’re coming from cheap candybar or flip feature-phones. Apple isn’t marketing the iPhone to the power users, and that’s why they’ve got such a huge chunk of the market; Android probably has more of the former Windows Mobile, PalmOS and so on users. But Apple’s pulling from the folks who had RAZRs or LG Chocolate phones and so on.

    This pad strikes me the same way. The specs are better and for a technologically literate user, this pad looks like a kickass internet appliance, probably considerably moreso than the iPad. But the people who buy the iPad are going to be folks like my aunt, who gave up on computers altogether because they required too much maintenance; she looks at the iPad, and goes ‘that’s like a big version of your iPhone, but where I won’t get eyestrain checking e-mail. I want one.’

    And that’s fine; there’s room for both, and I certainly do love the things I can do with my Droid even more than my iPhone. (Slidescreen + Locale = Epic Win.) But I think people don’t always realize the difference in focus between the two platforms.

  13. The book format line in the table is wrong. Apple’s iBookStore uses ePub, not a proprietary format. And iBooks is just one of many readers in App Store. You can use Stanza, Eucalyptus, Classics, Kobo, many others. iBooks does not even ship on the device.

    The line should read: open formats, plus Kindle and Audible.

    To a gadget hound, this spec sheet seems to favor the WePad, but not to most consumers. They will choose App Store over Air, iTunes Store over DIY, iTunes admin (auto backup, easy restore) over DIY, Apple Store support over who knows, 10 hours over 6 hours, tons of accessories over none, shipping over vapor, the biggest computer hardware company in the world over one they haven’t heard of, the incredibly responsive and fast Apple UI over another clunky misfiring touch UI, and years of product maturity (leveraging iPhone, iPod, OS X) over just getting started. These are the key data points for consumers whose eyes literally glaze over at the sight of this spec table.

    Probably the 3 most important details for consumers are: price, availability, and 3G data plan price, bandwidth, and contract terms. iPad is reasonably priced, available now, and offers truly unlimited 3G bandwidth (not a 5GB cap) for a dollar a day. If the WePad ships in 2011 with these specs it is not as impressive. If it costs $2 per day for 5GB/month cap it is not as impressive. And there are no hit Android devices with the possible exception of Verizon Droid, where there is no competition on the proprietary Verizon network from open phones.

    Where are the real photos of it (these are mock-ups)? Basically there is nothing on this page that separates WePad from a hoax. Even the name is derivative. So it’s a pretty poor comparison at this point. If this ships in 6 months it will enter a world with 10 million iPads, all running iPhone OS 4.0 or 4.1. Mobile moves quicky so talking about a product with no ship date and price is really speculative.

  14. @Rachel amen ….!!

  15. When were there complaints about the speed of the iPad? From everything I’ve read, people are generally blown away by how smooth and quick it is.

  16. @Rachel
    The fact that you can do more, doesn’t mean that it’s not still easy to use.. Is it really such rocket science to make a phone call on the Droid ? .. I don’t think so.

  17. price and battery life make a big difference, but if this hits those points well it could be really cool

  18. The desktop argument is silly. Its like saying ‘I’m not buying a certain model of car because I don’t like the colour of it in the photo that the manufacturer has released’. Whats more its there to be used, not to look pretty. I’m not saying it can’t look nice but function is more important than style. People forget that these days and although I’m not trying to make a personal dig at apple, thats why their products are so successful. They know that it doesn’t matter if their product falls short on the hardware or firmware front, people will buy it anyway in order to be fashionable or because it looks ‘prettyful’. Basically unwittingly cutting their noses off to spite their faces. But then they do say ignorance is bliss. I’m not denying it’s a good device, just don’t try and tell me Jobs can do no wrong. Anyway forgive me it isn’t as though this hasn’t been said a million times before.

  19. This thing looks wicked, but I’d like to see a demo of someone typing on it.

  20. Battery is a deal breaker…
    LED screen would be great

  21. Regardless, Apple still has one thing on it’s side, and that’s that it’s NOT open source. Realistically, the iPhone is smoother than any other phone, be it Nexus One or what have you. And people brag about the Android OS, about how it’s all of this and that, but to run it good, you need a Snapdragon? iPhone has a (roughly) 600mhz processor, same as Palm Pre, and do you see which is smoother? Hands down, iPhone wins, whatever the iPhone does that is on another phone, iPhone does it smoother. I don’t care about hi-res screens, it’s a CELL PHONE.

    Games? Wow. iPhone totally shits on everyone else. You ever played Nova? Insane FPS, and it’s for a phone. The keyboard is better, the accelerometer is WAY more accurate. Isn’t it crazy that a device that came out 3 years ago STILL can’t be beat? I work at Radio Shack, so I deal with all of these phones everyday, I also have an HTC Hero to boot. I had the Palm Pre as well. Now that we can get the iPhone on an ANR line, $60 (or $50, I forget) for an iPhone with 2,000 mins, free nights/weekends, unlimited messaging AND unlimited data…wow. Kinda have no reason NOT to have one other than that God awful AT&T service (there’s no AT&T 3G, no T-Mobile here).

    I love my Hero man, I really do, but the way it’s looking for me, I’m probably switching to Windows 7 this coming holiday, and while they don’t have a one-way street for everything like Apple, the strict hardware guidelines will ensure a very similar experience is offered by all manufacturers, minus some probably driver issues and whatnot.

    By the way, I’m totally not trying to shit on Android by this, but why even release phones with OLD software? That’s a step backward, right? I mean, I understand why people still use XP for PCs, that’s practical in most cases, but an outdated, buggy PHONE OS??? Sucks man. Hopefully this Supersonic will change my Android output. I don’t understand why it’d be so hard to get an actual 3D version of The Sims 3 on an Android device. The current one (unless I’ve missed something) is the same one from my BB 8330, in which BB ran BETTER. :'(

    Is there any hope for an internet tablet? Seems kind stupid if you ask me. Sometimes, I think it’s better for things NOT to be open sourced since it’d gain more support. It’s a shame you have to root your phone to get a decent copy of Sense on a Hero, will the internet tablets be the same? Will you have to root it to make it better? iPad will be JUST like the iPhone in that it’ll be really smooth.

    And again, regardless of this “spec battle”, it’s like people who race cars (street racing). You can have have the best parts in the world, but if they’re not properly tuned to give you the maximum performance, then the well tuned ricer’s going to kick your ass.

  22. Us dog owners who raised them from puppies think of something completely different when we hear the name “Wee-pad”. ;)

  23. lol malpractice you know your getting hero 2.1 upgrade in a week or so right?
    what are you shitting about
    my android phone is a magic 32a running superfast 1.0 custom rom
    it shits on the speed of an iphone
    my swype keyboard is so much faster than the iphone keyboard
    i have a nexus launcher and everything too
    iphones are for people that dont want a computer they want ipod +phone

  24. @Malpraktiss:
    Ehm, give your iPhone Multitask and it will have exactly the same speed Android has. Thats the reason Steve Jobs doesn´t want that feature on his phone. He even said that once.
    I got an iTouch and a Motorola Milestone and i can say: who cares about the smoothest UI available if you cannot even use a messenger while surfing? Multitasking is a huge Speedkiller, but its advantages are insane. Plus, you can always pay attention to the active programs and close em the moment you don´t need them anymore.

  25. @Jo. You mean that non-cluttered iPhone screen with all those icons? Please, and I own and use the iPhone… The non-customizable iPhone with all those app icons gets on my nerves. Why no ability to create a folder to group similar apps so I can cave useful widgets on the screen rather than lil’numbers letting me know I have an e-mail?

    I can’t stand not having flash or even stream QuickTime files as delivered by some sites. FOR ME, the iPad isn’t being considered. I require flash, and I am looking for something ‘more.’. Everyone else may get/want different mileage.

  26. Notion ink rocks this, and a company named X2, who’s been making tablets for years now, and the only real distibutor of them, have the iTablet. They got the name before apple did. That’s why I think it got stuck with the name ipad. The x2 stuff rocks….

    So does notion ink

  27. oh Malpraktiss, with a name and argument like that you must be a lawyer! he he..

    Ok to be fair you do have a point that apple have done a great job optimizing their software for a smooth troublefree operation, but with Jobs dictating which apps go on his precious phone, the UI being restriced to boring squares, some you cant even get rid of, the lack of options for most of your settings, lack of multi tasking, no text flow for web pages, no flash, programs dying due to lack of memory, higher chance of Apple bricking your phone due to hacking it (rooting on android is quietly welcomed generally)AND the fact you have opted to use a hero device (Try a Nexus One with sense on it!!) really tells me that you shouldnt be working at radioshack ! just kidding dude, but do you see my point?

  28. Oh yes, no removable/replaceable battery, no switchable/expandable memory card slots, proprietary connectors, expensive phone too…

  29. That looks sweet.
    I will check out the review :D

  30. Here’s my bold prediction for how pads will be used, and therefore who will win…

    1. pads will not replace desktops or laptops. you want to write a paper or a lengthy email on a touchscreen? Want to use that bulky thing as a gaming console? c’mon. Keyboard wins with the current technology.

    2. Pads’ primary purpose will be an ereader or newspaper. Reading news on a pad will be an enjoyable experience.

    3. Pads will be used by kids who can’t afford 3g plans with wifi (like ipodtouch) at first. Apple probably has the advantage here… but not for long.

    4. Pads will be used as dashboard for life and Widgets will be key – being able to access information on a large screen without having to open an app will make widgets indepsensible. You could get your news, weather, sports, gossip, traffic, bank accounts, in one easy, auto updating format, just by turning it on. No need to go from app to app to app or website to website to website to website.

    Now on to why android wins…

    It will always be cheaper

    It may not be as “smooth” as the iPhone, but it will be acceptable and will eventually take over marketshare in the phone space, so familiarity with android will beat out apples smoothness (see windows vs mac circa 1980 – Present)

    It will be have widgets

    It will be able to read more books

    Once market share increases, and it will, apps will come out that will make android less “confusing” to the average user, so Apple won’t have that anymore.

    A new pad will come out every month with better specs than the apple, whereas the apple will update once per year. Same circumstances as today. Your high end users will take apple, everyone else will take the cheaper model – android.

  31. Two things will keep it in serious competition with the iPad, a removal battery & a personal repair policy where you can actually get YOUR OWN device fixed and returned.

    lol… Apple Sux

  32. Psst, the iPad hasn’t been launched yet. Just revealed.

  33. Wow what an original idea! Is Apple just the R&D department for the entire consumer electronics industry now? Oh right, it always has been! So how can you tell if the specs “rock” yet? Who makes the processor? Who makes the screen? Is the WePad green or does it contain traces of lead and mercury? Is the camera going to drop out of the bezel in 3 months because it made cheaply? Is it going to have a quality USB controller or will your system hiccup when you unplug something? Is the Flash really going to work or will it slow down the browser to an unusable state? Seriously, Americans are more concerned with getting a lot of stuff than getting good stuff. In America, when we build a road, the contract goes to the lowest bidder. In Europe (oh, Germany for example), the contract goes to the guy whose construction will last the longest. Let’s not all wet our pants yet, is all I’m saying. Anyway, I’m still waiting for that iPod killer, so let me know when this thing finally comes out.

  34. Interesting.

    How many ‘whisper’ fans does this have to keep it cool and how many minutes before the battery runs out of juice?

    Does it have display technology that allows at least a 178 degree viewing angel?

  35. A couple of things… Yes, the specs are certainly better. Even tossing in the front-facing webcam offers up all kinds of functionality that the iPad won’t have, and it is a feature that even Apple fans have stated should have been included with iPad. I imagine that the initial uses for this will be simple video services first (great for people doing video podcasts on Youtube or something, and think app and a quick implementation of Chatroulette), with things like integrating into Facebook and Google video chats coming quick on their heels.

    I think a neat, simple app would be something like Funny Faces, where people simply take pictures of their funny faces and have them uploaded to a server. Then in the app, people can rate different funny faces, and who knows what other kinds of things. Simple, yet could be fun / funny.

    I think that the key thing to keep in mind is that with a system like this, the uses that we think of first will be the least interesting ideas that will eventually come about. When I was first looking at smartphones, did I ever think about being able to update my uTorrent back at my house, or using it as an FTP client when I’m away from my laptop, or a WiFi hotspot? Hell no. But those ideas have already been implemented, and it’s still pretty early in the overall smartphone game.

    @FjordPrefect, “Wow what an original idea! Is Apple just the R&D department for the entire consumer electronics industry now?”

    First and foremost, Apple is not the first company to make a tablet. Secondly, they only started developing a tablet because their customers were basically telling them that they wanted one. Thirdly, welcome to a world with competition. You know, that underlying motivator for all innovation? If there were only one tablet on the market forever, I would never bother to buy one, because there would be no motivation for the company to update, support, and reiterate their product. Not to mention what the complete lack of competition would do on a pricing level.

    You are dead on. When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t sacrifice the ability to do multitasking on my phone for a smoother UI. And besides, it’s really a moot point. I am using a G1 with the Dwang ROM and Home++ as my home screen app, and this runs and looks just as smooth as any iPhone I have toyed with, without sacrificing functionality. It has gotten to the point that the “but the iPhone runs smoother” argument isn’t even really all that valid.

  36. Man, you guys still haven’t learned the “specs aren’t everything” lesson. You’re still making silly assumptions like a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU is faster than a 1.0 GHz Apple A4 CPU. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but how do you have any idea that is true? Have you used them? And that doesn’t even take into account all the other factors that go into the perception of “speed”: GPU hardware, memory controllers, software, etc. By all accounts of the initial hands-on iPad tests, it’s pretty snappy. For a mobile device, you want just enough snappiness because if you overdo it, you going to start paying in battery life.

    Anyway, I just find it hilarious some of you are making the same exact arguments as they made against the iMac, the iPod, and the iPhone, that better-specced competitors are going to “blow them away”. How did that work out and why is it any different with tablets?

  37. @ John : lol, nah man, like the new HTC Evo almost made me grab for towels, I mean WOW. But, my argument’s still there. Where’s the things that I want to do on a phone, like cool games? These devices are expected to be all-in-ones, and while they succeed in some ways, they fail in others. Again, the games thing is probably one of my biggest complaints. And yeah, I know I’m getting 2.1, but what’s the point? My Hero’s dial pad lags so bad, I doubt that 2.1 will make it any better. Know what I have to do if I want it better? Buy an entirely new phone with the SAME software, OR, root. I don’t want to root. I shouldn’t HAVE to root. The decision to NOT store apps on an SD card out of the box was one of little thought and foolish haste. Sure, you can argue it’s use, but I can provide many rebuttals of why it’s fucking retarded. Augh…I can’t believe phones upset me this much…lol :-p And about the multitasking, how much multitasking do we REALLY do? Pandora while browsing? I mean, an iPhone can surf the web while on a phone call. And while rooting may be “quietly welcome”, jail breaking takes an awesome device and makes it immaculate. My friend has a jail broken iPhone with a patched version of iTunes (I think it’s patched, it never bricks his phone)that completely shits on an iPhone, which in all honesty, shits on basically everything else. Every device has it’s flaws, but some on Android are just retarded. I really hope Microsoft doesn’t screw up this Windows 7 Phone Series thign, because all of their phones will be tricked out like the HTC Evo. Ok. Rants over. lol

  38. I certainly wouldnt judge the iPad specs until you use it. GHz and GFlops are two different things. This looks 3x thicker than iPad and sadly the Android Market is pretty lacking in comparison, I have a droid, and its a great phone…but for a larger device I don’t see it really being there.

  39. Don’t forget that we haven’t seen a WePad yet. As far as I know there is no prototype yet and the images are just illustrations. Let’s have a look at the specs if the first is out. Also price and battery life will be an argument.

  40. iPad is a god awful name.. but Wepad? that’s just worse (how can you do worse than apple in product naming?) Joining two names referring to bodily functions is good branding… Sounds like something and old incontinent lady would use…

  41. If only it was the spec battle that mattered.

  42. And we will see this “superior” device sell as well as the Palm Pre. Specs alone don’t make a success, I thought the Nexus One would have showed you that.

  43. Hilarious. Yep, it’s all about specs! That’s why the Android is DOMINATING the iPhone! Ohwait….

  44. This device has potential. I guess we all want to see what it can do. Hardware wise, it’s better than the iPad, but that really won’t make a difference it the software isn’t as good. Hopefully it’ll be running 2.1 and can be easily upgradeable. The integrated web cam can be a game changer.

  45. I don’t know why everyone has to say that any device is “an iPad killer” because there is enough market for more than one device. Personally, this device is more to my liking (due to it having Flash and multi-tasking). Others will want the cams. HP has a nice device as does Notion Ink. How it all plays out remains to be seen.

    As long as there IS more than one device, let the iPad be for those who don’t care that they are missing parts of the web, etc., and let those who tend to want more have their device.

    For me, I say…BRING THIS ON! I have been looking for this device (or the Adam or the Slate) for a long time. I had hoped that Apple would deliver, but, FOR ME, they left me short. So, I am still on the hunt for my perfect device!

  46. I really want the Android to have significant market share, but right now, Apple has a really compelling device that’s making the market and Android…doesn’t.

    My friend got an iPad last Friday, and he never saw it all weekend…because nobody could get it away from me. The thing simply rocks.

    I’m medium tech-savvy, and I totally get what Rachel is saying above. My friends who got Droids are still kinda scratching their heads about how to really work it, they’re getting it but it took a while. The iPhone works easily for nearly everyone right out of the box.

    Hopefully the Android device will get it, and there won’t be the OS confusion like there has been in the phone space. But they’d better do it right, and they’d better do it fast.

    All of the features that this tablet, or the Google tablet are planning are mostly extraneous to most people, now that Apple is adding multitasking. I’m not planning to use my tablet to work, other than perhaps do some writing, which I’m finding works on the iPad’s virtual keyboard quite nicely. I don’t care about connecting devices to it, I want to search the net, find a restaurant using the Zagat app, check in with my Continental mobile app, read books I’ve downloaded, watch a YouTube video. I don’t need it to print, or memory cards, or whatever. That’s not what this thing is for, not for me, anyway, and not for a lot of people. If this is to be a work/travel computer, you’re going to want a laptop with a full keyboard. Period. A tablet’s not going to replace that. And if you did need such a work computer for travel, chances are that it’s either getting bought for you by your company, or its deductible as a business expense.

    My friend who I “borrowed” the table from IS very tech savvy, he’s a developer, among other things. He loves the device because it replaces his laptop and his iPod Touch…he’s got one of those big Apple boxes and a keyboard for work and a projector system in his living room as his screen. The iPad is mostly being used as a controller for his other machines (replacing the Touch), but he can also take it with him.

    Android, hurry up.

  47. WePad… sounds like some incontinence pants.

    The screen looks like a mess of tiny unconnected widgets. The photo’s have really junior school photoshop work on them.

    I would so love an Android device to wipe the smile off Job’s face – but with publicity like this I can only see his smug smile broadening until breaking into a full belly laugh.

  48. I just glanced at the wepad specs website:
    from their website

    While it’s true that another competitor with better connections to the US Market will likely find the means to be the ideal iPad competitor. In Germany, it seems that it will be the best competitor. (According to them) the IPad launch in Germany is uncertain, whereas the WePad softlaunches in July and full-launches in August according to schedule.

    Let’s face it. Most of us techies would prefer an Android pad over the IPad. So hopefully, they follow the NexusOne with a slightly larger version, for those of us who are happy to use a bluetooth set with a slightly large phone that doubles as a real e-reader, email tool, etc. The smartphone dimensions are still a little claustrophobic, when you’re used to 23″ screens on the desk.

    The Ipad is a good idea, but hinges on the devices being as useful as possible. This is why WePad seems to have focused on partnering with German media outlets to prepare media content tailored for the device. Ipad is just big enough to finally really be useful for more than tiny twitbit-sized blurbs. And this is why the advantage of Android is paramount. I really hope that the gmail and other google miniapp integration is available to all vendors; this is something I haven’t been able to discern yet in my recent android readings.

    However, android can only get better. It is the future of smartphones. And I hope it stays fairly open to everyone.

    For comparison:
    WePad: 288 x 190 x 13 mm Ipad: 242.8 x 189.7 x 13,4 mm
    Like the Ipad, the WePad comes in a wifi version,
    and in a wifi+3g+bluetooth version for about 120 extra euros
    (450 & 570 euros resp.)

    The fact that this WePad runs on a 1.6Hz
    And if it runs on Android, what’s not to love?
    HELLO! Flash, pdf, java.
    The Ipad is no comparison.
    The only thing it has is an extra 4hours to WePad’s 6hrs.
    I would probably get a WePad if it were sold here.
    So I hope Google or someone else catches on soon, that slightly bigger phones are A-Okay. (bluetooth duh)

  49. I just noticed the screensize is a good deal better:
    WePad: 11.6“ with 1366 x 768 Pixels
    IPad:9.7“ with 1024 x 768 Pixels
    Also: the WePad has 2 USB ports and hence likely support for standard peripherals. I doubt this is the case

    Whether or not WePad is our IPad killer.
    They are definitely the type of product specs we need to find in the US market place.

  50. —edit, of above—
    …I doubt this (USB ports with similar standard peripheral support) is the case with the IPad.

  51. @Nigel…

    The iMac isn’t an industry win yet is it? While I have used Apple products since the //e, I will be looking elsewhere for new devices due to Steve’s obsession (or lack thereof) with Adobe, Google, porn, etc…

    While MANY people love all things Apple, others don’t. Stop seeking validation for your choice and realize people are different.

    I don’t have to agree with you, and us disagreeing on what is the “right” device for each of us doesn’t make either of us wrong if we pick different devices. Or, do you share your significant other with everyone else since there is only 1 “right” choice?

    Grow up and realize everyone is different-you included. It is okay to have a different opinion… It isn’t bad to not follow the crowd–Android or Apple…

  52. I have found a winner!! Flat Computing has a 10.2″ Android 2.1 tablet. The Processor is a ARM Cortex-A8. The Android 2.2 rom will be out next month (Aug). You can get this for under $300.00 and it ships from Texas. I got mine in 4 days. Look for The FlatPad A10

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  56. The Wepad still hasnt materialised but I think the Advent Vega may actually be a device that provides better value for money. Its up on the PC World website but theres more info on this device here:

  57. Apple is always win the market, try to find something to beat them on it.

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