Mar 22nd, 2010

The day the iPad was launched it got two main complaints: (1) The name was atrocious and (2) It was underpowered and lacking some simple niceities. Say what you want about the WePad name – in terms of taking the closed Apple approach and bringing it to the masses with Android’s open community nature – I think “We” works very well. But more importantly, the specs rock.


With an 11.6-inch screen, 1.66GHz processor, front-facing camera, 2 USB ports, SIM slot, MicroSD slot, Flash, Adobe AIR, and ability to use all open eBook standards, the WePad bests the iPad in all of those categories. You can see the full comparison at

But the sugar gets sweeter. In addition to all the above, you’ll be running Android and will have access to Android Market in addition to the WePad marketplace which is said to include distribution of newspapers and magazines that are optimized for the device. Produced by a German company called Neofonie and it should be available in April in Germany.

I think its safe to say the Neofonie WePad could be a HUGE hit… and if it is… there are a ridiculous number of Android lovers and unimpressed Apple-loving-iPad-haters that might jump aboard if its made available globally.

I want to acknowledge something – better specs are great, but if they can’t be offered at an affordable price, none of this will matter.

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