Replica Island Android Game: Robots And Old-School Awesomeness


replica-charactersCombine the nostalgic gameplay of a 2D Metroid/Megaman/Mario brothers concept and plug-in the Android Robot as the main character of gameplay, whom you control, and what do you have? An awesome game on Android Market called Replica Island:

With 40 levels of awesomeness, the only complaint you’ll likely have is that there aren’t 41 levels. And then that there aren’t 42 levels. And then that- get the point?

Go ahead…. scan and enjoy!


Rob Jackson
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  1. I actually love this game; except there is this one level it seems to glitch and i cant seem to pass it. i dont remember what it was but def a must play

  2. looks good. how are the controls?

  3. Looks interesting! Downloading now and I’ll give it a look. Can’t be better than Robo Defense, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

  4. I’d love to see something like the wizardry series ported. CRPG games have always been great.

  5. i must be the only one who thinks that Robo Defense blows ass chunks.

  6. And for free? Go android
    Do you think more levels will be added in the future?

  7. Can’t beat the price of $0. Downloading now.

    Gotta love a platform that actually has free stuff that you could pay for, as opposed to a marketplace full of people looking for a quick buck selling things that should be free.

  8. I hope they included a walking Apple / walking iPhone as an enemy. It would be fun to see the Android crush it :)

  9. The reason that this game is free is because it’s created by a Google employee as an example of how to create games for Android.

  10. Oh, wow – between this game and ExZeus, Android is starting to look like a kick-ass gaming platform in addition to a great phone.

  11. Great game. Controls take some getting used to with trackball, but definitely works great on my multi-touch impaired N1.

  12. Played a little last night on my Moto Droid. Pretty good game! Definitely worth checking out, and the price is right. Tilt controls with the droid seemed a little sensitive, but definitely usable.

    iRK – yes you are the one person on the planet that doesn’t like Robo Defense. Can’t please everyone I guess ;-)

  13. Wow, glad to see that there are more games that look this polished! :)

  14. That looks awesome :D

    Will download it.

  15. Isn’t this the game the guy from Google made ? I think i saw the demo on 1 of the videos at ->

  16. @G1 Ya, I thought you were stuck on some puzzle and I kinda smirked to myself but now I’m stuck on the level that has a robot that looks like it should open the door for me. If I try to fly over the door the game nukes me. Can’t control the robot as it’s on the other side of the door from me.

  17. @G1 and myself: Was stuck on Memory 34, learned through their player analytics that it is solvable, and solved it my next go. I had tried jumping with them but didn’t realize you could simply defy gravity with the control orbs by tilting the console on its head. =)

  18. man i actually enjoyed this game got mad when i realized i finished the game but hope they make a part 2

  19. I’m on the last level, so which guy do I choose

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