Mar 3rd, 2010

We’ve seen and heard the “Android Hub” concept and even speculated on Android’s use in home appliances/entertainment, automotive and elsewhere. Most of it has been speculation and few products on the market venture from the mobile phone and tablet equation. Differentiation IS coming and Motorola will be adding to the momentum this summer when they launch the Motorola HS1001 Cordless Android Phone:


The HS1001 brings Android 1.6, a 2.8 inch screen and Wi-Fi to your cordless phone although it won’t have access to Android Market. Plug into the speaker equipped charging station/dock. While it will be branded a Motorola phone it will actually be manufactured by a company called Binatone who has an Android tablet in the works too.

Hitup Engadget for details and more pics. And oh yeah, Talton just reminded me that we covered this in January too.

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