Motorola Announces Ridiculously Ugly Android Home Phone


Home phones? Those things are still around?  Eh, I suppose they’re still useful.  At any rate, Motorola showed one off at CES that AndroidandMe have reported on.  They say it should launch Q2 2010 for around $150.


Since I’m just not a home phone type of guy maybe it’s silly of me to comment on the specs but.. they seem kinda weak.

  • DSPG Arm9 240 Mhz processor
  • 2.8 inch resistive touch screen (QVGA)
  • 256 MB flah ROM / 128 MB RAM
  • MicroSD expansion slot
  • Android 1.6

Head on over to AndroidandMe for more info and pictures. I say ewwnasty – but what do YOU  think?



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  1. Very cool idea. I would so buy one for my house.

  2. That sounds like a product without a market, to me.

  3. first the backflip, now this crap. Motorola seems to be trying to undo all their Droid success.
    Just tell me this thing is running Android 1.5 and it will be complete.

  4. @jo:

    While I would agree with you on the Backflip (though I suspect that’s in part for AT&T’s need to neuter Android for the sake of Apple), this design has nothing to do with Droid, Devour, Zeppelin or any of their other cell designs. It’s a home (possibly office) phone. Entirely different market.

    While I see no reason why I would need a touchscreen on the phone handset, marry this up to a base, Verizon Hub style, and it would be perfect for my business needs.

  5. I saw that and immediately thought of buying one for my parents and one for my sister. Sounds like a rather clever idea.

    And as far as the specs are concerned, I don’t know that I’ve seen a faster landline phone. :)

  6. Looks like a CB radio.

  7. looks like they found some old phones in the warehouse from 1972, and since they didn’t want to trash them, they stuffed them with new guts.

  8. “Home phones? Those things are still around?”

    yes, people still live in houses. It would be awesome with google voicemail.

  9. I agree. Currently using Vonage, but in the works how to figure out how to get free phonecalls instead of dishing out $32 a month of Vonage.

  10. If this ultra-low end phone can run 1.6 why can Rogers not upgrade the Dream to atleast 1.6 … (2.1 would be sweet but hey baby steps)

  11. @ari-free

    I think that’s probably the point. To bring Android and the vast array of services Google can provide into the homes of people who may not otherwise be exposed to it. Something like this w/ Google Voice could be a rival to something like the Magic Jack.

  12. This certainly looks like a solution in search of a problem to me. I predict fail.

  13. I have crapped better looking crap

  14. Ugly looking, but a good concept for services like Skype.

  15. I wonder how this phone connects to the Internet. If it uses WIFI then I’ll definitely buy one because I’ve been looking for a cheap and small device to browse the web with. And I don’t want to pay a separate monthly data plan because I already have DSL. I think the street price for this phone will be less than $100 and it should be a hot seller.

  16. At least they got the dpad right.

  17. I kinda like this actually. Granted, it may not be the best for apps, but what I like is that this may make the house phone easier to navigate. I hate how house phone contact lists and certain operations are set up, they’re not the easiest devices to use.

  18. Rendered moot by anyone with a mobile that has wifi ability and can run a SIP client. My wireless landline handset never seems to be around me when i get a landline call, while my mobile is.

  19. install Google voice and sipdroid on it and you get the best home phone ever

  20. seems to be a likes item…didn’t think it would be at first glance. Dandy

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