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Before we told you about a special Android Developer’s Lab at this year’s MWC in Barcelona. Well, for those of you who will be unable to make it to this year’s MWC, the Android Developer’s Lab will be coming to a city near you. Check out this year’s tour dates for February and March:

North America

  • Austin, Texas – Feb 4
  • Seattle, Washington – Feb 8
  • Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Feb 8
  • Washington, D.C. – Feb 9
  • Mountain View, California – Feb 10
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts – Feb 11
  • New York, New York – Feb 12


  • London, UK – Feb 2
  • Paris, France – Feb 8
  • Berlin, Germany – Feb 10
  • Zurich, Switzerland – Feb 12
  • Madrid, Spain – Feb 13


  • Singapore – Feb 28
  • Taipei, Taiwan – March 3
  • Hong Kong – March 5

Very good news for those of us who are unable to make it to MWC in Barcelona this year. We hopefully will see a huge jump in Android app development from all the labs. What new breakthroughs and development would you like to see?

[via AndroidDevelopersBlog]

Android Developer’s Lab At 2010 MWC

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  1. mountain view? never heard of it.

  2. What? When was this released? London the 2nd Feb, hmm a bit late.

  3. Just a heads up, I went to the London Android Developer Day this morning, and Google were kind enough to give everyone who attended a brand spanking new Nexus One.

  4. Unfortunately, registration is closed for all sessions at this time, at least for all sessions listed on their page.
    I wish we had seen that info sooner :(

  5. how do we sign up for the dates other than the MWC?

  6. “If you’d like to attend, you’ll need to request a spot by February 1st.”

    Ha, nice job phandroid, post this the day after. I bet you just wanted all the spots for yourselves, I know your tricks. ;)

  7. I couldn’t attend this morning in London and they really gave free Nexus Ones to all developers…How lucky am I? :D

  8. “Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Feb 8”
    I wonder why they would go there
    what’s in waterloo?
    some company that has something to do with berries I think..
    nothing important

    @presto117 are you actually serious?

  9. Woo, I’ll be there in Cambridge!

  10. You sir fail horrendously, I’m in London UK, how is this supposed to help me now?

  11. For all my fellow jilted android developer wannabees:

    I received an email from O’Reilly informing me of a free online course they are hosting beginning next week. Unfortunately it is during business hours so I will be unable to attend myself, but hopefully some of you can take advantage:


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