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So your contract is coming up and there are finally (basically) Android Phones available across all of the carriers you’re considering. So now you need to decide which carrier is right for you, and I’m guessing a decent part of that decision comes down to pricing.

Luckily the folks at BillShrink have made that easy with their Ultimate Comparison Chart. WARNING: check the date when you’re reading this… you could easily find this in the Googles and it ends up being the year 2017 or something. But by then the interwebz will probably have been replaced by a series of 3D time portals we travel through to get data so worry not.

In any case, here is the ultimate image – click to enlarge:


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  1. Pfft I love how all these charts always assume people get sms. Verizon with 450 mins + smartphone data and a corp discount is still the cheapest android plan you can get, and the best bang for your buck.

  2. How much is that? Sprint’s SERO plan is pretty inexpensive: 450 min, unlimited data & texting: $49.99.

  3. yah I don’t really see the need for sms when you have google talk. I don’t see Verizon being the best deal even with no sms unless you are getting a crazy corp discount. I am bringing a phone with me to t-mo with no contract so that may be why for me anyways.

  4. do these figures reflect the recent change in pricing? I should compare my bill to these.

  5. i get sms with my sprint data plan. and this does count the new pricing.

  6. In my case it’s absolutely inaccurate, I’ve got Sprint family, two phones, unlimited everything and it’s sub $150 after taxes, NOT the $180 listed above. Also, the independence of BillShrink is always in question since T-Mob pays to use BillShrink as a promotional tool and reimburses for customers that sign up through BillShrink’s referral service. If you really want to know what costs less, go the the motions on each carriers website, it’ll be laid out perfectly clear right before you have to commit.

  7. US providers seems to love ripping off their customers, but that said, it seems to me that the T-mobile plan without a contract is the best solution. Then, just go and buy any phone you want.

    I’m happy to see there are at least small steps taken towards a more reasonable system like most of the rest of the world has had for at least 15 years.

  8. They all price plans ending with 9.99, I wonder why? Would they be treating consumers as … nah, I’d rather not say the word.

  9. Well I sure didn’t know that t-mobile plans are cheaper off contract. I may have to reconsider going unsubsidized on a nexus one, no ETF if I’m unhappy with it and I can sell it if a better android phone comes out.

  10. I have corporate discount. I’m on Sprint on the $69.99 plan, 450 mins/unlimited mobile to mobile/unlimited text,mms, data. My bill is $62.99 in California. The most minutes I’ve used in the last 2 years has been 139 (meaning: not on mobile to mobile or in network) I don’t see anyone having a better value. I have the HTC hero. While your mileage may vary, I haven’t called a friend at home since 1998.

  11. These Prices are ridiculous, here in Austria I have a Plan for only 9 Euros, which includes 300 minutes 1000 messages + 3GB in Data. Also there is half Price on all Phones available. For only 12 Euros you get the same Plan except you will have 1000 minutes free.

  12. T mobile still has the better value, regardless of. Carry an iPhone or Blackberry to T mobile and get unlimited everything for 79 bones. Throw your discounts in, because everyone gets them on all carrieres and you have a good plan. for my 3 lines I pay right at 200 dollars with unlimited EVERYTHING. not rollover, not A list, not calling circle, no can call only mobile phones, no can call any ATT/SPRINT/VERIZON customer….all data, all smartphones…beautiful…it’s like 65 bucks per line…

    They were the first to see it, they will be the first to see that in the next 5 years, when mobile phone companies realize that voice should be flat rate of 10 bucks and manage it through their data services, legacy services become a thing of the past. this is where they would make a ton of cash, because that ‘s not regulated by taxes and fees, voice ‘minutes’ will not be in question.

  13. I’m on Tmobile, and got the 5 Fave thing before they dropped it.. Using their current plans that have more overall minutes really wouldn’t be better for me. By putting the people I talk to the most in the Faves, I barely dent my monthly minutes.. I don’t know why the Fave thing didn’t take off better than it did.. I think it’s great.

  14. In this comparson they should also list which cell comp gets the best signal in more areas as they do in the tech mags…because that means a lot and people may dish out the money more so when knowing they are getting the best

  15. It’d be nice to see one of these comparisons for Family Plans.

  16. I have tmobile, and at 100 a month unlimited u cnt go wrong

  17. Let’s say I have a Verizon CDMA phone, could it roam on an Indian CDMA network?

  18. These comparisons where they have Tmobile’s no contract plan included are ridiculous. All of the other carriers subsidize their phone prices with these plans. Apples for apples people. You should be comparing tmobiles plans that are contract based. I bought by HTC hero for 180 through sprint. Add 200 for the ETF from day 1 and it is still cheaper than the $550 or whatever for the unsubsidized phone. Plus after 5 months, the ETF goes down 10 a month, so it gets even cheaper.

    Less upfront, same per month, and less even with ETF = cheaper. Tmobile is a good deal if you already have a phone, but then why not get new tech for cheaper?

  19. That’s wrong. T-Mobile’s no contract is $59.99 for 500 minutes + unlimited text & data. It’s $79.99 WITH contract.

  20. Why is that every time phone rate pricing are compared, t-mobile uses its no contract plans. That’s not a real comparison, all of these companies are using contracts except t-mobile. Why is that, if they others to know how competitive their pricing really is they need to use contract pricing like everyone else, unless your really not saving much and they don’t really want anyone to know that

  21. About Three years ago I grabbed an insane special that T-Mobile was having. T-Mobile Unlimited SMS/MMS for families for $9.99/Month. One of the reasons I’m never leaving T-Mobile. Funny thing about it is, I work for AT&T. This now costs $35/month I believe. Sucks for everyone else. =D

  22. Coverage Coverage Coverage. Unlimited Plans with no or lousy service is just pointless.

  23. Sorry folks can’t beat Sprint on pricing & coverage combined. SERO is cheapest $30-corp discount-loygalty discount for as low as 23$/month for unlimited web,text,500min. For android phones i have family plan for 129 – 25% corp discount – $20/mo recurring credit – loyalty discount about $70/month for 2lines unlimited everything …

  24. Whatever is all I say! Who is this wrong statistic sponsored by, by big reliable red or by looser AT&T. Of course, you forget to conveniently state that sprint’s plan (I am not a sprint customer) includes also navigation, online TV, radio and other stuff.

    So add at least $20 dollars to Verizon and AT&T to have a real comparison here. You are just lying about stuff and hide the real cool details. We are still talking a $40 difference here … $480 a year … $960 over a 2 year contract and
    let’s just do it for fun $9600 over 20 years. I mean, you got to ask yourself, have you really had absolutely no reception with Sprint compared to Verizon or looser AT&T who drops a call every 30 Minutes (Yes, I hate AT&T and I am one of their customers right now) I am waiting for the HTC Supersonic to come out. I live in a full blasted 4G area and I will use it as soon as the first real phone will come out.

    My wife travels all over the states with Sprint and had never been in an area where she didn’t have reception or bad download speeds. So is the difference really worth it? I just don’t know.

    Anyway, the person who published this number is a big fudging lier and you better look at a statistics you manipulated yourself before you believe this BS.


  25. i like no-contract plan better than the contracted one. i’m very glad that t-mobile’s no-contract plan is cheaper.

  26. However, one or two months back, I checked with T-mobile, their no-contract price for an Android phone is $55/month. Don’t tell me that they actually raised the price. That would suck big time.

  27. I went prepaid and I’m saving a fortune! I got the Straight Talk $45.00pm UNLIMITED calling, texting and data connection plan and as it’s on Verizon the service is great!

  28. Cricket has the best Android plan, $55 for unlimited calls, texts and Internet!!

  29. Cricket is extremely limited in calling and data areas though. Just look at their coverage map.

    Boost mobile currently has the best plan at $50 a month and the motorola i1 android phone. I don’t know if you can just exchange the sim out on another android phone????

  30. No one here has compared the internet capabilities on here
    Using T-Mobile, I have the ability to click on links, take tests, whereas with Straight Talk, I was unable navigate certain websites. For the money, if you only want unlimited voice and text, Straight Talk is the best deal. If you want internet, T-Mobile is best.

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