Jan 10th, 2010

As part of Google’s campaign for the Nexus One they asked 4 (and counting) YouTube partners to make videos that in some way incorporated the Nexus One. One of them – by Arin Crowley – was a pretty darn cool movie trailer-esque video where he tries to make sense of his crumbling life and put the new year in perspective:

I really enjoyed it. My second favorite was an auto-tuned acapella beat with the maker dancing in his office chair, pulling the Nexus One out at the end. Cool I guess but nothing TOO special:

Up next we have “Man Bait” which takes the comedy approach. Instead of guys going fishing for fish it features sharks going manning for men using the Nexus One as bait. Good idea but not as hilarious as I would have hoped:

And lastly we have some guy with 200k subscribers who gives a really quick overview of the phone’s specs and shows off 2 or 3 video related apps. TOTAL weak sauce. I could have done better than this (and I will, hit me up Google)! Not to mention this utilized absolutely ZERO creativity and I’m guessing Google’s idea was for partners to create something with a viral nature.

Pssshhh that has nothing on the Android Rap Song.

Keep an eye on the Nexus One YouTube Channel for more partner videos as they are released.

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