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There are a LOT of people who could benefit from Wi-Fi calling on their Android Phone. Take for example this guy, who doesn’t seem to get a good cellular signal in his home and would like to use his Wi-Fi to call out. Typically users would be pointed towards an application that launched in February 2009 called Sipdroid, but as you can see by the XDA Developers tutorial on the app, it’s anything but idiot proof to get going.

truphone-logoIntroducing Truphone, an application that was JUST updated to include Wi-Fi calling to Google Voice, Skype and Truphone users for FREE when both parties are connected to Wi-Fi. When the receiving party is NOT on Wi-Fi there is a small fee to place calls and you can make these calls globally.

Considering the existence of Sipdroid, the opening statement in Trupohone’s press release is an incorrect fact that was thrown in for effect:

Truphone, the next generation global mobile operator, today announced the immediate free availability of its new application for Android(TM) enabled mobile handsets, introducing Wi-Fi calling on this platform for the first time.

That’s kind of irritating… and I’m sure Sipdroid developers feel the same. Another irritation is that Truphone only works on certain Android phones as of the publication of this article – HTC Dream, Magic and Hero.


Supposedly compatibility with the remaining Android phones on other Android versions is coming – I’d love to know what technicalities are holding the company back.

While Truphone’s update to version 3.0 of their application may not be the FIRST Wi-Fi calling application as they claim, it could be the easiest/prettiest. It looks great and for the novice Android user it’s a more immediate, complete and no-hassle solution. At least it seems that way on the surface – let us know how you fare.

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  1. what about fring?

  2. FIRST!

    just kidding, thats fucking gay.

    But this would be pretty sweet. signal in my house sucks too

  3. I just successfully installed Truphone on my Nexus One and successfully placed an outbound call to a landline over a wifi connection. So, I don’t know why they claim Nexus One is not a supported device.

    Truephone gave me $0.50 credit to start with, so the registration and test didn’t cost me anything. $0.051/min sounds a bit pricey as compared to other VOIP providers, but for now, this is the only *easy* option for placing calls over wifi on Android. Nice to know that it is there in case I’m ever close to going over my monthly allotted minutes. I hope other players join Truephone. A $0.02/min rate would be more in line with the other VOIP providers. Then again, none of these other providers offer what Truephone does (excluding Sipdroid, which was frankly too damn complicated for me to set up and Gizmo5, which is currently closed to new users).

    Overall, very happy to see Truephone meeting this need.

  4. What about Magic Jack’s Cell phone set up, anyone seen anything about it?

  5. You wrote “to include Wi-Fi calling to Google Voice”. I think you meant “Google Talk”.
    I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been using “fring” for years, and it does the job.
    What I’m waiting for is a service to utilize Google Voice to make free calls, but I’m not sure the cell phone service providers would be too happy about that.

  6. Truphone doesn’t connect over VOIP if the phone isn’t on WIFI. Why? If my data plan allows VOIP why should Truphone block it? It doesn’t make sense to me and their website doesn’t explain it.

    I wonder why the SIP standard (which Sipdroid is using) isn’t taking off in the US and many other parts of the world. I have been using it for about a year now and find it to be superior to any other VOIP standard, including Skype. And now owning an Android phone, I just installed Sipdroid, connected to my already existing telephone number ( and can make/receive calls to/from anyone on that number.

  7. I beleive you can already do that with GV + gizmo.

  8. Hey Joe, don’t be a homophobic asshole. Would you go around saying that something was f’ing “jewish” or “black” too?

  9. Why would anyone want to buy truphone credits when they have skype credits and can make international calls using skype?

  10. @Nathon H.
    ya me too im using sipdroid, with googlevoice, sipgate, and sipsorcery to make unlimited calls over my data network :)

  11. Can you please add a QR code to entries like this: especially if you are advertising new apps. I know it is lazy but it just makes it a more complete entry into the archives.

  12. If it can call Skype users, that would be good. Especially since Skypes own andord offering can’t.

    Nothing else does skype voip does it?

  13. i got it 3 minutes after the press release showed up on google news.

    works great on my G-1.

    rates are pretty good as well.

    put 20 bucks on account with automatic refill and it’s 2.1 cents a minute.

    only sniglet i got is my bluetooth headset aint workin’ with it.

    if you are where there is wifi and no signal, GET IT.

  14. @Mike Like others have indicated, Fring does full Skype voice calling and it actually does it over 3G as well as wifi. So not only is TruPhone wrong about being the first, they aren’t even the 2nd application to offer voip calling. And unlike sipdroid, Fring is really easy to use and has a pretty good user interface.

    @FisherP I’ve been bugging phandroid editors for months about including QR codes in their app articles. They seemed to do it for a short while but haven’t in a long time. Rob, is there some reason you won’t include QR codes? Laziness on your part? Forgetful? Or maybe you don’t know how? Not trying to be a jerk, just wondering. Seems like a lot of your readers would find it very helpful.

  15. @FisherP totally agree… QR codes need to be on the site

  16. i don’t understand this at all… My G1 has always called out over wi-fi when it was connected. It was what TMobile explained to me in the first place when i got the android phone as to why i should have the app that looked for hotspots in my area cus calls when i was connected to wi-fi didn’t count as minutes on my plan and it also saved me and the family a ton of money when we were in Mexico on vacation since our hotel had free wi-fi we all just used my phone from the lobby to make calls and it never cost me extra when i got home to the states. I know that Google has been talking about adding VOIP service to their GoogleVoice venture and i kind of understand that purpose. But who can’t already call out on their android phone on wi-fi. Someone help, am i missing something?

    [email protected]

  17. @garretpony….

    when google voice integrates gizmo5 into voice, i will drop truphone in a second.

    ’til then i’ll joyfully use them in my home where i have no coverage.

    your g-1 must be different than mine cuz i’ve had mine since september 2008 and made my first wifi call on it friday with truphone.

    i can’t wait to try out the truphone sim card when it drops too as i’m planning to tour mexico on my motorcycle this coming autumn.

  18. Nifty concept, doesn’t work on Android 1.5

  19. Truphone really helps save lots of money, I just love it. And the call quality is good as well.

  20. can i call with my blackberry mobile phone for free by using wifi?

  21. If you have Truphone and google voice you can make all your calls for free. as long as you have wifi and it will not charge a penny….its simple calls to goole voice are free of charge … so set up your voice account they give you a number then go to the seeting and forward all your calls to what ever your cell number is even if the phone is not activated or disconnected i mean… then get Goole voice intercept app set it up… Set up Truphone so when you go to make a call like normal a box pops up that ask how to make the call you choose GV then it will call google voice and google will call the number you selected to call. Your phone will then ring and it will be yourself calling your self. You answer and you hear ringing wait until the party answers. You now have a free call because tech your talking to yourself your GV number wich is free.

  22. Devin,
    That is like *the definition* of throwing your arm over your shoulder to wipe your ass.

  23. Hello , i have a problem with skype calls over truphone, in my office it is working fine and wifi give message that wifi registered but at home wifi it is not working and also no register’s message show for wifi, i check setting on my HTC desire HD mobile but no such setting there to registered wifi.. can any body help me …. thanks

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