Nexus One Pro: World Phone With Keyboard, Bigger Battery?


nexus-one-3Well this is interesting: on stage with Walt Mossberg at a live AllThingsD Event at CES, Andy Rubin (apparently unprompted) mentioned an “enterprise” version of the Nexus One that would include a keyboard, bigger battery and world connectivity. Here is a portion of the transcript from Engadget:

Walt: “So based on what you said, two questions pop into my mind; what’s an enterprise version of this phone? Doesn’t it support Exchange?”

Andy: “It does, but an enterprise version might be something with a physical keyboard, it may be a world phone…” Walt: “But then it’s a different device…” Andy: “Yeah, it’s a different SKU.”

Unfortunately the “based on what you said” portion, where Rubin unpromptedly (that should be a word) introduced the Nexus One enterprise version, wasn’t transcribed. I’m sure more details, and hopefully a video of the event, will come out soon.

If this IS true… would it be called the Nexus One Pro, a naming convention HTC has used on their touch models? Or could this be the Nexus Two? Would it be the exact same specs as the Nexus One with these slight additions or will Google have more of an upgraded prepared? Would this come out in the near future or quite awhile down the road?

In the same interview when Walt Mossberg suggested Droid owners were upset that a “better” phone came out so quickly, Rubin responded with : “Because we introduced a new product?”

I tend to agree with Rubin – you can’t get mad because a company strives to continually put out even better products. But being deceitful and suggesting a better phone WON’T come out for quite awhile and luring MORE people into purchasing and then upgrading again soon after – THAT would be an issue in my book.

What say you, Phandroids?

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  1. and I was just about to get a milestone ..
    guess if you want to get the best phone , you ain’t getting any >_>

  2. As a Droid owner, I don’t feel deceived by relatively rapid Nexus One release.

    My hardware is still fine. I came from Blackberry, and bought the phone for the Android platform and the open nature of the software as much as the hardware specs.

    As long as we keep getting OS upgrades I’ll be happy.

    I’m glad the industry is progressing rapidly. In 2 years it’ll be upgrade time and I’m hoping for amazing things.

    – Dave

  3. They need to make the next physical keyboard phone like the Inbrics M1. This phone has a 5 row keyboard and is thinner than the Droid. Not to mention has 16gb of internal memory. Here’s a link from engadget:

  4. htc had been innovative in introducing the side sliding keyboard in the G1, where others started to follow suit. Previews of the Nexus one had been leaked prior to Christmas, so those who purchased the Droid and getting teed a couple weeks later were not following android news.

  5. Humm I’m not mad at all. Droid users will get the 2.1 update and have a awesome device. It really depends on what you want out of your phone. The Droid still does just about everything these new phones do.
    IMO Google hates latency and they are pushing these guys to move forward and to do it fast. They dislike it when any project gets stalled.

  6. If the “Nexus One Enterprise” has a 4.1″ 800×480 screen, and a keyboard, I might just be interested. Especially if I can get it on the T-mobile 20 month payment plan. Otherwise, I’m waiting to see what the Inbrics M1 brings to the table (and which carrier it’s on).

  7. I’m very happy with my Moto DROID and don’t have any ill feelings towards the Nexus One. I wanted a physical keyboard and I got it, happy consumer!

  8. Could this be the Verizon version!? I don’t care about a keyboard but if they put on in just make it better than the droids and keep the thiness of the regular N1!

  9. This sounds like a Verizon version of this phone. I don’t care about a keyboard just keep it thin.

  10. inbrics has 16 gig internal memory AND a SD slot. now that’s what we want…

  11. Hmm the only downside of the Inbrics M1 to me right now is their own UI.. If they just had regular Android 2.1 i’d probably try to get it

  12. Does this mean Android will finally support Exchange ActiveSync security policies? Encryption? Remote wipe? The features that make Windows Mobile and Blackberry “Enterprise”? Android Exchange, and therefore “Enterprise” support is a joke without these features.

    Andriod 2.0 has been out with crippled Exchange support since November and Google hasn’t even acknowledged the issue. And they’re announcing an Enterprise product? Ha. They’re kidding, right?

  13. o man o man o man. that M1 is lookin sweeeeeeeeet. i can handle the slight choppiness of the ui in return for the awesome keyboard and 16 gigs of flash

  14. I love how this went from the nexus one, to the droid, and now to the inbics M1. But seriously,the M1 is looking very promising. Just get it on verizon and it will be beast. but, i really wish the nexus one had the build quality of the droid, and with a keyboard. I dont care how thick it is, give me a keyboard, atleast a gig of internal storage, and world phone capabilities.

  15. I also like the M1 ^_^
    And sooner or later, somebody will root it and put custom roms on it :D

  16. Nobody gets upset when Dell releases a new PC. Where did these product cycle expectations come from? I suppose the problem is “device lock-in” and multi-year contracts. If we just bought our phones outright, maybe people would be less ticked-off by this. And it just so happens that this is exactly what Google appears to be trying to get us to do.

  17. Isn’t the N1 already a world phone by supporting UMTS Bands 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900)?

  18. ‘Worldphone’ is Verizon speak for cdma and GSM on one phone. So it works on their us network but you can roam globally.

  19. I have the Droid and I love it . Their will always be a new IT phone coming out .As long as the software stays up to date then I am good if your a trend follower then your screwed because there will never be a phone that beats out all other phones.Technology is moving and growing to rapidly it’s not the 80’S anymore people.Other than the processor and a few minor UI tweaks the Droid and the Nexus1 are pretty much the same.

  20. adrian: doesn’t touchdown already have those features?

  21. @JiMMaR same here…. maybe ill wait longer…

  22. Now THIS would challenge the iPhone, at least in the enterprise market.

    Doubt this is the Verizon version everyone is looking for though. Verizon is CDMA, and the rest of the world is GSM. Possibly it is both CDMA and GSM…

  23. I love the Nexus One. I love the Screen and all that but i dont have my Touch Pro 2 Because i love Windows Mobile, i have it because its the best phone out that combines screen and Keyboard size together. If Sprint Gets an Android device that compares to what i have im sold…but ill just have to be patient in the meantime.

  24. There is a new Android phone out every two weeks deal with it, every manufacturer wants to have their own Android deal. So be prepared for the BlackBerrry Android! Next Week!

  25. How can anyone feel deceived who bought a Droid? The Droid is Motorola and the Nexus One is HTC! They were independently created and released. Plus the Verizon Nexus is not even announced yet as of when it will be available.

  26. Does anyone have one of these yet? If so how much better is it than the Droid phone

  27. I lot of talk has gone on about Droid owners being screwed by Nexus 1 etc… I don’t get it. I love my Droid and have “0” complaints about it. I signed a 2-year contract when I got this thing so I assumed I’d have it for while when I got it. I was 100% sure a better phone would come around in the near future. No biggie… as long as my Droid continues to work and they keep updating the OS etc. I don’t have a problem with this and don’t see what all the fuss is.

  28. It’s silly to get mad that HTC released a better phone than Motorola. Maybe the next Motorola or Samsung will be better than the N1. Any electronic device available for mass market is already behind…that’s just the way it is, to get mad is silly.

  29. I just don’t like the feel of the Droid. Other than the box like feel and the cheap feel of it I would have one already just my opinion. I don’t have to have the greatest phone (Can anyone ever at the rate they come out)? However If the Nexus one would hurry and come to VZW or the HTC Bravo/Incredible or whatever. Just stop slacking! I don’t want to get the Eris when I know if I wait just a tad longer I could get this. Although that Sense UI makes me Salivate! This phone could be the VZW phone as they do the samething with the BlackBerry phones that are world phones

  30. I dont remember seeing the M1 artical posted here, the keybord looks grate on it though!

  31. I’d kill for such phone! >:-E

  32. Oh found the specs on the M1 befor they changed it the battery is 2X the size of most but rest looks standard.

  33. I can’t sympothize with anyone who would be upset by this. Technology is like an escalator (going down)… the higher up you jump the longer you have till it’s obsolete… but it will only be the best the moment it’s first released.
    If people like the form factor… it looks a whole lot like the Hero which has been out for a while… the only difference is processor speed and OS (2.1).


  34. If this phone comes to the big V then I may drop my Droiiiid for it…but then there’s the droid2…..

  35. Manufacturers did the same thing with Sidekick 08 boasting a more efficient smaller build, etc. Then less than 6 months later SidekickLX IV/3G/09…whatever it’s called comes out and we’re left in the dust with our 08 paperweight.

  36. I have the Droid, but now use Swype, and basically never use the physical keyboard anymore. And actually, I don’t want the thickness and weight that the physical keyboard adds.

    But I will need a world phone in 2011. Having been on T-Mobile with the G1 for a year, I don’t want to go back to their inferior 3G network, so I am hoping Verizon comes out with a world phone without a stoopid physical keyboard.

    If you haven’t tried Swype, go to DroidMuff.In and download it onto your Droid. You won’t use a physical keyboard again.

  37. well im pissed, bought nexus and seems all emulated games nes,snes,etc are not playable cause of the stupid touch buttons which cant be pushed more then 1 at a time… selling nexus, waiting for one with hardware keybrd

  38. Nexus one looks great. How do you like it compared to other HTC phones? hardware keyboard is no big deal

  39. Great idea..thanks for your great advice..

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