Jan 10th, 2010

nexus-one-3Well this is interesting: on stage with Walt Mossberg at a live AllThingsD Event at CES, Andy Rubin (apparently unprompted) mentioned an “enterprise” version of the Nexus One that would include a keyboard, bigger battery and world connectivity. Here is a portion of the transcript from Engadget:

Walt: “So based on what you said, two questions pop into my mind; what’s an enterprise version of this phone? Doesn’t it support Exchange?”

Andy: “It does, but an enterprise version might be something with a physical keyboard, it may be a world phone…” Walt: “But then it’s a different device…” Andy: “Yeah, it’s a different SKU.”

Unfortunately the “based on what you said” portion, where Rubin unpromptedly (that should be a word) introduced the Nexus One enterprise version, wasn’t transcribed. I’m sure more details, and hopefully a video of the event, will come out soon.

If this IS true… would it be called the Nexus One Pro, a naming convention HTC has used on their touch models? Or could this be the Nexus Two? Would it be the exact same specs as the Nexus One with these slight additions or will Google have more of an upgraded prepared? Would this come out in the near future or quite awhile down the road?

In the same interview when Walt Mossberg suggested Droid owners were upset that a “better” phone came out so quickly, Rubin responded with : “Because we introduced a new product?”

I tend to agree with Rubin – you can’t get mad because a company strives to continually put out even better products. But being deceitful and suggesting a better phone WON’T come out for quite awhile and luring MORE people into purchasing and then upgrading again soon after – THAT would be an issue in my book.

What say you, Phandroids?

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