Dec 21st, 2009

Well here’s a geeky yet fun addition to your wardrobe :D OFFICIAL Google Android merchandise including T-shirts , Caps and even a 4GB memory stick keychain.

On the USA/Canda/Mexico Googlestore there are 2 T-Shirt designs available , the first being “Android walking the dog” and my personal favourite of choice is the Android on the side.  Take a looksy…

It’s worth noting on the European/Asia/Africa/Australian/South America Google Store you only have the option to purchase an Android Cap and a rather nifty 4GB memory stick shaped as our little green Friend {Pictured above}. The T-shirts are not available in that store for some reason. And the Android Memory stick is not available in the USA/ Canada/ Mexico store.

Let’s just say …. I wouldn’t mind any of these for Xmas

What do you think? Would you purchase any of them?

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