Official Android T-Shirts , Hats & Memory sticks


Well here’s a geeky yet fun addition to your wardrobe :D OFFICIAL Google Android merchandise including T-shirts , Caps and even a 4GB memory stick keychain.

On the USA/Canda/Mexico Googlestore there are 2 T-Shirt designs available , the first being “Android walking the dog” and my personal favourite of choice is the Android on the side.  Take a looksy…

It’s worth noting on the European/Asia/Africa/Australian/South America Google Store you only have the option to purchase an Android Cap and a rather nifty 4GB memory stick shaped as our little green Friend {Pictured above}. The T-shirts are not available in that store for some reason. And the Android Memory stick is not available in the USA/ Canada/ Mexico store.

Let’s just say …. I wouldn’t mind any of these for Xmas

What do you think? Would you purchase any of them?

Weekend Roundup: Holiday Edition

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  1. Id buy the hat, anyday.

  2. i want buy it in ukraine T_T

  3. I second the hat.. I am really diggin’ it.

    The memory stick is pretty cool, too.

  4. The Tshirts for me

  5. That has is cool! That will go great with my fartdroid shirt!

  6. I want the flash drive, why can’t the USA get it :(

  7. I bought the hat and the black t-shirt with Andy the Android on the side. I’m loving it and highly advise picking up one, or a couple.

  8. Getting the USB stick. It’s so cool.

  9. Not sure about the clothing, but I shall definitely attempt to blag (then buy) a flash drive.

  10. @Anthony:
    What are you talking about? The Android USB is $23.88

  11. I just got my bounty of official Google knick-knacks today, including the walking-the-dog shirt. The ‘droid-on-the-side shirt reminds me too much of the douchey fare from Ed Hardy, et al., for me to actually wear. Plus, the walking-the-dog shirt is made from organic cotton. In fact, both of the shirts I bought are organic. Organic company shirts. Yet another reason to embrace the Google.

  12. Love the shirt with the dog. Just placed an order for one the other day. Can’t wait for them to get delivered.

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