Dec 21st, 2009

Another welcome addition to Android’s upcoming tablet portfolio – check out this new Android powered tablet/smartpad by Notion Ink (render below):

Rendered Image

This smartpad/tablet features some pretty nice spec’s including :

  • 10.1 inch screen {1024×600 Wide SVGA}
  • Supports 1080p HD video
  • USB & HDMI ports, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack & microphone input
  • Compass , GPS , Wi-Fi b/g , Bluetooth & Cellular {UMTS/HSDPA}
  • Accelerometer , proximity, water & ambient light sensor
  • 3 Mega- Pixel camera with Auto-Focus
  • Onboard storage will be 16GB or 32GB on an SSD {+ an SD slot}
  • nVIDIA Tegra chip

These spec’s are not bad at all but what is extra interesting is it’s display. Not only is the screen large with an anti-glare coating, fingerprint and scratch resistant but it also features a ‘Pixel Qi transflective display’. Ever heard of  that before? I hadn’t either – until now. Let me help explain what this is a little :

Basically under normal interior type lighting it  looks like a regular LCD , clear with all the screen colours etc. However when in direct sunlight this special screen can “reduce colour vibrancy” or it can give a type of grey-scale view similar to an E-ink panel (see image 3 below). This means that visibility can be increased in conditions where normal screens may be difficult to read. Ever taken your laptop or phone outside on a sunny day? Then you should know what it’s like. You’ll notice the screen becomes quite dark & slightly harder to read and you may try to block the sun on the screen to be able to view it properly. Have a peek of these pics courtesy of  Slashgear:

The yet unnamed device, also boasts 48 hours of battery standby juice, is good for 8 hours of HD video playback or 16 hours of WiFi-enabled browsing on Phandroid & Androidforums ;) Driven by the default Android UI (as of now), it is also supposedly capable of running three simultaneous 1080p videos with little frame loss. This and the battery length is very impressive if this is correct.

We should know more about the Notion Ink Smartpad/Tablet in January, when the gadget is expected to make its “in-the-flesh” début at The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

[Via Slashgear]