Motorola Zeppelin XT800 Flying To China And Back?


Last week we heard about the first Motorola Android Phone headed to China – the Motorola Zhiling for China Mobile due on December 28th. But Chinese rival China Telekom looks to be getting their own MotoDroid – the Motorola Zeppelin XT800.  The phone packs GSM and CDMA so it will work on China Telecom’s up and coming 3G network.


Detailed sepcs of the rumored phone were found at qq.com while the above picture is from mobile-review:

  • 5MP Camera
  • Auto-focus
  • LED flash
  • 720P HD video capture
  • HDMI Out
  • Text scanning
  • Bluetooth v2.1
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • GPS
  • MicroSD expansion
  • Wi-Fi
  • ARM Cortex-A8 processor

It seems the XT800 will be made available on December 25th in China which would mean it, and not the MT710, would be the first ever Motorola Android Phone in China. But what might be even MORE exciting – at least for reader’s of Phandroid – is that the Zeppelin could be headed to the States as the Motorola Titanium:


The above is from an FCC document tracked down by EngadgetMobile where they noted that any smartphone type device packing Wi-Fi is likely to be running Android since the company has ditched Windows Mobile. They say that QQ.com compares the Zeppelin to Titanium but personally I was unable to find the connection between the two. I’m hoping its something I accidentally skipped over because this would certainly have its fair share of users on either Verizon or Sprint, where it would most likely wind up.


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  1. what is it with all the phone companies trying to copy the silver edges of the iphone? so lame! we dont want to be like the stupid iphone!

  2. One of the interesting things I accidentally found out about China’s CDMA, is that it is similar to GSM, in that it has SIM chips, so unlike here in the US, you could change to your new phone by just inserting the SIM.. Why isn’t the US CDMA like that ?.. This, and the fact that most of the world is GSM is one of the reasons I have a GSM phone.

  3. we do not want to be like the stupid iPhone, but we also want a super-slim phone, without qwuerty keyboard and whith a great screen… if it means being like the stupid iphone then me is fine.

  4. best (and only sensible) thing i’ve seen from motorola yet

  5. But GSM is so much slower in the data transfer then CDMA.

  6. according to a tmo representetive, it is coming to tmobile.

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