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It looks like one of the members at XDA has his hands on the Google Nexus One and you know what that means… T-R-O-U-B-L-E. And that spells awesome if you’re an Android fan. One of the coolest cosmetic things to come out of it is the video that plays when you turn your Nexus One on:

As you can see they take the typical “colors” you would find in the Google Chrome Logo and organizes them into a fierce “X” shape that you would assumeis for the X in “neXus” although at this point I guess anything is possible. And come to think of it… doesn’t that kind of enter the whole “Microsoft XBOX” looking logo territory? Hmmmm…


But that’s just the surface. What is REALLY interesting are the things that will soon be (likely) dug up from the system dump Kousch has done. It essentially is the Android operating system with Flan that is currently featured on the Nexus One. Sure… it could change by the time the phone comes out but there already seem to be some interesting tidbits like the existence of a mysterious file called “GenieWidget.apk”.

With enough know-how and elbow grease, Android modders will be able to take this system image and create an upgrade.apk file that will likely allow people who live on the edge to upgrade their phone to Flan. Of course they risk breaking their phone and ruining their warranty in the process, but I warned them. Be warned – there, now I warned them.

It may be even quicker for the system image to be plopped into the emulator. One thing is for sure: some REALLY interesting stuff is about to happen and we plan to be on top of all of it! Join all our AF friends talking about the phone in the Nexus One Forum and enjoy two pictures coming from the same dude from XDA:



This is about to be an epic Android holiday season.


[Thanks NorCal]

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