Dec 2nd, 2009

I just now got a call from my local Verizon branch.  They were letting me know that Verizon (Corporate) Stores are offering a buy-one-get-one deal for Android phones Friday through Monday! The deal will also be available online.

Before you ask – YES, if you already bought one, guess what – you qualify (within’ 30 days, so go Friday). You will need to go to the store you purchased from to get your second phone.

The catch? You have to open a new line.  Some people – like me – may have a second line that is out of contract that perhaps you could cancel then re-open. Depending on what my wife wants – we may try that ourselves.

They have said they will send me the flier as soon as they get it (they just got email) so assuming that pulls through I will have that posted for you here as well.

Update:  As usual, everyone is getting different responses from various stores, etc. Just read the comments. One user says corporate is telling them it’s for the Eris only. Others are saying their stores aren’t aware of anything. So, we’ll see how it plays out.


Update 2: I called the store and asked them to at least update their Facebook page to reflect the deal as to help sorta verify it before the fliers arrived – and they said they would. And they did.  It wasn’t *quite* as detailed an update as I’d hoped but it’ll have to do!

…their Facebook page.

Update 3: See new post. Buy either – get an Eris.

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