(Updated) Verizon Offers Buy One Get One for Droid and Eris


I just now got a call from my local Verizon branch.  They were letting me know that Verizon (Corporate) Stores are offering a buy-one-get-one deal for Android phones Friday through Monday! The deal will also be available online.

Before you ask – YES, if you already bought one, guess what – you qualify (within’ 30 days, so go Friday). You will need to go to the store you purchased from to get your second phone.

The catch? You have to open a new line.  Some people – like me – may have a second line that is out of contract that perhaps you could cancel then re-open. Depending on what my wife wants – we may try that ourselves.

They have said they will send me the flier as soon as they get it (they just got email) so assuming that pulls through I will have that posted for you here as well.

Update:  As usual, everyone is getting different responses from various stores, etc. Just read the comments. One user says corporate is telling them it’s for the Eris only. Others are saying their stores aren’t aware of anything. So, we’ll see how it plays out.


Update 2: I called the store and asked them to at least update their Facebook page to reflect the deal as to help sorta verify it before the fliers arrived – and they said they would. And they did.  It wasn’t *quite* as detailed an update as I’d hoped but it’ll have to do!

…their Facebook page.

Update 3: See new post. Buy either – get an Eris.


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  1. What happens if you didn’t buy it a corporate store?
    Is that still alright?

    Also, if I bought a droid… can I get a free eris?

  2. LOL I just ordered the Eris on Monday. I’ll have to check the symantecs. I have 4 lines right now, with room for one more.

  3. I just called my local Verizon store, and they said they aren’t offering that promotion. I updated a phone on my old line the day the Droid was released, as well as adding a new line with my old phone for my husband. If I qualified, it’d make for an awesome (free!) Christmas gift.

  4. What if you already bought two phones? Can you get a refund for the second phone?

  5. So if this is true and I bought mine at Best Buy, what should I do? My main line is eligible for the annual upgrade. If I have to start a new line, then it wouldn’t work for me. If we can do this for the annual upgrade, I would think I could do this. Suggestions?

  6. Any clarification of what a corporate store is? Does that mean it has to be through an employer? Or does corporate just refer to a Verizon Store as opposed to Best Buy or some other retailer?

    Looking forward to more information about this, hopefully it’s true!

  7. @Eric:
    Corporate probably means the Verizon stores themselves, as BestBuy and other retailers are usually tagged as “authorized reseller”, which implies a different category.

  8. @Eric

    Yes, a regular Verizon Wireless Store, as opposed to a Verizon Wireless licensed dealer (ie, a Verizon store you can locate with the store finder on vzw.com)

  9. I was just told by a Verizon phone rep that if you bought it at Best Buy or other retailer and the deal did become available this weekend, they would still honor the BOGO offer at a Verizon store, online, or over the phone.

  10. Is it possible to add a line to my account and then immediate turn it into its own independent account (for a friend)?

  11. just called two stores and none of them knew anything about this deal or an ota update for either droid phone.

  12. i just called the verizon customer service and the retailers and they never herd of it…what number did you call my hubby fell in love with my phone after i got one so i want to see if i will be able to get hime one…

  13. I hope this is true. My girlfriend & I will be switching to Verizon on Monday (when our Sprint contract runs out) so we could get our two phones this way. I would be very excited.

    I was hoping the Passion/Dragon would be out by the time we switched to Verizon… or I was hoping for more solid news on the Google Phone… BUT I’m still excited regardless.

  14. I just emailed my rep and am waiting on his response. If this is true, this would be awesome considering that I just bought two Droids 10 days ago.

  15. Great deal, but I’ll pass on account of the plan pricing. Why does Verizon charge and extra $20 per month per smartphone? A comparable plan with Sprint costs me $60-$70 dollars less per month. Seriously, service can’t be that good! I guess that’s how they have such a wide 3g coverage area.

  16. OK, so the contract is up on two of the four phones on our Verizon family plan. Lead phone is eligible for the online “new every two” discount price on the Droid of $99. So I would have to cancel the phone number of the second line on Thursday, then on Friday upgrade the lead phone for $99 then apply for a new phone line and free Droid to go with it? Two Droids for $99??

  17. @parker
    if the deal is true you would get the phone for esstianlly 99 dollars a peice….the droids r 199 and the second line would get it free. (Instead of a mail in rebate)

  18. PLEEEEEEEASE VERIFY THIS!!!.. I’m getting two this weekend.. would be perfect.. thanks for the heads up and ill be checking back for updates. cheers

  19. I called the Verizon Customer Service and they told me it was buy a Droid and get one of the LG phones for free…not another Droid.

  20. Just spoke to Verizon directly via 611. No confirmation yet on such a deal (he told me to check back on Friday), but he told me as far as our discount, we would get a $100 discount for ordering online, and another $100 instant “new every two” discount, so final price of $99 for one Droid. Combine that with BOGO?? That’s a price that can’t be beat…


  21. Has anyone verified this yet??

  22. Check the site. It shows either the LG VX5500 or the LG Glance as the free phone.

  23. Hi I need some advice. SHOULD I GET THE DROID, OR SHOULD I GET A SENSE PHONE AND WAIT FOR IT TO GET UPDATED TO 2.1? The SCENES feature in HTC Sense just amazes me, and I cannot imagine having Android without SCENES.

  24. Its only a select couple:
    LG VX5500
    LG Glance™

  25. Very misleading article written here.

  26. Slow ur horses People u GEt a FREE dRoid “ERIS” Not the motorola. Droid I called Verizon corp. Ant that’s what they told me =(

  27. I’ve called my store 3x since writing this, and talked to a couple different sales reps in doing so, just asking various questions and verifying it is true.

    They all claim it’s true. They said as soon as they get the flier they will email it to me.

    So we’ll see Friday I guess. If it’s not true, shame on them! ..And huge bummer for me (after having wrote this!). But they were very matter-of-fact confident in what they were telling me so.. yeah, we’ll see.

    Edit: I take that back. The last thing I want to do is scare them out of sharing info with me in the future because I blew their phones off the hook giving out their number. So tell ya what. If a couple of you want to verify, email me at phases at phandroid dot com and I’ll give you their number. You can call and ask all the questions you want about it. (If this is a “misleading” article.. it’s not the article so much as the sales staff at our location.)

  28. @parker
    That is cool wish we a 2yr coming lol we used an annual so we didnt get the 2yr extra discount.. but even at that if the deal surfaces on friday two for 199 is still awesome.

    My thought on it was that moto was tryin to keep up with bb and bogo on verizon.

  29. i wonder if they are trying to deplete their inventory for an upcoming device…passion?! please?!

  30. I work for a Verizon Corporate store and currently there is no such promotion involving a BOGO of either DROIDS…

  31. Unless they havent told us yet.. but that is not a promotion.. only BB curve, flip pearl, LG glance and Mot Rival are free this weekend. Unless this promo is for certain states…

  32. If this is true, it is almost as good as the $119 that I just paid at Dell.com (they’ve had that price for at least a week). The bad news is that they charged me a $35 activation fee, which was being waived before today.

    Another bad thing I learned while buying my Droid is that Verizon’s charge for canceling early is now $350!! So I hope no great phone comes out in the next few months, or I’ll be regretting it for the next 24 months.

  33. Seems obvious that they’re trying to clear inventory before another set of Android phones is introduced. I wonder what? I had assumed the next Android phones on Verizon wouldn’t be available until January…

  34. Google phones?

  35. Seems like a good deal, but if you are not adding a line letstalk.com seems to have the best price on the Eris. I am getting one for my daughter for Christmas, was free last week and now is still $29.99 with no activation fee, wondering if it will go back to free or get higher. Wirefly has been at $49.99 the whole time so I am thinking that is the most I will end up paying even if I wait.

  36. Oh wow. I would LOVE to get one of these for my brother-in-law. Unfortunately, the discount probably wouldn’t apply since I wouldn’t be getting it to use with my own account, plus I only bought mine with a 1-year contract, so the discount probably wouldn’t apply anyway. Plus, I don’t know that he can afford the data plan if I did get it. *sigh*

  37. HTC Passion/Dragon was once rumored as a Black Friday phone so I assume it’s still possibly a holiday phone.

  38. is this true corp wide??? WOW if so!

  39. So, the free phone cannot be the motorola droid?

  40. @Meg, no it has to be either an Eris or one of the select cheaper phones.

  41. Funny, I just went to the store today to get my brother a new phone and we saw the sign for the free eris. Guess what, now he has one. I got my droid on launch day and now he got a free eris out of it. Really sweet deal.

  42. I just called verizon Customer Service. My wife and I just bought a moto droid and htc eris on black friday. I asked for the credit for the eris based on this promotion. The verizon guy gave it to me with no questions asked. He said it was part of their “price protection guarantee”, I assume it must be purchased within the past 30 days. We are getting the price of the eris credited back to our account! I recommend you just dial *611 on your phone, dial 0 to get a real voice, and ask for that promotional credit, very easy!!

  43. My bestfriend got a droid x and asked if I wanted the free one. Can I get her free one if I’m on a different plan than she is. I don’t mind signing another two year contract if I can get a free phone! :)

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