Motorola Sholes “Tablet” Spotted.


Still lookin’ for that keyboardless-Droid? Well – keep your fingers crossed for this bad boy. With any luck it’ll make it to the states.


“The specs that we’ve been given to mull over are pretty impressive: 550MHz OMAP TI 3430 processor (same as the DROID), 3.7″ touch screen, 800 x 480 resolution, HDMI port, 3.5mm headset jack, UMTS/HSPA, 8 megapixel camera, and a xenon flash; all running on Android 2.0, probably 2.1 at time of launch.”

Not too bad huh?

[Via BGR | mobile01.com]


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  1. That is kinda nice yes. :)

  2. i don’t even need it to come to the states just gimmie a tmobile 3g band on the thing

  3. do we have an idea on possible carrier? I saw elsewhere that someone had seen tmobile referenced on the moto website. Can you confirm?

  4. We need better confirmation. It would be nice to ahve a phone like this on TMo ( perhaps a confirmation that TMo REALLY wants to step up to the plate and bring more business users on board, instead of the Least Common Denominator crowd ).

  5. I guess this phone wont come to Spring, right?

  6. if this is really coming to t-mobile, I guess I should stop referring to them as ‘teen-mobile’

  7. please oh god T-Mobile please

  8. if this comes to tmobile then its all over, im droppin the 200 bucks for the phone and gettin an 80 a month plan by myself. will be sooooo worth it,

  9. YES!!! I have been holding out for an Android phone since I was following the rumors of a “gphone” about 3 years ago. After the droid was released I said to myself if only there was not a sliding qwerty, this would be perfect for me and now it looks like the gods have finally taken pity on me.

  10. Comon T-Mobile give us some of the Droid love :D, lol

  11. i think it’s funny how you guys from the US always debate about carriers ;)

  12. Why so thick? I swear it’s almost just as thick as the droid with a keyboard… I was hoping they could shave more than 1-2mm by cutting out the keyboard. I’d say this thing will need a d-pad to keep me from getting the droid with keyboard.

  13. Doesn’t look thick to me. check out how much of the depth of phone is covered by the 3.5mm headphone jack – doesn’t look like you could fit more than about 3 of holes in depth, which would make the phone much thinner than the 14mmish (I think) of the droid.

  14. The droid with k/b is 13.7. The HDMI pic shows it better, I think. Looks like I could stack about 3 of those HDMI ports…which would probably make it just a hair thicker than my iphone 2g (11.6mm) which also has rounded corners. Personally, I really had my hopes set on close to 11mm even for the droid tablet…and these images don’t seem to get it there.

  15. this phone is going to t-mo, i think this will have MOTOBLUR too.

    great phone

  16. @Craig
    Not to nitpick.. but “droid” love is going to be a Verizon thing I think.. If Motorola sells the droid to other carriers, it will be called something else.. The “droid Eris” name, pretty much tells me that droid as an Android trademark, is probably owned by Verizon, seeing as it is made by HTC, and I can’t imagine Motorola would let HTC use it if they owned it… the bigger question is, do droids dream when they sleep ?, and can they give love ?

  17. Yes! Finally xenon flash on an Android device.

  18. @JAG just curious as to why you’re so certain it’s going to t-mo.

  19. I hope this comes to TMO! i’ve been waiting for 3 long years!

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