Dec 2nd, 2009

It is pretty clear that Verizon is targeting males with the Motorola Droid. Not only does the phone LOOK masculine but the commercials have all been guy friendly. The robotic voice, the stealth bombers, the dark red terminator-like orb/eye… but they’ve never straight up said it. Until now:

“It’s not a princess… it’s a robot.”

The entire commercial is obviously and totally dude-oriented and that “porcelain phone” they show being blown to smithereens? Looks an awful lot like the iPhone – a comparison I bet they are hoping you’ll make. But it isn’t an actual iPhone as you can clearly see:


Although it LOOKS like the iPhone, the phone in the commercial gets more slender in the middle of the device which accentuates a “feminine” look/feel. Maybe they wanted the effect but didn’t want to deal with the hassles of another lawsuit from AT&T.

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