Dec 3rd, 2009

Remember that little post I made yesterday around noon.. you know, the little buy one get one deal on the Androids?  Well since that posting I’ve been in contact with the store a few times looking for something more solid than just their words as confirmation.

To hold me over they updated their Facebook page last night, but, today they came through for me.

I just got an email from my most trusted rep there who said she “it is most DEFINITELY happening”, and sent me the flier.

The bad news? – perhaps the biggest thing – is that one of the comments we got seems to be correct – it’s sadly for the Eris only.


So buy either Droid – get an Eris free. Not as awesome as I’d hoped but it’ll do!In the meantime, I’m going to mention to her that I was slightly ill-informed by co-reps (it certainly could have been just.. bad communication with the term “droids” though) and that they may want to clarify on the Facebook page.

Update: Again, if you already purchased and are within 30 days of that purchase – you would be – they will honor it (so go in Friday or Saturday I guess).  Need to open a new line.  (If you have a second line that has expired, should be able to cancel/reopen to finagle it. That may depend on how much they like ya, though ;))

This is not store specific. Corporate-wide. They are not sure if it will be available on-line and over the phone – as they  run different deals.

Also, I’ve been told whoever would like more details (or to just verify) they are more than welcome to call and ask. Check their Facebook page for the number.

Update 2: Looks like it’s online/phone as well – seeings how it’s printed on the Droid website too.