(Updated) Verizon Buy One Get One for the Droid (Eris) Confirmed


Remember that little post I made yesterday around noon.. you know, the little buy one get one deal on the Androids?  Well since that posting I’ve been in contact with the store a few times looking for something more solid than just their words as confirmation.

To hold me over they updated their Facebook page last night, but, today they came through for me.

I just got an email from my most trusted rep there who said she “it is most DEFINITELY happening”, and sent me the flier.

The bad news? – perhaps the biggest thing – is that one of the comments we got seems to be correct – it’s sadly for the Eris only.


So buy either Droid – get an Eris free. Not as awesome as I’d hoped but it’ll do!In the meantime, I’m going to mention to her that I was slightly ill-informed by co-reps (it certainly could have been just.. bad communication with the term “droids” though) and that they may want to clarify on the Facebook page.

Update: Again, if you already purchased and are within 30 days of that purchase – you would be – they will honor it (so go in Friday or Saturday I guess).  Need to open a new line.  (If you have a second line that has expired, should be able to cancel/reopen to finagle it. That may depend on how much they like ya, though ;))

This is not store specific. Corporate-wide. They are not sure if it will be available on-line and over the phone – as they  run different deals.

Also, I’ve been told whoever would like more details (or to just verify) they are more than welcome to call and ask. Check their Facebook page for the number.

Update 2: Looks like it’s online/phone as well – seeings how it’s printed on the Droid website too.



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  1. so is this offer still eligible for those who already purchased their Droids like the previous post had said?

  2. wait…as a eris owner i feel slighted! }:(

  3. @urmomFTW, aleis: Updated the post. They will honor the deal for those who already purchased.

  4. Damn, just opened a family plan with 3 lines on Sunday… None of those lines have “expired” but I’m still within the 30 day trial period. Does anyone know if they will honor the deal if I cancel and reopen on the spot just to get the phone?

  5. My dad and I bought two HTC Droid Eris’ two weeks ago. He was up for an annual upgrade and I opened up another line on the Family Plan to get mine. Do you think they would give us a refund for that second Eris?

  6. Well… my girlfriend and have been set on getting on Droids on Monday. Admittedly I haven’t done much research on the Eris as a result… I’ll have to look more into it and see if this is the direction we want to go. Saving money would be nice.

  7. when you see deals like this it means Verizon is trying to push as many existing droids out to the sucker masses before the better HTC Passion comes out within weeks. so for all you droid owners returning to get your ‘deals’, if you felt like a sucker now you will again in another 2 weeks.

  8. @Jo: I’m figuring that if Passion does come out, it will come out within the next 30 days for the holiday season. So, I’m going to take up this deal but I’ll happily return the phone for a HTC Passion/Dragon if it does come out within 30 days after my purchase. Hopefully, I’m right.

  9. Dell is offering the Droid for $119

  10. Total awesomeness! I just bought a Droid and the woman got an Eris … time to get some money back!

  11. Ah that Blows, no one wants the Eris, I DEMAND A BOGO MOTO DROID!

  12. Waiting for a boardless Droid might make sense, but I don’t know if the Passion would do it for me.

  13. I actually prefer the Eris over the droid

  14. The Dell deal also requires you to get more expensive voice and text plans. Also, not sure if I can use my 20% corporate discount on voice, data, and text. Not worth it just to save $80 on a phone

  15. @cwrig I agree with you, the Eris has a better feel, now, if only they would give it 2.0 (of course with sense) they would be offering a free Droid with the purchase of an Eris.

  16. Is it buy one get one free or buy one get one free only if you open a second line? What I’m trying to ask is, can I get 2 phones for 1 line?

  17. i have not read it, but i am sure you will have to open a line. that is where they make the money so that they can afford to give out free phones.
    makes no sense for them to give a 2nd phone for free and get nothing in return.

  18. I just looked online and no where does it say you must have a new 2-yr activation. It just states a 2-yr activation per phone.

    I called up VZW and they confirmed it can either be an upgradeable line on your family plan or a new line added to that family plan.

    Although that is good news it is not good for me since I want the Eris and a friend just purchased the Droid. I do not understand why it should matter that the person is not on the same plan now with the ETF being so high no one would take the device and run since it would not pay off in the end.

    VZW would still be making more money with the data plan either way.

  19. Okay, probably a stupid question, but here goes. I am the primary and I’m up for an upgrade, but my husband’s line is not due until June. If I buy a Droid/Eris can we get the free Eris for his line?

  20. I just got off the phone with VZW. They’re crediting me back for one of the two Eris’ that we bought last week. It’s going onto the billing account. Yes!

    @Stefanei…you could try calling VZW or going to the store and ask them to move up your husband’s upgrade date. My dad’s upgrade was supposed to be right around Christmas, but we got the manager to move it up by a month. My update wasn’t until Aug 2010, so I just terminated that line and opened up a new $10 add-on to the Family Plan. I lost my number, but I use Google Voice anyway so it doesn’t bother me.

  21. I just called Verizon this morning. My wife and I were up for renewal about 3 weeks ago. I went with the Eris and she went with the blackberry storm. She hated it. Verizon is sending me out a Droid Eris for free to replace her storm. Her contract will just be 2 years from today instead of a month ago.

  22. Just called Verizon. We can’t get the free phone because my husband’s upgrade date isn’t until June. I’m hoping we can sweet talk the sales guy into giving it to us at the store. If not.. it was worth a shot! He’ll probably get an even better phone in June and we don’t have to pay the extra $30 a month until then.

  23. Anyone tried to do this online? is there a promo code or does it do it automatically?

  24. I bought Droir on 6 Nov. I was told I would have to return my Droid and buy the Eris and then they would give me a free Eris. So no dice ;-(.

  25. From Dell.com, the Droid is still $119, and the Eris is $19…so the total is $138 compared to $199 for this BOGO deal.

    @Chachi Dell does not require you to get a more expensive plan. It DEFAULTS to a more expensive plan with unlimited text, but I ordered mine with the cheapest voice plan and only 250 text messages. Just click “More Verizon Wireless Plans” when viewing the phone to change plans.

  26. Well unless there is a promo code you dont seem able to get the deal online. Tried getting 2 Eris’s but it was going to charge me $200.

  27. Okay, so to be clear… this is buy one *Droid Eris* and get a second *Droid Eris* free, right? That’s what the e-mail I got tonight from Verizon says.

  28. Talked to a Verizon rep today. Buy a Droid and get a Eris for free. But you have to purchase the phone first ($100) then wait for your rebate in the mail so up front its not free. And yes if you purchased the droid the day it came out you still qualify for the Eris like I did.

  29. Hank –

    I’m kind of slow, can you explain what the hell “@Chachi” means? thanks. BTW – My Verizon plan ends this month. Can any recommend another carrier or a plan that I should look for with Verizon? I’d really like to find something without per use data charges. Thanks

  30. But has the droid bluetooth problems been fixed. This MAJOR problem is what is keeping me from a droid. ILLEGAL to use a phone while driving in my area. Have to use bluetooth.

  31. Bought a Droid on day one and an Eris for my wife a week later. Went to the Verizon store today and got a credit for the purchase of the Eris. With the mail-in rebates and new every two discounts, I actually ended up paying nothing for both phones. What a deal!

  32. Purchased an Eris for my wife 11/15. I’m eligible for upgrade 12/23. If I buy a moto droid will verizon credit back the cost of the eris?

  33. I just went to the Dell site and was able to upgrade my two verizon blackberry phones to 2 Eris Droids. I was able to keep my same plan and there was no cost for the droids. I did not process the order completely, since it seemed like too good a deal. Is this for real?

  34. Bought a Droid on day one and an Eris for my wife a week later. Went to the Verizon store today and got a credit for the purchase of the Eris. With the mail-in rebates and new every two discounts, I actually ended up paying nothing for both phones. What a deal!

  35. I have been waiting for almost three month to get my hands n one. January 12th I qualify for my new-every-two $100 disc. Also the current BOGO promo deal on the Droid Eris ends on the 17th of this month. I called and spoke to a vzw rep this morning. My issue was do I go ahead and take advantage of the BOGO deal (my husband is up for an upgrade as well) and get two Droid Eris’ for nothing or wait till the following week when they release the updated 2.0/2.1 version? Relying on the dialogue of this forum, the update is free so I might as well go get my Eris’s on the 12th for FREE!=)

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