HTC Droid Eris vs. Samsung Behold 2 (CNET VIDEO)


If you’re trying to decide between getting the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon or the Samsung Behold 2 on T-Mobile, this is probably a video you’ll want to watch. Three CNET authors/editors rate the phones head to head and their average scores are taken to determine the Android champion (in the light-weight division):

If you don’t feel like watching the video (or can’t) allow me to play the part of the spoiler: the Droid Eris won 4.2 to 3.8 for looking better, having a UI that makes sense and call quality. The Behold 2 slid by in features (AMOLED screen) and Web/Multimedia but just didn’t have enough to pull out the victory.

Here are the scores:

HTC Droid Eris

  • Sexiness: 4.7
  • Navigation: 4
  • Features: 4
  • Web Browsing/Multimedia: 3.7
  • Call Quality: 4.7
  • TOTAL: 4.2/5

Samsung Behold 2

  • Sexiness: 3.7
  • Navigation: 3
  • Features: 4.3
  • Web Browsing/Multimedia: 4
  • Call Quality: 4
  • TOTAL: 3.8/5

So do you agree or disagree with the results?

[Via CNET]

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  1. Great that Motorola now lists the Milestone for sale in UK soon and is showing up on their UK website for the first time today. I wonder if the HTC Desire (Eris) will be far behind?

  2. i couldn’t care less about these phones however the behold 2 has more ram so i’m just waiting to see a review after it gets a update if ever

  3. I am interested in the Eris, but the big knock on it is it’s battery life….my question is, is this a fix-able problem? Like, truly fix-able?

  4. WOW!!! i cant believe, when i seen this, the whole time i was thinking was…..TOTAL BS! so bias, wow….sexiness?? 4.7?!
    the eris is ugly! it looks like a pocket calculator, the Sprint Hero is wayy better looking.
    call quality…i dont think so, my friend has it, its worse then the Hero’s!(i have a Hero so i know it can be bad with 4 bars of EVDO)
    and the features, yeah the Eris/Hero have Sense, but thats not really a feature, its a UI(might be the same, but i dont think so)
    i would rather have a AMOLED screen anyday!
    all i know is this is totally bias, and now i am ditching CNET all together…..woww

  5. @ills_nice

    Check out this link: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/19176-optimize-your-droid-eris-battery-life-read.html

    I’m getting the Eris in a few weeks. I’ve always wanted a Hero ever since seeing it on HTC’s Youtube page when it was only available in the UK. I actually like the Eris design the best. Very simple and elegant.

  6. The review is bullshit!
    (i have a htc hero btw)

    The Samsung has a better screen, camera, plus it has a much more powerfull processor.
    THe fact that they didn’t even mention the processor means they don’t even have a clue..

  7. I wouldn’t hit a dog in the butt with a Samsung product. Unlike Jonny, I’ll let on to the phone I own … an Eris. Have had it almost 1 month and it does exactly what I need plus. Every day I seem to find something else that is great about it.

    My son owns a Samsung Solstice and while the AMOLED screen looks good and it has a slide out keyboard it is plagued with a text message issue that locks up the phone after 5 to 10 texts are in the memory. He has researched a fix and it appears none are coming … from either Samsung or the community. The only “fix” is to keep turning it on and off until it resets.

    I’ll take my “ugly” Eris and its 1 1/2 day battery anyday.

    BTW, I don’t mind the Eris’ looks at all. I bought it for its functionality and besides, its in its holster 80% of the time anyway. I guess Jonny needs that sexiness to help him in his personal life.

  8. @modelportfolio2003 you won’t see the eris in the UK most likely because its just the htc hero in different clothes

  9. wait is this review about the solstice or the behold II?

  10. that’s funny because i haven’t had any of the problems they list about the Behold II. They also failed to mention that you will pay almost twice as much for the eris over a two year period on v

  11. Okay folks, mixed review from you all. Well, I have had both phones and I must say, yes, the behold2 has better hardware, but the software that runs the phone is bad, it needs fixing big time. As for HTC, the hardware may not be a good as the behold 2, but the software is better designed and integrated into phone. Remember folks, it the software that makes the otherwise dumb hardware work. If you press the camera button, it is the software that takes the picture and processes it using the hardware. I have not seen a Samsung phone that was really well designed for the users needs that can WOW you. Samsung always throw something in to bug or frustrate you and takes away for the WOW factor. I think that when they design the phone there is the hardware designers and a the software team. These two teams are not in synch. How can they make such good hardware, then screw it up with crappy software !! HTC does a better job at this.

  12. @Gert.B.Frobe
    first off, im pretty sure your talking about the samsung impression? not the Solstice cuz for one it does not have an AMOLED screen or a slideout keyboard?
    and uhmmm 1 1/2 days of use, then why did you buy the phone(My sprint Hero has a bigger battery 1500mAH vs. 1350), and i use my Hero a lot because i am a heavy user and it lasts like 8 hours, soo you might make 2 phone calls a day, 10 txt’s and maybe 20 mins of surfing the web to make it last that long, so i say you buy that “Samsung Solstice” because you dont need what the Eris is offering
    and your comment on the sexiness, i dont need it thats for sure! i have enough of that, you can ask my GF but thanks anyway, but you might be a fat ass guy who hates his life, so stfu, and my bro has the SAMSUNG IMPRESSION, so maybe you should tell your son to return it, cause maybe the one he has is defective?
    i really hate dumbass’s these days who dont know anything they say

  13. @Richard, its a review about the Samsung Behold 2

    @Nate, theres a US version of the Hero,a ctually 2, the Verizon Droid Eris, and Sprints HTC Hero

    @E2K, exactly! this is BS! Samsungs screens are the best out because their the only ones with AMOLED and they have years of making tv screens
    and the comparison is a joke, talk about whats under the hood CNET!
    Phonedog.com is wayy better at these, CNET is a joke

    And Sprints Hero is a wayy better then Verizons and dont forget HTC confirmed its 2.0 update for SPRINTS version:]
    and they didnt say sh** about Verizons sh**y version,s o if you are picking ill say pick Sprints version

  14. I think HTC will have the upper hand as long as the other manufacturers don’t collect some experiences with android. It seems XPeria will have this handicap too. That’s why I look for the HTC Dragon.

  15. I have had my droid eris, bout a week…well i had a droid eris for about a week, this is my second one, and im having the same issues with the second one as i did with the first; it freezes up after i receive a call, especially if its a call waiting call. Verizon told me to go get a new one…free of charge…didnt fix the problem. The only way i can get it to work again is to remove the battery, i thought it was because of the apps i downloaded, but once i removed all of them, i still had the same issue…it seems droid can’t multitask, it freezes up if i receive a call while listening to music. And once i get it to start back up, it sends out blank text messages. Anybody having this problem? or maybe a solution? i love my htc droid, and i dont want the motorola version….but im getting tired of it freezing up on me.

  16. Glad to see someone else has a problem with the eris freezing. We got 2 and both freeze a couple times a day. Several times during a call, but at random as well. Only way to clear is to remove battery which is a huge pain. Other than that, I love the phone so torn as to whether I should exchange.

  17. My droid eris is freezing as well, both during calls and other times completely random. It is a huge pain, and it is starting to happen several times a day.

  18. Lol, it’s amazing how many android phones are on the market now, and yet the G1 is still one of the best. Sure the specs aren’t as good on paper, but it can be optimized to function better than just about any android out there. The keyboard is still the best (by far) and community support is amazing (esp. For root users). I tested the behold 2 for about an hour before it came out, and while the screen is pretty, the screen is not very responsive and the hardware is crippled by the uncomprehensibly horrible ui (wtf were they thinking??). On a side note, I wish that they had styled the phone more like the previous behold. I also cannot believe they are asking that much for something which has been crippled to the functionality of a much dumber os. You’re better off with the cliq or one of the tried and true htc’s tmo carries. Motorola actually did their homework, their android offerings are much better than I expected, and the hardware is quite solid. The screens are probably the best available at this time due to a combination of resolution and senstivity. The eris isn’t a bad phone despite its bugs (if you have the patience to wait for the neccesary updates). The htc user community is awesome and chances are, they’ll keep this phone a contender into the future.

    Nexus one??? Too bad htc can’t release a device that actually functions the way it was intended from day one. It ain’t the hardware’s fault…. google also has a few things to learn.

    Have fun tear this apart! Gave u trolls food for a week! Peace


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