Nov 27th, 2009

Much of Android’s beauty is based on the Android Market. Everything from teeny little free apps made by some dude next door to full-fledged software solutions and in-depth games all available starting at free and working your way up. Unless you’re an Optus customer – then the applications you can download start and end at free: you cannot view/purchase paid apps on Android Market if you are an Optus customer.


When Android Phones first roll out in many areas it is a 2-step process: first free apps, then paid apps. This likely helps troubleshoot, get currency situations in line and just makes sure thing go smoothly before getting in over their heads.

But customers have been asking when Paid Apps will be available in Australia since July. Well… they are available now, just not to Optus customers. Folks who have tested a Telus SIM card have reported that they can access Paid Apps in Australia perfectly fine and that Optus is actually blocking its customers from accessing the goods.

If you’re an Optus customer who is stuck in a contract and are upset at the inability to purchase/download paid apps you have a couple options:

  1. Insert a different SIM card, connect to Wi-Fi and purchase/download apps that way.
  2. Root your phone and use Market Enabler

Rumor has it that Optus is doing this to demand a cut of the purchased applications from Google and they could even be creating their own application store based on Android Market. Who knows… but they better figure something out before this news circulates a bit more and the inevitable mass backlash begins.

Optus should look at their name and realize its all about offering the user an optimal experience – why purposefully take away capabilities that your customers already have? I hope these folks learn their lesson… even if its the hard way.

[Via APCMag, Giz, Thanks Todd]

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