HTC Droid Eris Only $30 At Wal-Mart


How quickly the HTC Hero went from hottest luxury smartphone to budget bin Android – fortunate for us that only applies to the price as the phone is still one of the best on the market. The Hero was slightly redesigned and repackaged as the HTC Droid Eris for Verizon Wireless and started selling for $99 but now you can get the phone for only $30 if you buy through Wal-Mart:


That is a heck of an awesome price for a pretty darn good Android Phone and an amazing phone in general. You would be paying $99.99 for the phone if you went directly through Verizon Wireless. Hey Amazon… are you paying attention?

[Via AndroidForums… THANKS tonyguy2000!]

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  1. is this bait n’ switch to get me onto Verizon’s “Ass Rape” calling plan?

  2. Congrats jo, you figgerd ’em out!

  3. thanks powder.
    wow, I could just use this forum as a slower version of texting.

  4. Does it require a new plan or what?

  5. Does it work if I get this on a family plan?

  6. This requires a new plan. Contract renewal is still $99, bastards.

  7. Sucks I just bought this and was ready to take it back to get it for $30, until I saw it is still $99 with an upgrade! That sucks! So far I am really liking the phone, except for the short battery life.

  8. what is the deal with buying plans through 3rd party places like walmart? i can never get a family plan with unlimited data included as a choice…is that all jus a la carte? I would never buy an eris without a data unlimited plan but its all pay per bit.

    what would it cost for family plan with 2 eris phones and unlimited text/data?

  9. I walked into my local verizon store and was looking at the Eris… i told them i have been with VZW in 1997 and its been about 3 years since i got a new phone. the Eris was nice .. felt really good in the hand and the rubberized surface felt great… they said with update and rebate the Eris would be free for me once i get the 100 buck rebate back… so i told them that sounds great but im going to hold out for the HTC Dragon/Passion :)

  10. Does this mean someone could get the phone with OUT a contract from Walmart for 179?

  11. @G I was wondering that, too. I might just have to go pick up some shampoo…. (OK, toilet paper, but you didn’t want to hear that.)

  12. Hey jo you tool…

    Verizond calling plans cost the same as any other carriers calling plans. Find me a carrier that offers a plan comparable to verizons with even half the coverage and ill eat my sploogy undies.

  13. Did anyone notice where the name Eris came from? Or am I waaay slow as usual? Eris backwards is Sire, as in DeSire or D-Sire or Droid-Sire.
    Amazing isn’t it?
    And lame too…

  14. hey guys! can I install android 2.0 to this phone?
    and how many MHz it’s CPU?

  15. why would this be $179 off contract at Wal-Mart? where is that number coming from? If you click through that site and select “no contract,” it shows as $449.

  16. @Mikal Actually, Eris was the Greek goddess of strife, discord, contention, and rivalry. In addition, Eris (as of this posting) is the largest known dwarf planet in our solar system.

  17. @nobnoobody easy, Sprint runs the same network coverage and I have unlimited data text and calls to any network. Price that on Verizon. I pay 70.


  19. Bestbuy just refunded 75 dollars based on this info


  20. I had Sprint from 1997 till 2001 and have had VZW from 2001 to present their coverage isn’t in Vzw’s league. If live in a Sprint area it pretty good as it uses cdma and gives a good signal, but once you live the city or suburbon areas say good bye to yor coverage.Any place I go with my Droid weather it in the city or in the sticks my coverage rocks.

  21. I was at the Portage, IN Wall Mart today (11/25/09) and saw the Moto Droid on sale for $188. Plus the usual 24 month contract with data plan. No stinking rebate to wait for. But we still have to wait for Bluetooth headset functionality.

  22. I saw the ad on and I went to bestbuy and they matched the price. So, I got it at bestbuy for $30.00. I love this phone so far; my only complaint is that the battery doesn’t last as long as other phones i’ve owned.

  23. i soooo want to get this phone. but i just renewed contract for 2 years in june and i dont want to pay like 500 dollars for it. it suck really bad

  24. luv dis fone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ok, i just clicked buy at walmart for 30 dollars…yea umm its about 499 assholes!

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