Nov 23rd, 2009

Over the past year, Amazon has had some REALLY good offers on Android Phones, starting when they were offering a $98 T-Mobile G1 when the carrier themselves were still selling it for $179.99. I was pretty excited to see what Amazon would have in terms of Black Friday Android offerings and when I heard it would be Black Week Black Friday-Week instead of Black Friday I knew they had to have some robot packed into the mix.

Not so. Amazon’s Black Friday is already going on as you can see by the 5 items being offered by lightning deals with limited time and availability:


But if you sort by all deals in the “Cell Phones & Service” section you get only one result:


It’s bad enough that there is only ONE offer, worse that its an accessory offer and not even a stinking phone/plan and the fact that it’s for the iPhone? That’s just plain cruel. I’m hoping they somehow update this… otherwise we’ll be forced to push you elsewhere for your Black FrAndroiday Deals.

For those still interested in getting a great deal or two at Amazon on Black Friday, you might want to check out the following links:

[Via Amazon Black Friday]