Google Navigation Update For Android 1.6!


Google has officially launched an update for Android 1.6 that allows American Android users to enjoy Google Navigation! That’s right ladies and gentlemen… Happy Holidays – you can now go from retailer to retailer with much more ease and less aimless driving around (unfortunately that won’t prevent the long lines and countless idiots)!

The update was first spotted by Carl on AndroidForums.com – thanks for the heads up! Search Android Market for “Google Maps” to get the update. There are 2 major downfalls of this Google Maps Navigation update:

  1. Voice search doesn’t work using the “Navigate To” command
  2. Folks with Android 1.5 are still stuck in the stone ages of regular old Google Maps… sowwy!

Google provides a work around to the lack of “Voice search” by suggesting (from your homescreen) you press “Menu” > “Add” > “Shortcuts” > “Directions” and then select a destination, mode of transportation, name and icon for your convenience. Meanwhile, 1.5 users always have the option/risk of rooting to get Nav.

Please rejoice in the comments.

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  1. Just spent my entire lunch break using it on my Mytouch and it works beautifully. So stoked!!

  2. Just spent my lunch break testing it out on my Mytouch and it works beautifully!! So stoked!!

  3. works on my G1 with no issues in the middle of NYC.

  4. Just got the word about this about 10 minutes ago. Updated and I’m using it already. It seems pretty smooth thus far. I’m using addresses from my contact list though. I hope it does as good when it really has to search for a location.

  5. Pretty sweet, now if we could just get 1.6 on the CLIQ…

  6. Non-us androids also received the update. No nav though :_(. Anyway, layers is a welcomed feature :D

  7. I have a rooted G1 and when i installed the version of Google Navi from XDA it slowed us down A LOT untill Cyan released 4.2.5 then it helped. Has anyone noticed it slowing your stock G1?

  8. I’m using Cyanogen’s latest rom 4.2.5 and it wont’ install…I guess i’ll have to wait

  9. @kenbot im trying now.

  10. What happens if I install this on my Droid? I know I already have Nav just wondering.

  11. I got it and I’m outside the US too.

    There is an app called “Nav Launcher” you can download on the market. Link to it in here:

    It allows you to search but I keep getting navigation is not available to that destination errors, maybe you can have luck if you see this.

  12. @kenbot worked for me.

  13. Google, you never disappoint. Now if T-Mobile can get some REAL android phones!!!

  14. @Tony I was just at the T-Mobile store and I was messing around with the Cliq. When I went to system updates, 1.6 was ready to be installed. The Tmo rep said he just received his OTA update last week for his Cliq. I am thinking about getting the Cliq but I just might wait for the new year to see if any better QWERTY keyboard Android phones come out for T-Mobile.

    @everyone Sorry for the double post at the beginning.

  15. This is seriously GAY i got the cliq a week ago off contract and moto doesnt have the decency to update it to 1.6 and i am stuck at PISSY ass BUUGY ass 1.5 YOU CAN SUCK A BIG FAT ONE MOTOROLA cause im never in my life buying another one of your products.

  16. @Charlie you are lieing theres no way seriously dont come in the comments spreading deception to the masses

  17. I’ve been using for the last couple of hours and it’s AWESOME! I just showed my iPhone buddy the Nav app (with Streetview)and Handcent’s voice transcribing text message client and he’s so jealous! AND I HAVE A G! :)

  18. @Charlie Hmm, not quite getting it yet. Would be great though. I will have to periodically check the system updates. Still saying No Update needed for now.

  19. Maybe this will light a fire under HTC and Sprint’s ass to get 2.0 out to Hero! jk, we won’t be seeing that until February at the soonest.

  20. @Tony How do you like your Cliq?

  21. I like the Cliq a lot, I just really want this nav feature. I have to use Task killer a lot, but overall it has good speed and is a fine phone. I would have picked the Droid given the choice, but I am on a family plan right now, and have a great rate for sticking with T-Mobile. This is my first Android phone, and really first smart phone as well.

  22. Well this certainly made my day. Now that Cliq is looking more enticing if it has 1.6. I thought I wouldn’t like them but it was pretty nice in the store. I think I’ll try to hold out to see what else T-Mo brings out. Oh and the Samsung Behold II was just complete garbage when I tried it. The most you could do with that is replace the OS with a custom one.

  23. @ kenbot: I had trouble also. I ended up flashing to 4.2.5 (again) (dont wipe data) and it worked. try doing that.

  24. So 2.0 wont work on the G1

  25. To be clear, this does not work on Cyanogen 4.2.5 without flash/no wipe? Gives me a message about package signature fail or something. Guess I’ll just end up using the wifes myTouch till my contract runs out…then its droid time ;)

  26. @Gamechief I was just at the T-Mobile store in El Segundo, CA. Their CLIQ was running 1.5 but had 1.6 under the system updates up ready to be installed. I showed the phone to the rep and he said he got the update last Thursday but he’s had the phone for months. Unless my lunch break was a dream, that’s what I saw. haha.

  27. I was trying for the whole day to get this install and finally it worked!
    Found a helpful tip on XDA’s Dream / Cyan Thread.

    MT3G / Rooted / Cyan 4.2.5

  28. Works good on cyanogen 4.2.5, but it won’t work if you hacked it on before.

    Lovein it!

  29. @Rogers Wireless Canada

    Update to 1.6!!!
    lol If I have to root it I am just going to load 2.0 on it. (if possible)

  30. Friggin’ sweeeeeeet! (sweet is high pitched!)


  31. I used it tonight and it’s wonderful! Great early Christmas present for us!

    Happy Holidays,

  32. Just tried it out on a mytouch 3g, worked pretty good. The street view pic you get once you reach your destination is a nice little touch. Didn’t noticed any slowness… seemed pretty quick and responsive to me.

  33. …and here I was thinking I’d likely have to root my phone to get this on my G1. Additionally, the wife’s been trying to get me to buy her a GPS even with me showing her this as she didn’t think it would be available. Thanks Google for saving me gobs of cash (again)! And yet some people are anti-Google? Crazies!

  34. This is awwweeeesome! What a great Thanksgiving gift. Now just give us the 2.0 android and it will be a very merry xmas/holiday for all!

    I’ve been using it since it came out for the rooted phone and now just installed over it with the update which is the same and works great. I have a rooted cyan 4.2.5.

    See ya later Tom Tom cause I’m using Google Nav!

  35. If you’re rooted, you can try this: http://bit.ly/GNavHack. Reliable, easy. It’s not for Cliqs, but if you’ve got an HTC phone, you’re in luck.

  36. Got the update! No longer need to shop for a navi device for my car! Thanks, Google! And thanks to Android and T-Mobile for a rockin’ phone. Love my G1.

  37. Thoes of you outside USA, just install these packages (they are patched to enable navigation outside USA)


    root apk is for thoes with root, no root is for thoes without root.. simple.


  39. Got this working in the UK thanks to the guys over at XDA. For others outside wanting to get this working follow the thread on XDA as will posted above or through here – http://navlauncher.madcowsolutions.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3

    Note: you will need to remove the official google maps update via manage applications otherwise the nav launcher will try and use the non modded version of google maps.

  40. @Rob Jackson and all Re: the lack of voice commands: I’m not sure why the steps for creating a navigation destination shortcut would be called a “workaround” to the lack of “Navigate to…” voice command. I might also mention that you can still use Google voice recognition within the Maps application (as I’ve been doing since 1.6). No typing involved for the three destinations I used this morning. Simply open Google Maps and hit the search button then the microphone next to the search box. Say the name of the place you want to go to and choose the correct one (if there’s more than one result) then select “Navigate” as it’s one of your choices.

    I used it this morning on my ride to work with having to make two errand stops on the way. I was impressed by the quick recalculations if you didn’t stay on route (tried this purposely). I also love the feature that when you arrive it gives you the street view and the option to input your “Next Destination.” If you so choose then the previous destinations you’ve used the Navigation for will be available in the drop-down list as well. VERY kickin’!

  41. I ride the bus, and the transit schedule on this is SO SO helpful. It tells me which bus number to take and what the schedule is. Very cool!

  42. Total wipe and reinstall (Cyanogen 4.2.5) got my new maps going, was it worth it? Yep, took like 10 minutes and all I had to do was resetup my 5 screens. The ladies voice is some what scary…although maybe you can change it to sound like yoda…that would be cool, “Turn Left Up Here You Will…Ummm…”

  43. Installed on MyTouch, tested it then removed the Garmin Nuvi from my car. Love it!

  44. Going to give it a shot today.. Downloaded a GPS toggle to go with it. I’ve been a lazy bastard with my contacts. I guess I’ll have to start filling in things like addresses.

  45. Installed on G1 with CyanogenMod-4.2.5 no issues whatsoever, works great. Dialog box informed that app would be installed over existing maps and I ok’d. Voice navigation is awesome. My wife with Cliq (1.5) is jealous!

  46. I used the following links to get Google Navigate to work on my phone. It’s working great now.

    Cyanogen 4.2.5



  47. Has anyone else noticed that after installing the new Google Maps that your key-click sounds are now at full volume no matter what your phone volume is set to?

    Very annoying.

  48. Just got the update this morning on my mytouch….and I love it. Putting my TomTom away since I no longer have to pay for updates. Now, I’m wondering what 2.0 will actually offer????

  49. I used it last night and I had voice commands…anyone else? Friggin awesome.

  50. Downloaded on my G1 (unrooted) without a hitch, have used for 2 days now. Works great with contacts and also with the WHERE app. Am lovin’ it!

  51. When the hell am I getting the 1.6 update for my cliq? I’m ready to toss this phone which I’m in love with and go back to my clunky G1…… SOMEONE HELP!!!!!

  52. Do we need to have a wi-fi connection to use Google Maps? it doesn’t make sense, what if I want to find my way whil edriving on the highway and there is not wireless internet in the vicinity?

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