HTC Droid Eris Coming To Verizon, 5MP Camera In-Tact


The HTC Droid Eris could launch on the exact same day as the Motorola Droid – November 6th – but Verizon reps are refusing to talk about the device as they want the focus and attention of the masses on one thing. But HTC CEO Peter Chou confirmed that an Android phone was headed to Verizon this year, probably the first week of November:

HTC is strengthening partnerships too. The company will introduce an Android phone on Verizon later this year, Chou confirmed. He says the handset, which will likely debut in the first week of November, is a sign of HTC’s growing rapport with Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless operator. “We’ve worked with Verizon for several years, but this is the first time we’ve been elevated to the role of core supplier,” he says. “We are very excited about that opportunity.”

We’ve heard the Droid Eris is already in Verizon Wireless stores as part of an employee training program and know we’re seeing the Verizon Equipment Guide for the phone which was likely used in that process. It includes some nice pictures, courtesy of PhoneArena:




As you can see in that last picture, the Droid Eris clearly has a 5MP camera. I’m really wondering how Verizon/HTC are going to make this official since we’re only a week away from the Motorola Droid launch date and not a peep yet. Personally, I would launch the Eris a few days after the Droid to keep even more hype rolling along.

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  1. I think it’s possible they’d release them the same day so that when the stores run out of Droids, the rest of the people in line (who really just want something new and are willing to settle) will buy the Eris instead. Better to make a sale!

  2. lets call it verizon’s hero…. got all the same specs, it seems..

  3. Should be a great phone, I think it may be more popular then the Droid because of the Sense interface and the lack of a hardware keyboard. This is a really good idea for most of the public and even many of us hardcore phandroids, I’m liking the intro price of this compared to the droid as well.

  4. I noticed the Verizon version has the proximity sensor, where the Sprint hero does not.

  5. That’s pretty weird about the proximity sensor I like the Hero but Sprint can you please get the Droid!!!

  6. I will be getting the Eris, myself. I love the look it has and the price! I don’t mind that it’s a mid-tier Android because I can get my feet wet with it. Besides, Hero is getting 2.0 so Eris can’t be far behind.

  7. surprised that this phone will have sense ui considering it is branded “with google”

  8. The Moto Droid:awsome Android 2.0 and a real keyboard/ the Droid Eris: the same specs as the Hero with the strength of the VZW Network. There is a Droid for everyone.

  9. My local in-store rep was quite happy to tell me that both the Droid and Eris were already in the back room of the store. He also claimed that they are referred to as the ‘Motorola Droid’ and the ‘HTC Droid’. I hope he was mistaken.

  10. I LOVE htc phones (owned the Imagio but returned it only because of the awful Windows OS). My only concern is that the expect r release of the Eris does not have Android 2.0, but 1.5. Will one be able to upgrade to 2.0?? I possess a real dilemma. Droid or Eris???

  11. Have one of each reserved for Friday morning. Have held both. Moto is heavier. Looking forward to seeing which is more useful/friendly.

  12. Supposed to receive my Eris Monday. Getting rid of 2 G1s and a couple of other T-Mo phones and switching over to big red for the 3G (and coming 4G). I just hope they do a firmware upgrade soon. If Hero is getting 2.0, then so should Eris…

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