Verizon Starts HTC Droid Eris Training, November 10th Launch?


One telltale sign that a mobile phone is on the brink of public availability is the entrance of employee training. So the fact that a tipster sent Android Guys this internal screen grab illustrating HTC Droid Eris training at Verizon has begun, probably means the Verizon’s second slated Android is right around the corner:


If you’re subscribed to the Phandroid Newsletter you already know that November 10th is a very possible launch date for the HTC Droid Eris according to one of our sources. Having the Motorola Droid launch with a bang with the Droid Eris following shortly thereafter for a more affordable touchscreen 1-2 punch would make sense.

If you didn’t believe the Droid Eris was landing sooner rather than later you may now… evidence is mounting to prove the contrary and I’ll we’re waiting for now is an official announcement. But that isn’t likely to have happen before the MOTO DROID gets the credit it deserves.

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  1. If rumors of the moto droid being $199 with 2-yrs is true then how much cheaper would this phone be? Or are they talking more affordable without 2-yr contract. Also how much with 2-yr contract does anyone think it would be?

  2. Is the ERIS the same specs as the HERO?

  3. whats going on with the htc passion?

  4. Per speculation:

    This phone will be $149 w/2 year contract. Maybe $100 cheaper bought outright.

  5. I’m sick and tired of my broken ass iphone, but I love the soft-keyboard so much that I really have no desire to ever have a phone with keyboard. I hope HTC IME is as good as folks say because I’d really like to skip what looks to be a slightly chunkier motodroid….though both phones are definitely thin enough for my tastes.

  6. now that pic looks different than the latest pix (but does look more like the one we saw a while back at the big announcement of googleverizonlove. At any rate, with the dragon rumors floating around, i’m not buying either of these just yet.

  7. Quick question. What is the purpose of a trackball on a touchscreen phone? I have a Storm and an iTouch and I just don’t understand what the need for one is. Maybe I’m just slow but any help would be appreciated.

  8. @anthony Yes, the ERIS (its also been called the Desire) is supposed to be the Verizon version of the Hero.

  9. @BustaCap The trackball is there for easier navigation around the phones menu or when you’re surfing the web instead of having a D-pad. Think of the trackball on the Blackberry phones and you might understand it better.

  10. @BustaCap: I only use my trackball about 20% of the time, but it comes in super handy when browsing the web and trying to hit a hyperlink that is scrunched in with several others. For all those places where your finger can’t quite get an acurate touch, the trackball is awesome.

  11. Thanks for answering my question guys. I’ll know soon enough firsthand I guess because I’ll be dumping my Storm by Xmas for one of the 3 rumored Droids coming for VZW.

  12. @BUSTACAP … I got palm pre … and sometimes it stinks trying to zoom in to click on a small link on the web… a trackball is perfect…

    and the most useful thing is when you’re typing … you made a spelling error about 15 letters prior to your current spot … Capacitive touch screens (like your Ipod Touch and most android phones) .. are not as accurate because you can’t touch with your fingernail. With a trackball you can easily scroll back to the poin where you want to add or remove a letter.. with a palm pre or an Iphone/Ipod touch .. it gets on your nerves trying to touch exactly wehre you need the cursor to be…

  13. Okay, has anybody really noticed that this phone is identical to the one Google’s CEO was holding, but NOT the same as the one pictured in the following article?


    Unless the one in the link above is actually an earlier hardware revision that got leaked out later than the finished version, or that is yet another Verizon HTC Android phone. Heck, for all we know, THAT’S the Passion, and the unnamed phone that doesn’t have a Verizon logo on it is something entirely different.

  14. I talked to a Verizon Rep today and she told me both the Motorola Droid and the HTC Eris will be released for sale on Nov. 6th! She said they are in training now with them both and she said they are both awesome phones. She did say the Droid is heavier than then Eris, but then the Droid has the full keypad where the Eris does not! So it is whatever you are looking for and that will work for you! I am so ready for a new phone and looks like the Motorola Droid has my VOTE!!!

  15. Anthony…. the Verizon Rep told me the price for the Droid will be anywhere form $160.00 to $199.99 with a 2 yr. contract! Hope this helps!

  16. I currently have the Sprint Hero and for the most part love it!

    However, the HTC Hero has a few bugs to fix. For those interested in the Eris, please check this out…


    My main concern about the Hero was the battery drain bug (which has a workaround) and the pathetic excuse for a camera.

    I’m more then likely returning my Hero because I’m in the 30day window. Just need to decide… Droid or Eris!

  17. Talked to Verizon today and both phones come out friday and stores will be opening early for it. The Droid will be $299 but has a $100 mail in rebate. I asked concerned about it being a slider so to speak and was told the phone seems extremely solid. Also that when you buy aps. it charges directly off your credit card rather then come on your monthly bill.

  18. I like my droid eris,i have yet to pay for any aps….verizon and htc outstanding job!!!!!.i would thank it will be awhile before we out date this phone or any other droid. would like to see android 2.0 soon for eris,but still the best smart phone i have had so far.i will get the newits droid when my contract hits 2 years.once again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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