Oct 29th, 2009

Not only does Windows Mobile sucks at kick ball – they aren’t even fun. But since they’ve been best friends with Coach HTC for twelve years, they’ve not only got a spot in the starting lineup but they’re batting cleanup as the Designated Hitter. Being World Series time (Go Yankees!), that’s what I thought of when I heard HTC CEO’s comments about the HTC Touch HD2 and Windows Mobile:

HTC may be updating its brand, but it’s sticking by its longtime partner, Microsoft ( MSFT – news – people ). Though other handset makers such as Motorola have dropped Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system in favor of Android, Chou says HTC has no plans to follow. That doesn’t mean he’s not frustrated with the software. “Windows Mobile innovation has been a little slow and interest in Windows Mobile phones has been declining,” he admits.

…. continued …

Gadget fans have been clamoring for an Android version of the HD2, but Chou hints that the handset will stay as is. “Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile,” says Chou.


But there’s more. We thought things were all grand and cozy between HTC and Google, right? The two partnered on the launch of the HTC Dream/G1 – the first ever Android Phone – and HTC has been pumping out hot Android phones quicker than any other manufacturer. But could Google be pushing some buttons and hitting some nerves?

HTC’s loyalty also extends to Google, even amid reports that the search giant is developing its own Android handset. “Google tries to do things differently from the rest of the industry,” Chou notes. While some of Google’s actions can be “destructive,” Chou says, HTC still values the partnership. “We’ve worked with Microsoft for 13 years … I also believe we can work with Google for a long time,” he adds.

There is that infamous “gPhone” rumor yet again.

I wouldn’t take TOO much away from this news other than the HD2 won’t be an Android Phone. They could make similarly powered handsets with a different name, they just won’t use the HD2 brand to launch an Android Phone. The idea that the HTC/Google relationship is a little more rocky than we first heard COULD be a bit troubling. Google just launched Google Navigation and in one fell swoop put a huge dent in an entire industry… perhaps others are wondering “are we next?”

[Alibaba via Engadget]

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