Droid By Motorola Returns To Motorola.com


We showed you this when Motorola themselves accidentally leaked it but the Droid By Motorola now has its very on page on Motorola.com.


It appears exactly as it did when we first snuffed it up but thought you should know that all the nitty gritty details are there for you to devour!

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  1. Looks like two pieces of info are new, under technology:

    eCompass and 16GB microSD Card Installed.

  2. Will there be an GSM version?

  3. Check out the new Droid specific accessories!

  4. 550 MhZ processor? Hmm… that seems like weak sauce to me. Makes me want to wait for one of the Snapdragon phones.

  5. Holy mother of God this thing is awesome.

  6. I’m getting fed-up with all the noobs who STILL don’t realize you can’t compare raw MHz across different processor architectures.

  7. I cant find anything about internal memory? anyone?

  8. @Steven
    Oh, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a noob when it comes to smartphone specs for sure. I’m certainly not claiming to know much here. Basically, I’m basing this on a recommendation from a friend with an iPhone who had told me to make sure to get something with good hardware because the iPhone is so slow for him so he keeps throwing processor speeds at me when helping me make my decision here.

    But, if they don’t matter as much as he’s claiming (which they probably don’t), that’s good to know. I just saw 550 MhZ and know that the Snapdragon phones with Android are looking at 1 GhZ and more and thought this was weak.

  9. Too bad this is only a screenshot, thanks to BGR and engadget we manage to have a full video record of those “leaked” specs of the new motorola droid:

    take a peek: http://pinoytutorial.com/techtorial/motorola-droid-specs-revealed-in-motorola-site-temporarily/

  10. @Luke

    Please forgive Steven for his short temper. It’s just that the CPU spec is not news and has been discussed to death both here and in forums. One thing to keep in mind is that the Droid has a dedicated GPU that take graphics loads off the main processor. That alone give it an immediate performance boost.

  11. @Jay
    Thanks, Jay. I should have done my research before commenting. I never read the comments or forums much, just the main story. Good to know about the specs regardless and I apologize for bringing up old news.

  12. Luke, consider this:
    P4 @ 4ghz is not stronger then i7 @ 2ghz

    Before we see a benchmark, we dont really know how the processor performs. What we do know is that its tons faster then the 528mhz qualcomm.

  13. Damn, hadn’t updated the page before I commented. :p

  14. @Morten
    Ha, thanks though, Morten. That’s a good comparison and makes sense.

  15. @Luke
    The CPU in the Droid is a whole new architecture than the old 528/800 MHz ARM11 processors found in other Android devices to date. Think of it like this. I have one computer that has an Athlon XP 2500+ 32-bit CPU in it, running at 1.83 GHz. I also have another computer with an Athlon 64 3000+ 64-bit CPU, which also runs at 1.83 GHz. The Athlon 64 chip blows away the Athlon XP chip in every way, even though it’s the same clock speed. The clock speed simply tells you how many clock cycles per second are occurring. What it doesn’t tell you is how many operations per clock cycle are occurring. The 550MHz CPU in the Droid is capable of processing much more data per clock cycle, so it vastly outperforms the old ARM11 chips, even though it’s of comparable clock speed. Also, the Droid has a separate processor dedicated for graphics, which removes that burden from the primary CPU. All of that adds up to one very fast Android phone. Too bad it’s ugly, has an unnecessary physical keyboard, and doesn’t have HTC Sense. Other than that, it’s perfect.

  16. @Brad
    Awesome explanation. Thanks for that. That eases my fears.

  17. Since this seems to be the place with the technical minded folks, does anyone know what they mean by “16GB microSD Card installed” upgradeable to 32GB? I have seen this both on the Motorola site, and on Verizon’s page now too. This seems to me different than saying “16 GB card included”. What is the difference between installed and included? Is the card necessary to use the device? Is that where the apps run from?

  18. Yeah, if the device has 16Gb internal memory that would be AWESOME! But I highly doubt it. That is one of my biggest complaints with my G1. I am constantly checking which application I can download to make room for the next. Sometimes I have to delete and app just because my browswer and other apps have cached a lot of data and memory is getting low. It would be very nice to be able to just download whatever app I want and not worry about space all the time. I’m guessing the 16Gb is just in included micro-SD card though.

  19. @Brad

    I totaly want the keybord after using my HTC magic for a wile. However would be nice if all the new phones came out with 2 verions,…. keyborded and not keyborded. I dont think it would be to hard? Though I may be wrong.

  20. We know there is a GSM version about, anyone have an idea on when it will be released? Also any idea on where it will be released. I personally hate all this phones being tied to specific networks, I just want an unlocked phone I can use where I want. And would it kill some vendors to actually release these phones in Australia?

  21. Hello,

    Any idea, when Motorola launches CLIQ/DEXT and Milestone in Asia especially in India????????
    I feel they have to do it sooner than the Nokia N900 to capture the market!!!!!!

  22. The iPhone 3GS has an Cortex A8 processor as well. Clocking faster than the droid. Its actually an 833MHZ processor down clocked between 600-633MHZ. Also sporting a Power VGR GPU. BTW processor speed don’t make the difference between different processors, IT IS all about the Architecture. But comparing the clock of the i7 processor(A multi-core processor) to a single or dual core P4, is just no comparison. The iPhone and the Droid both have single core-Cortex A8 processors. SOOOOO megacycles will matter. And BOTH sport the Power VGR GPU. RAM also becomes a factor in devices that allow Multi-Tasking. There is a reason why Apple has not enabled this. In the end the 256mb available for app storage on the droid will limit its functionality. Stupid move by motorola. Im sure there will be some IDIOTA out there that will respond with the fact that the droid can rooted to allow apps 2 SD. This will not help as the average customer will not be making this modification so devs have no choice but create limited apps. This will leave any customer dissatisfied when their idiot friend with an iPhone throws that sweet 50 – 500 MB Game/App whatever in their face. I have high hopes for Android. Its just too bad that google and motorola have crippled the phone/os once again. Please dont get me wrong. This Phone is sweet. It has the ability to do soooo much. But that fact that the creators knew about the limitations when they were making the device…..Just Wrong. BTW if any of you think that installing most of the program to the SD and leaving a subset on the internal storage is going to solve this problem. NO it wont. Until manufacturers decide to put alot of INTERNAL storage on their Android devices…..it’ll be crap-apps all the way. Oh the functionality will be there, but no Human Element.

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