Verizon Publishes Droid Pics, Videos, Details


If you’re looking for some multimedia goods straight from the horses mouth, you can find them here. Verizon just published a bunch of high resolution pictures and a video announcing/displaying the Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless.


Apologies for Cesar who got snapped with his eyes closed – I just wanted to get you guys these links ASAP. In the meantime I’ll be grabbing/resizing the pics/vids to paste them here (I’ll just update this article)!

[Via VZW]

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Motorola Droid Press Release: $199 On November 6th

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  1. So the keyboard didn’t change much even though BGR said they didn’t have the final version…

  2. The link you provided is broken. Looks like the link you were trying to post is at the end of the href…

  3. Seems very snappy… :)

  4. Thanks BrokenLink, fixed.

  5. This is what I was hoping to see. That GSM video scared the crap out of me. This looks plenty fast for me to still switch from my 3GS :) I can’t wait!

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