DroidDoes.com Live With New Info, Droid Nation


This pretty masterful Verizon marketing campaign was centered around the DroidDoes.com website which until today, was a cryptic countdown that allowed you to sign up for updates. A few Android Forums members watched the ticker count to zero… nothing.

We’re happy to see the DroidDoes.com site is now live with some new info. If you can’t see it, we’ve been tipped you should set your computer’s clock forward a day and all should be good in the hood:


In addition to listing all the great things that iDon’t but DroidDoes in Droidcentric sphere, the website provides a few other features/options as well including Droid Nation:


Looks like a promotion/contest to win a concert package in either San Francisco or New York City. I don’t know about you, but I consider myself part of Droid Nation regardless of whether I win the contest.

Other little additions include a new countdown timer (top right), some sound (yay), share with friends options and a store locator. Nothing that will blow you away but every little bit counts and Droid Nation certainly looks intriguing.

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  1. Hm, setting my clock ahead all the way to October 31 didn’t get me anywhere, all I have regardless of the date setting is a spinning arrow…

  2. It is live now and the countdown timer on the DroidDoes site goes to midnight 11/05 (12:00AM 11/06). It would be nice to have better pictures/videos in the center when you select one of the items in the wheel.

  3. changing time is not working!!! I think its crap that it is $299 with a mail in rebate! They are going to tax you on the full price of $299 and you wont get back all of the money you paid for being taxed on the $299 pirce.. plus verizon employees are saying there will be no pre order! I still want this phone but I am going to be very angry if I can not buy it online if I want to

  4. I get a big, blank, white screen :( (even with setting the clock ahead).

  5. i am still getting the old site when i click your link or type in the address. double yoo tee eff mate?

  6. I too have the annoying verizon spinning arrows. I set my clock to a month from now, nothing :(

  7. Umm….you can set your clock to next millenium and it won’t do anything. The count down clock feeds from the web server, not your local machine.

  8. Anybody notice that little Multi-Touch mention in the navigation section?! That’s a big jump for Android!

  9. So any idea on when this will be available in the store to play with? Do we have to wait until Friday for that too?

  10. Have any of you guys tried clearing your cache? Worked for me…

  11. Does anyone know if there is a published list of available apps?

  12. I wonder if Verizon plans on selling these things at midnight on the 6th?

  13. Spoke to a Verizon Sales Rep, there are no pre-orders. If you read what was actually said, the term “pre-register” was used, likely referring to the “sign up for updates” option. Likely started from the WSJ live blog of the event this morning.

    Check the 10:04 AM post here. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2009/10/28/live-blogging-verizons-droid-unveiling/

    Also, full press release here… http://phandroid.com/2009/10/28/motorola-droid-press-release-199-on-november-6th/

    In price and availability, only says in store and online on the 6th, no pre-order info.

  14. @iHEART

    The price is $199 if ordered online (instant rebate taken in shopping cart… not a mail-in) and $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate if purchased in the store.

  15. Ok to join the Android Nation thing, its asking for a code. I don’t recall getting a code when I signed up for updates (that I never received any of). Where do I get a code…

    Wow, this G1 must know what’s coming (its demise) because its being more laggy than usual.. lol

  16. “pretty masterful Verizon marketing campaign”??? You’re joking right? The website is freaking garbage. You select a feature and it describes that feature in text?? This is 2009 so why not show a video clip in flash. This whole campaign is an absolute joke that will not even make a dent in Apple. I own an Android device and will be getting the Droid but the ad campaign is targeting geeks, it’s not being played enough on television, the website is horrible. They should’ve had an amazingly interactive website – or at least videos – after they made the announcement today! This is sad and is doing absolutely NOTHING to hit the masses – which is what’s needed to make Android a household name.

  17. I called Verizon earlier this morning and was able to preorder the Droid for $199. The rep said he would give me the $199 price because I was going to order it online anyways. I was also able to get free overnight shipping.

    I’m switching from a 3GS on AT&T.

  18. About Droid Nation, if you read the Official Rules and Terms and Conditions, you’ll see that the cards are only available through a street marketing team that is handing them out in NYC and CA. The code may win you admission to a concert by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in NYC; didn’t read about CA. See droiddoes.com for more info, it’s all there.

  19. Are they kidding? A contest that is only good in two major cities in the USA (NYC and SFO)? That doesn’t make any sense to me. At the time the Droid was announced, I was trying to decide whether to let my Verizon account go and get an iPhone (I no longer am tied to a Verizon contract) or stay with Verizon. The Droid might be a good reason to stay with Verizon, but am I a good Verizon customer only if I live on one of the coasts? ARGH!

  20. Saw some marketing promo going on at Union Square, NYC this afternoon. Whole set up, etc. I saw some pics of it on droidnation.net

  21. I would like to join Droid Nation, However I do not live even close to San Francisco or New York. How can I join?

  22. What a crappy site. I’m excited about the Droid, but this site offers NOTHING. It feels like it was designed in 2001. TEXT descriptions for the features? No pictures, videos? Crap.

  23. I have read the dissappointments with the droid website adn you’re right. but everything you wanted is on the motorola site. it should fill the longing you have for the latest and greates marketing of this product. it did for me.

  24. I have a Droid I was wondering does anybody know how to forward a text message! help help please

    1. Go into the thread with the person you’re texting with and whichever one you want to forward tap and hold and a menu will pop up.

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