Motorola Droid Gets Video, GSM Style


We’re all waiting on the announcement of the Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid which goes without saying, it will be a CDMA handset. But a tipster just sent me a link to a video on YouTube of the GSM Motorola Droid being handled… to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller – awesome:

The “red eye” load screen is pretty slick. Just FYI, the video has been teetering between private/public so peep it while you still can!

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  1. Droiddoes website is up. 8+ days to something…

  2. I see lag folks. Bring on snapdragon.

  3. Wow, really looks nice!

  4. It’s cool to see it actually running. I hate to be a downer.. but it actually seemed more laggy than screaming fast. Moving the app drawer around and pushing desktop screens back and forth wasn’t super smooth. But I guess the phone was still booting up (I know my G1 is slow at first when it’s first booting up).

  5. You can see more info in here: http://www.tinhte.com/forum/t295933/

    And this is GSM version

  6. Did I see…. PINCH ZOOM!?!

  7. Pinch to zoom?? Is that gonna be available on the Verizon version?

  8. I dunno. Watching that video doesn’t instill any good feelings to that phone. Quite the opposite now. I will NOT be pre-ordering that phone.

    Looks extremely slow. Switching screens, the redraw time, etc…NOT good. May end up holding off completely on this offering. /sigh

  9. if i find new´s ,i tip you again rob

  10. Its a bit laggy, but Im sure they will fix that before release.

  11. Is it just me or is there some UI sluggishness around the 2:00 mark? Bringing up the apps window and cycling desktops doesn’t seem as smooth as I would have imagined.

  12. Lag, lag and Lag.
    Ouch !
    Happy to see the silver pad and button.

  13. Ugh that interface looks laggy as hell :( /tears

  14. Droiddoes.com launches a new site with no countdown. I tried the email a friend about the droid, and received this:

    Your friend Quixand wants to let you know about Droid. It’s not just a smartphone. It’s a super genius in your pocket.
    A phone that listens better than the person on the other end of the
    call. Apps of every shape and size. Emails that let you know what
    they are before you read them. The greatest web experience on a
    phone. All working together to get things done.
    Droid does all of this. And more.
    And it’s coming 11.6.09.

  15. So street date of the phone has been confirmed by Verizon.


  16. This video disappointed me. I hope Verizon’s Droid is much smoother on release.

  17. But yeah.. multi-touch was a surprise. I didn’t expect to see that. I thought it had something to do with an Apple patent or something. But he definitely did the reverse pinch to zoom out. Interesting…

  18. no double thumb this time I see……… Im sure the lag will be ironed out.

  19. You’re behind the power curve. BGR already posted the Droid as being OFFICIAL…

  20. wow this is looking very lagy, BGR said it was fast as hell, so maybe this was some sort of an early release version or somthing…. crossing my fingers

  21. Is it just me or does this look a LOT more like the original render then the Verizon version? Silver accents instead of gold and a chome/silver bezel around the screen. Even the cover plate looks more like the original render.

  22. must be early release or everyone wouldn’t say it is fast

    gold vs silver button also indicates early release

    wait until media get a chance to play with it after the presentation today and that will give a good idea before we judge

  23. Its laggy because NOOB doesnt know what hes doing. Watch the official Verizon video. NO LAG.

  24. In my humble opinion releasing a video showing that kind of lag… it’s like killing all expectations and desires.

    Do we, Android users (I’m a G1 user), depend on the good will of great hackers (you know who) for a snappier phone?

    No wonder the IPhone users watch this and laugh :(

    I really hope it improves.

  25. why cant this be released for tmobile! shit is coool

  26. Like everyone else said, I am no fan of Laggy McLagLag. I think I might just hold onto my Storm a bit longer. (I thought I would never say that.)

  27. Alright, it’s time to start sacrificing animals and small children to the phone gods. Everyone start praying that this is a very early development version and that the final release is waaaaaay faster. Also pray for retention of the pinch zoom in the actual release!!! That speed in the video would be a massive deal breaker. With all the raving about outperforming the iPhuck I can’t believe this is how the Droid will actually perform.

  28. Well the App Drawer and flipping between screens at the beginning was while the phone was still booting so that’s no surprise that it was laggy.

    BUT the rest shouldn’t have been. Like when the guy answers the call and the round button thingys don’t really move smoothly with his finger. And it also took the phone quite a while to display the call (not as bad as with the G1 though).
    This seems way laggier than what they had us hoping for. If that’s what it’s like NOW, the lag will NOT get ironed out people. The phone is already being packaged up if not already sent to stores.
    Although I hope for the phone’s sake that that video was made a while ago with a pre-production build.

  29. This phone would never be released with this kind of lag. Take a pill peoples. Its a fast phone.

  30. where is this “official verizon video”

  31. lag.

    What was they point of this video? He could of atleast switched the SIM cards to prove it works on a GSM network.

  32. This isn’t the official release. Also it’s not the VZW version and most likely a tester for overseas GSM providers. I have a G1 and don’t get lag like that with my app drawer and other things, and with the Droid having a ARM Cortex A8 I am positive it couldn’t be slower then the stinky old ARM11 in my G1.

  33. Why didnt they just use these colors on the Verizon version?!?!

  34. Go away HTC Magic!!!

  35. What Morten said. This phone isn’t have the final software build. It’s probably built with debug flags which will slow things down. There’s no reason the GSM version would be slower than the CDMA Verizon one that BGR says is very fast.

  36. Martin, this phone is not being sent to stores right now. It’s a GSM droid, not CDMA Verizon.

  37. at all the lag complainers: didn’t you see that the guy had just turned the device on??? of course its laggy..it is still loading. The other videos taken of the droid running actually show how fast it really is.

  38. Does my eyes deceive me or does the GSM version come in silver instead of gold?!?!? :D:D:D

  39. And without stupid verizon logo! THIS LOOKS AWSOME! So few details really can make a phone look hot!

  40. anyone who says that the VZW video shows no lag needs to watch it again. It’s laggy as hell. It’s just that the VZ rep is moving his finger across the screen slowly, almost like he’s waiting for the screen response to catch up to his finger gesture.

    Also, how will the lag be fixed by launch? The phone comes out in two weeks. They have most likely already shipped to the stores.

    I had really high hopes for this phone. But after watching a few hands on videos……. it’s been a huge let dowm.

  41. Contrary to what other commenters are saying, I think the interface looks fairly. The lag was well within standards for a top-shelf smartphone. There were a couple of really tough tests displayed in this video…usage after fresh bootup and zooming/scrolling while a web page is loading. The 3gs definitely looks like this in similar interface situations. From what I’ve seen in other droid demos, this phone is definitely worthwhile from a speed perspective. That said, if a snapdragon phone is announced to hit before xmas before say…the 10th, I may hold off to see video it in action.

    Also, you shouldn’t be able to touch a pre-release phone without hand eye coordination as slick as this dude. all you butterfingers gimps out there…practice.

  42. Brian, I know. Android 2.0 ist probably no different on this vs. the Verizon version. Whatever though, I really don’t care either way.

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