Oct 22nd, 2009

Its not like Verizon is trying to hide the Motorola Droid from us – they’ve already launched a full-on campaign for the device which butts heads directly with the iPhone. But those campaigns have never really shown what the phone looks like. Move over Verizon, this sounds like a job for Motorola.

A couple hours ago the Droid by Motorola page went LIVE on Motorola’s site. I’m not sure how long it will be up since we THOUGHT they would be trying to save at least a LITTLE something for the 28th. Maybe not – here is the Droid homepage on Motorola’s website:


I couldn’t snag/download the 360 degree view, but take a look at some very clear and beautiful pictures of the Motorola Droid in all its Android glory:

motorola-droid-site1 motorola-droid-site2


motorola-droid-site4 When I first saw the “Sholes” in leaks and renders I thought it looked absolutely amazing and hands down wanted it. The past week or so I’ve seen some of the live pictures and thought well, it doesn’t look as good as I THOUGHT but yeah, I’m definitely still getting this. These pictures bring me back to hands down wanting it. I just need to see it and feel it in person to determine its hot or notness.

And the specs? We’ve compiled the whole freaking thing in one big arse image for your viewing pleasure – click the picture to see it in its full size:


And last but not least, Motorola displayed 3 accessories that are recommended with the Droid. Nothing exciting but I’m just trying to pass on all the information possible:




You can find the Droid at Motorola.com by clicking here, but who knows how long it will be up before it gets yanked… if it does indeed get yanked. Any guesses?

I haven’t slept in 35 hours (literally)… pardon me while I go hibernate.

[Thanks Raji!]

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