Oct 26th, 2009

Well this is odd. A few days ago we heard the X3 would be renamed X10 and I totally clowned on the name:

Personally I think it is silly to skip so far ahead for the purpose of marketing… you might as well call it the Xperia Infinity. And come to think of it… “Infinity” isn’t a half bad name. Until of course the “Infinity plus one” and “Infinity times infinity” phones come out.

Fast forward to today and I just got tipped a link to a page on Sony Ericsson’s site that seems to suggest that, well… Sony Ericsson’s first Android Phone (Rachael/X3/X10) will actually be called Infinity!


Did they actually take Phandroid’s advice or is this all part of some mean revenge plot to make Rob Jackson look like the idiot he is? Take a look at the source code of the page and you can CLEARLY see that the word “infinity” and “rachael” sprinkled throughout the HTML:


They’re also tracking clicks to the Sony Ericsson site through this Rachael/Infinity “What’s Next” splash page as you can clearly see by the link: http://www.sonyericsson.com/?cid=son_rachael_global_20091026

In case you didn’t know, November 3rd isn’t very far away at ALL and the X3/X10/Rachael/Infinity is one of the hottest rumored phones out there right now. So big BIG news is just around the corner. It’s so big you can’t fathom. Bigger than Infinity times Infinity big.

[Thanks Jbox!]

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