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It seems the first in-depth Samsung Moment reviews are popping up and Engadget has just posted theirs. They conclude that the Samsung Moment isn’t as polished as an Android Phone should be, chastizing it for running an aged version of Android and insulting its less-than perfect looks.

I tend to disagree. I thought the keyboard was comfortable, the phone performed smoothly and hey – when you’re focused on developing and manufacturing a phone you can’t be at the mercy of another company’s schedule. There are OTA updates for a reason and this is a prime example – hopefully Sprint/Samsung push something out to Moment users sooner rather than later.

Here is Engadget’s Chris Ziegler handling and discussing the device:

The processor got a bump, the camera got a flash, 3.5mm headset jack and MicroUSB are in-tact… I’m not sure how this is a swing and a miss in any way/shape/form? The WORST it could be is a bloop single but seriously, I think Samsung Moment owners will be happy with their purchase.

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  1. you samsung fanboy, this phone is the worst android besides the g1

  2. Its not Droid but I have to say I like Moment

  3. RE: ad

    have you placed with it? touched it? handled it? tested it?

    why don’t you wait for it to be released before you call it the worst phone… tard.

  4. a bit faster processor has definitely improved the browser and the whole android experience, this is very good. As he said, hopefully 2.0 will bring us even better and faster browser

  5. rob jackson, please finish this sentence for me:

    “the sprint android phone i recommend is…”

  6. wtf is wrong with the G1? Sure it’s getting dated with the new phones but im not ready to replace it until the Droid comes out. The G1 is the best phone I have owned to date.

  7. ziegler is a clown. how that guy still has a job i do not know…

  8. “the sprint android phone i recommend is…”

    Based on your preference, I’ve been demo’ing the Hero for about 15 days now and to be as objective as I can be I think its a fantastic phone. HOWEVER after regular use the one thing that is a deal killer for me is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard. The touch screen on the Hero is accurate and overall fairly responsive, but it’s still a touch screen keyboard, if I have to type over a sentance I can expect at least a few errors, plus it can be annoying that the M key, which is used in a lot of words, is next to the backspace key which has caused me some headaches. Personally I use my phone alot, and I can type at a good rate with a QWERTY keyboard, with a touchscreen only keyboard I am very obviously being limited by the technology. I would hate to have to rattle off a quick txt message at a red light with the Hero, I’d have to actually look at the screen to type. I’m going to get the samsung Moment when it comes out since I’ll still have about a week to decide, if I think its a weaker overall phone then I’ll go back to the Hero. Also for those concerned about the HTC Sense UI, keep in mind that the source code for it has either been leaked or released by HTC and people are already modifying the code so that soon all android devices should be able to run some form of the Sense ui. (Source-http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-hero-source-code-released) Other things to keep in mind are that the Moment, while rated at 800Mhz, is actually an overclocked 523 Mhz chip from what I’ve read, so I’m interested in seeing the actual performance increase. The hero suffers from the occasional pause or lag as well so I dont expect either to be perfect. Well thats my quick 2 cents, hopefully it offers a bit more info than the ‘review’ posted on engadget. Keep in mind that there is alot to consider when looking at the current smartphone market, especially with the ARM11 architecture coming out.

  9. Sorry, but Samsung phones are the fugliest ever.

  10. beebop, nice post. Thanks for putting some thought into it.

  11. Now I think this phone’s simplicity is quite appealing; conversely I don’t like how the Droid looks. I also like the fact that the Moment is kind of big. I am a big guy and have big hands, things like my wife’s Pre are tiny, and even the Hero felt small to me.

    I don’t think anyone can say the Moment is a bad phone because of it’s looks, it’s just too subjective of a measure. Some will like it and some won’t…apparently a lot of the reviewers on blogs don’t lie it but that is a very small and somewhat biased group of people.

  12. un-f’ing-believable… the beefed up proc and amoled screen alone are enough to make the moment stomp every other android phone that’s out right now. samsung phones are pretty generic looking, but i think its decent…

    why are they letting this guy ruin engadget? ziegler is an emotional and biased fool, and he badly needs to reframe his point of reference when doing reviews.

  13. As a quick correction I said the ARM 11 architecture is coming out, I was wrong, the ARM 11 is what is out now, the ARM 8 Cortex is the newer ‘snapdragon’ processor. Also consider battery life. Unless I turn off gps, wi-fi and keep updates to a minimum, the Hero usually can’t get me through a normal day of use without a bit of recharging. Hopefully the Moments 5.5 hours of talk time is accurate since the Hero tends to get about 4 from regular use.

  14. Jason, as for anyone “ruining” Endgadget, they’ve always been a half assed site. It’s a bunch of Apple fanbois dissing anything that doesn’t issue forth from the mouth of Jobs.

    Don’t get me wrong, Endgadget has it’s place. I use them for snippets of new tech that gets announced throughout the day. But “objective” is not something I expect from them.

  15. I am holding on to my Treo 755p that i can tether. waiting to trade up. Lots of new stuff..waiting for the dust to settle. I am with sprint (at this time) The Hero does look nice but i also do like a keyboard, especially since the treo and my previous phones had keyboards.
    I do want the wi fi…expansion card…USB..hope it can tether ( at least with after market software) great screen that reads verticle and horizontal. Just the good stuff. no lagging…good response.
    Maybe i have to leave sprint to find the phone..
    I was lightly considering the Pre for a while..but I think i am favoring the Andoroid system. I know it will be around for a long time and will become the major OS within 2 years ( says the Gartner Group…if i spelled it correctly) I areally do not want to keep on waiting..There will always be something new ( hopefully whatever i get can get upgraded) What should i do??? thank you all.

  16. I agree with Beebop. I got the Sprint Hero the day it came out and still cannot get used to the onscreen keyboard. It is accurate, but I still end up with mistypes quite a bit. Also switching from one to two hands, landscape or not, introduces even more mistypes from the way the calibration works.

  17. BeeBop, I am on Sprint and am inclined to stay because I am being offered the 69.99 at a discounted 49.99 rate for two years to stay. So I really like the Droid but it is only on Verizon and they aren’t going to match the sprint rate. Do you know of anything on the horizon for sprint with the Arm 8 Cortex processor or something around 1 Ghz processor speed? I want to be able to run the google maps gps app as well. My current phone is a real POS and I need a new one soon but would wait for something like the droid if you think its worth it. Thanks

  18. I think sprint will surely have a phone with the snapdragon as soon as they hit the US market – they basically have to if they want to keep up with Verizon and their giant coffers. Personally, I just switched from Verizon to get the Hero, and I couldn’t be happier with Sprint. Definitely considering trading the Hero for a hardware keyboard when the Moment hits, just wish I hadn’t jumped the gun and waited for snapdragon and Android 2.0 – oh well, I’ll get to upgrade in a year anyway ;)

  19. I bought my Samsung Moment a few weeks ago, and it is a great phone. The OS is fantastic and the keyboard is great and is why I choose this over the Hero. The only complaint is the battery life. But considering all that this phone is doing, it is acceptable for me. I get a full 16 hour day out of this thing, even after checking email, downloading from the Marketplace, browsing the internet, playing games, og yeah and talking on the phone.

    I have concerns for the Verizon Droid , since it is a Motorola. I owned a Q9c and after 2 years the battery was dead, the unit was slow, and the screen lost brightness. Motorola has never been a genius at smart phone development. Hopefully they have stepped up there game.

  20. Our family has both the Moment and the HERO from Sprint. We’ve had the HERO for only 4 days but have had the Moment since it came out. The main problem with the Moment is the battery but I have heard people say the HERO battery is horrid too. So far the HERO outlast the Moment by probably about 50%. We do use a power manager, and task killer and watch our connections and services and apps. I love both the phones but have issues with both. Yes I can type much faster on the Moment. (Still end with typos though)

    The Moment is a nice phone. It has great sound quality, speakers are good too. In addition, its proximity sensor stops the hanging up, putting on hold, etc…, when talking and holding under your ear. It has a pretty decent camera with a flash. The key board is great compared to the droids because the d-pad cramps the Droid’s keys together. It has a 800 MHz processor, compared to the 528 MHz that came before it on Android models. I wish it had more than 256MB RAM but that just didn’t happen. At least it has more than the 188MB T-mobile Android phones are strapped with. (I think I read about someone running apps from the SD card with a rooted Android, maybe on XDA_developers?) Its screen is a AMOLED screen and very crisp. The YouTube videos don’t do it justice but side by side with the HERO, you can tell it is the better screen. The phone definitely has its points.

    We are keeping both phones as they both have their good qualities. My son will get one and I the other. We haven’t really decided which though. I have used both and will be happy with either. My main draw to the HTC is the small form factor and longer battery. The draw of the moment is the camera flash, keyboard and proximity sensor. (It really makes a difference)

    As for HTC sense… There are so many apps out there that you can make any plain android the way you want it. Personally I think 7 screens is a bit much though it is nice to have a big full screen widgets on the end screens like the calendar or stocks and bookmark. I only use 4 screens for apps and because of that 3 screen does get cramped if you want any widgets. I use the DxTop:Home Alternative on the Moment which gives you 4 screens which you don’t have to scroll past one to get to the other instead just swipe, right, left, up, down. I actually like it better than the HERO. There are two app tabs and you can swipe them away for 4 more quick launch apps which are on all 4 screens.

    I haven’t yet tried the voice control on the HERO but I cannot get the Moment to recognize names. If I tell it to “call 501-263-8000” it has no problems, it never has got it wrong but “call jennifer” I have a 50/50 chance, and a strange name, forget it. Maybe it is my voice? The moment doesn’t come with a built in speed dial but you can download a free one from the app store.

    The HTC has the multi-touch zoom factor but it is only active on certain screens. Neither the HERO or the Moment flip when on the home screens (unless you pull out the keyboard on the moment) This makes it so if you search from the google widget you have to do it with the portrait cramped keyboard (DxTop:home alt fixes that) If I am not typing a full text, I don’t pull out the keyboard but just type a word or two with the on screen one, so I like the home screen to flip.

    Well I hope this was not too much to read and actually helps someone. amyiw@hotmail

  21. I have not fully read all of the comments but I have been using my Moment for about a month and it keeps getting more frustrating.

    The touch screen is not as responsive as the iPhone.

    The Nuance voice control software is the worst voice control software I have ever had on any phone period. It does not recognize any names and I have only made it to step 3 of 15 in the voice adaptation program before it fails to recognize the first time I say the name, asks me to repeat the name but then does not respond to anything I say and then times out.

    The battery is not terrible. However, the battery meter often does not read correctly. My phone will stay on 5% for hours. Normally I get a 12 hour day with two to three hours of talk time and two hours of data through the cell network.

    My phone is buggy and slow. I just had to pull the battery out to terminate a call. Also, often the touch screen will not turn off during a call so my face will mute or terminate the call (my face will also delete links off of the home screen which is not as serious). In addition to this the phone is very slow and unpredictable when you are in a call and you want to turn the touch screen back on.

    I have never owned another touch screen phone but I have played with both versions of the iPhone and the new palm pre and they are significantly more responsive than this phone. Maybe an update would help but every day I get closer to demanding that Sprint give me a new phone.

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