HTC Working On Android 2.0 Phones


android20When the Motorola Droid lands on Verizon Wireless in a couple weeks, chances are it will be the first Android phone rocking OS version 2.0. The fact that this has been rumored for quite awhile and that it appears to be coming true begs the question – are Verizon/Motorola getting an inside track?

That’s exactly what Sascha Segan from Gearlog asked reps from both Samsung and HTC. While Samsung – who recently launched the Galaxy and Moment with the Behold 2 upcoming didn’t respond, HTC said they indeed have had Android 2.0 in-house for quite awhile and are working on some tasty treats for Android fans to consume.

As to which upcoming HTC Android phones would have 2.0 was unclear, especially considering they’re all rumored devices with nothing official at this point. HTC Desire (Droid Eris), Devour, Dragon, Passion, Predator… pick your poison. If they ALL had 2.0 we certainly wouldn’t complain, but I’d bet that the higher powered devices run 2.0 while some lesser spec’d devices stick to 1.6.

Regardless, nice to see HTC already has some Android 2.0 phones in the funnel.

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  1. what !! no upgrade for us g1 owners ? :(

  2. I think you have a slight mistake there Rob. In your 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence the line that begins:

    “While Samsung – who recently launched the Hero and Moment”. Samsung didn’t launch the Hero, HTC did. Just looking out for you.

  3. The Hero is HTC, not Samsung…

  4. Hopefully HTC has some sweet new features in 2.0 they add with the HTC Sense. Can’t wait to see all the new android phones, especially the upcoming Verizon ones. I hope the plans are ridiculous though.

  5. I’m guessing that the G1 probably won’t get the full G1, but I’m hoping that there might be a 2.0 light version that the G1 can handle. If nothing else, I’d think that modders like Cyanogen will produce ROMs for G1 that have some of the treats from 2.0.

  6. Damnit Samsung, respond with “Yes, 2.0 is coming”!

  7. As the official developer device, I’d like to believe that the Android Dev Phone 1 (and the G1 and any 528 mhz processor android phone) will be able to run Android 2.0. I’d hate to think that by making the jump to 2.0 would put developers in a position to have to purchase new handsets.

  8. What is it about 2.0 that the g1 couldnt handle? Ive seen video of 2.0 and it certainly looked great and exciting but I cant think of anything so demanding as say the sense ui that the g1 would struggle with. And the Mytouch is still new and has the same ram, and i would think the mytouch would deserve 2.0. By that logic the only thing that might hold back the g1 is its puny rom. Either way its probably time for the g1-ers to start saving up for a new Android, theres just so much forthcoming. I cant wait to see how tmobile responds to verizon and sprint…surely the Cliq isnt meant to satisfy the true Android lovers.

  9. I dunno if the g1 will get 2.0 but remember, they said at one point we wouldn’t get 1.6 but here we are donutin’ it up! I just don’t think I can give up my g1 anytime soon…I love it so much!!!

  10. I think on the contrary 2.0 will fix bugs that 1.5 and 1.6 have and make the OS faster. Really, that should be the goal of the Android dev team. I want my Android to get more and more SNAPPY, not slower.

  11. Actually, the ONLY thing google have said so far (please correct me otherwise) is that they did not GUARANTEE that further versions of android beyond 1.5 would fit into the tiny flash of the G1/ADP1.

    Honestly, I dont think that will be a big problem.
    I think worst case would be: android 2.0 doesnt support apps in sd card -> 2.0 doesn’t fit in the G1 -> cyanogen rom for the win -> 2.0 in our G1s.

    Just my thoughts

  12. wtf? no 2.0 for my g1?!?!?!?! i guess ill have to upgrade

  13. Man I really hope the Hero will be able to run 2.0. Just released on Sprint and it already feels old. Only running 1.5 still. I shoulda waited :(

  14. I think there is an upper limit to what the g1 will be able to handle …I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the g1 didn’t see eclair or flan …of course I bet the dev community will give us eclair but passed that I can’t see it happening …and I honestly kinda hope that it forces manufactors to put out better hardware ….I do hope that some sort of legacy compatabilty is built in to address this tho

  15. Not directing it at Google, HTC or anyone really but is anyone get really upset when they mention the G1 might not be supported for new updates?

    I mean seriously I was one of the first people to buy it which means im stuck in a cruddy 2 year contract…if they are developing updates for Android they should at least have a two years of support for a phone. People like me are STUCK with it, though perhaps the new T-Mobile plans might free me of that *ponders*. Only hiccup is that I had a corporate discount which mainly just made the phones cheaper.

  16. It is beginning to look like a swee Bull… b uy Andriod and maybe just maybe you’ll get the last version…as for my elf I think i’ll go back to Win mo at least they tell us a While before.

  17. There’s no end in sight. I am so glad that you can get a new phone every year with SPRINT cause at this rate my HERO is gonna be outdated in like a month. Totally cool though. I like how ANDROID is just plowing along and hopefully gonna blow APPLE & AT&T right outta the water. I wonder if AT&T is doing the truffle shuffle wondering how to get on board???

  18. I would like to point out one small thing about the g1. When the issues appeared with the G1 getting 1.6 the main problem was the OTA update. The rom was big enough to handle donut, but not big enough to download the update files. So I guess that even if 2.0 won’t be coming through OTA, i’m hoping that there will be some official desktop(PC-TO-PHONE) update option, which does not require downloading any new update packages…just simply changes the old OS to the new one. Not as exciting as OTA but I’m guessin that all those Root’o’maniacs won’t find any problem with this…:p

    ..just a thought..

  19. what is with people needing to have the latest? i mean if the current thing satisfy your needs why bother. as the mantra goes, “don’t fix what is not broken!”

  20. I’m hoping this is why HTC have not released a 1.6 upgrade for the Hero yet….. Maybe they will jump to 2.0? after all HTC are normally very good with there updates.

  21. seems I was correct!

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