Oct 26th, 2009

I was recently reading an article from Cellular-News.com titled “Android Smartphone Shipments to Reach 32 Million Units by in 2013.” My initial reaction was something you’ve probably come to expect – I thought it was a modest forecast and would optimistically predict much greater growth. The same report predicts 6.5 million units this year and judging by the potential pace of proliferation, 32 million is modest in my opinion.

But the next forecasted number REALLY blew me away:

Furthermore, overall shipment of Android-equipped products is forecast to reach 126 million units in 2013. Besides Smartphones, Android products also include PC-like products, portable devices and residential products. Residential and portable equipment are expected to become major growth drivers.

126 million devices
32 million smartphones

94 million non-smartphone Android devices in 2013?


Considering that mostly EVERYTHING we hear about Android relates to smartphones with the occassional eReader or Netbook thrown in, this is outrageous by all accounts. Not impossibly outrageous, just interesting outrageous. Android could prove to be the de-facto operating system for use in a wide variety of industries and product lines.

I think its MUCH too early to predict 2013 Android smartphone shipments let alone shipments of non-smartphone devices which up until now have been practically non-existent. But once Android finds its way into everything from automobiles, home entertainment systems, and FOB keychains there is no telling where the market will take us.

Like your parents and teachers always told you, think outside the (smartphone) box. Because apparently that is exactly where Android is headed. That doesn’t mean Android will cease to be smartphone focused – it will ALWAYS be smartphone focused as that was the original intent – but with an open and flexible OS, its going to Yoga itself into a lot of different positions. Perhaps 94 million positions by 2013.

By the way, I’m not sure if Android Phones that AREN’T smartphones are considered a possibility here or if Android Phones are considered inherently smart. I’d put my money on the latter.