Android 2.0 On Motorola Droid – Leak Galore!


Alright my fellow Android lovers this is a biggie! We’re all dying to know what Android 2.0 is all about and BGR has done it again – publishing a MONSTER article that shows off Android 2.0 in great detail. I’ll summarize the high points but you’ll definitely want to check out the BGR for the full scoop.

Here are a few of the most telling pics and below that, find our summarized bullet points for the down and dirty details:

NOTE: If pictures are not working try back in 10 minutes and press CTRL + F5. We’re currently upgrading a server and the problem should be fixed by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

  • Native Microsoft Exchange support
  • Native Facebook support including contact syncing
  • Browser improvements
  • Updated maps application with “Layers” for traffic, satellite, lattitude, Wikipedia, “My Maps”, Transit lines and more!
  • UI makeover
  • Browser is fast, has favicons, no pinch/zoom
  • YouTube video with recording/uploading of your mobile vids directly to YouTube from the homescreen!
  • Tons more settings options across the board
  • “Car Home” application that uses voice commands and simplified interface for safe/effective device use while driving.
  • Tap on a contact name/photo and a popup with icons for call/txt/email/facebook/etc will show up which eliminates unnecessary scrolling and whatnot. Looks nice.
  • Combined Inbox… uhoh, Sense and BLUR better step up their GAME!

It is pretty obvious that BGR has the Motorola Droid in his possession… so I expect a hardware review coming up. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. pictures don’t work for me :(

  2. The pictures on this site never work for me until the article is a few days old. Pretty odd and annoying.

  3. You really have some problem with pics the last few days, i can’t see any :<

  4. Go to BGR’s website :]

  5. Are we sure this is all stock 2.0 and not Droid improvements? Native exchange support and Facebook contact syncing seems fishy… But if so…woohoo!

  6. Holy Schnikees!

    In my eyes Android may now be a viable option for business. As much as the penguin has been for the backend of the network.

  7. Considering both the Pre and HTC Hero have multi touch zoom capabilities, this is pretty disappointing.

    I’m still on board, but thought the droid would step up to the plate in this regard.

  8. I really don’t see much improvement. I like the new features we’ve heard, but it doesn’t make me feel jealous picking up a pre-2.0 handset on Sprint.

  9. hey guess what?????

    pictures still don’t work

  10. @Jeff J: The Blackberry storm will already grab contact details off of facebook automatically- that’s nothing new.

    I can’t wait for VZW Android!

  11. Get your sh*t together Phandroid, pictures aren’t working, loadings times suck and all the categories could do with a bit of an update too…

  12. @pieter, i understand that the pics not working could be frustrating, but there is no need for you to be a douchebag.

  13. Nice, but I’m wondering if this is all Android 2.0 and not some of Motorola’s work.

  14. @ all the pictures not working people.
    Walt Mossberg just leaked that server transitions take some time to get just right.

  15. Hey anyone who is wondering why the pictures won’t work, they are updating the servers…it says in the article. @pieter …I’m with StephenSaurusRex, go be a douchebag somewhere else, this site is badass.

  16. Also, forgive me for not seeing Integgroll’s post, I restated what he said haha.

  17. I really really hope this fits on the G1. Since they saved 10MB on Donut over Cupcake, maybe we are in luck.

  18. pieter you’re a pussy


  20. It’s interesting that the BGR article says:

    “version 2.0 starts to make Android a really viable (and interesting) platform.”

    So what is it now? an unviable and uninteresting platform? According to what I read on phandroid everyday it seems to have already conquered the market. maybe it’s all just wishful thinking in the end…

  21. It’s not on Motorola. It’s on the Acer A1.

  22. Is that it ?!?!?!
    Those specs are a little un-impressive to say the least. Or have I missed something? Native support for Facebook – And? Why should I be bothered by this? If I want facebook, I can ‘have an app for that’ – Apple inc. Wow me Google!! Dazzle my dazzling socks (aka bobby dazzlers) to the max. Don’t leave me wondering.

  23. God Rob, why is this site so horrible for a problem that is more or less out of your control. I’m going to rage and leave angry comments now because I’m a pompous asshole who doesn’t realize the difficulty it takes to keep a website running smooth. :)

  24. Does this phone have the same connect-the-dot security pattern as the G1? I hope so!

  25. @ All the people wondering if Moto/VZW customized things… NO!

    This is a ‘Google Experience’ phone. By contract terms Motorola nor VZW are allowed to change Android in anyway.

    The phone will be exactly as Google made it.

    And may i just say i love the looks of things to come in the Android world. This phone has me going nutty.

    @Phandroid Good luck with getting the servers all set up. I know it can be a PITA

  26. OMG… Please, please… just officially announce something Verizon…. I can’t take it anymore. These rumors are horrible.

  27. Google, you have to enhance one thing, BROWSER BROWSER BROWSER …please make it as smooth as iphone’s, you have a great smooth desktop browser, why not the same for the Android !!!
    Also, hopefully non-latin languages will be supported such as Arabic and Farsi

  28. Can someone explain to me why
    andriod doesn’t have pinch zoom?

  29. Why is everyone getting mad over how it looks? Remember that it’s google who we are talking about. They just make things that work, and nor pretty (ie google’s page). If you don’t like how it looks wait until SE launches the Xperia X3 (Rachel) with their own custom skin. In regards to the multi-touch it does support it natively as you can see in the pics (go to BGR if you want to see the complete pics), it just doesn’t have pinch zooming because it’s patented by Apple or someone else, which they have to pay for to added in. You also have to remember that the f/w and s/w is updating regularly to fix things and or add things this is why it hasn’t been released or even announced yet officially.

  30. everything is just AWESOME! … But why no twitter support?! :'(

  31. bunch ‘o whiners. If you can’t live w/o “pinching” zoom, go buy another phone. It’ll probably come later along w/ Flash support next year.

    Exchange support alone is a huge update for business.
    Combined Inbox, integrated Facebook & the helpful Car Home is just icing on the cake.

  32. A google experience phone requires a dedicated search button. One of the benefits is that update through the air is supported !
    So STD should be coming with android 2.0 ?
    This makes it even more desirable !

  33. The Droid is starting to look so good, I almost don’t care if VZW gimps it….almost.

  34. @Vincent – I don’t want an STD. It took me long enough to get rid of the last one, even with the special cream and applicator.

  35. @squee147

    This phone probably won’t be crippled considering Verizon hasn’t crippled any of their other phones they’ve recently released.


    We know you have an iPhone. These specs for both phones are generally the same, right down to the speed of the processor. Actually, the Droid has better resolution, and a 3.7 inch screen. To say the specs are unimpressive is to say the iPhone is even more unimpressive. People were putting “apps” on Winmo devices before Apple even entered the market, so they can’t claim their place of fame by apps. Right now Apple’s software and hardware is unmatched in terms of performance, however functionality leaves something more than to be desired. Why must I download an app for anything when I can simply already have it integrated into the OS or UI itself? Why not make a platform that revolves around having the capabilities of doing several things while still having the same integration? Apple could do all of this, of course, but they aren’t and due to their iron grip, they won’t ever really “win” the silly little phone war going on in everyone’s head.

  36. Scoobie says “Can someone explain to me why andriod doesn’t have pinch zoom?”

    Because it’s patented by Apple, and software patents are f***ing stupid.

  37. @ FisherP
    Can never get enough of STD… jokes ;)

  38. The easiest way to loop around that “pinch to zoom” patent that Apple apparently has is to just say it’s “Multi-touch Enabled”. Apple didnt patent multi-touch nor did they invent it, they just re-named it and implemented it.

  39. It seems that Android 1.6 has got a very short life span. Looking at http://www.droiddoes.com, verison are advertising one of Motorola Droid features as “Android 2.0”

  40. Check this out…. droiddoes.com

  41. For those wanting pinch zoom… Just wait for the HTC Dragon/HD Android… HTC Rosie does come with pinchiness…

  42. Has Google confirmed that 2.0 will come to older phones like G1 and Magic?

  43. oh god, im about to cry, i cant believe what im seeing, the pics are back again :D thank you Rob

  44. Have you seen the Verizon advert? It’s all sorts of genius!


  45. @Y314K, have you got any linked info on those HTC models? I’m in Taiwan, making me partial to HTC products (because I can be pretty sure they’ll do a great job of supporting traditional Chinese input). The Hero is just a little too small for my taste, and the rumors I’ve seen on the Dragon are giving me hope.

  46. Scoobie says “Can someone explain to me why andriod doesn’t have pinch zoom?”

    Because Apple claim to hold a patent on it, and everyone is scared of Apple’s legal tem. But Apple appear to be using the multitouch patent of several universities, so it wont hold water…

  47. Will Android 2.0 beef-up Bluetooth?

  48. Is it going to support Arabic Language like the iphone?

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