Oct 16th, 2009

Alright my fellow Android lovers this is a biggie! We’re all dying to know what Android 2.0 is all about and BGR has done it again – publishing a MONSTER article that shows off Android 2.0 in great detail. I’ll summarize the high points but you’ll definitely want to check out the BGR for the full scoop.

Here are a few of the most telling pics and below that, find our summarized bullet points for the down and dirty details:

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  • Native Microsoft Exchange support
  • Native Facebook support including contact syncing
  • Browser improvements
  • Updated maps application with “Layers” for traffic, satellite, lattitude, Wikipedia, “My Maps”, Transit lines and more!
  • UI makeover
  • Browser is fast, has favicons, no pinch/zoom
  • YouTube video with recording/uploading of your mobile vids directly to YouTube from the homescreen!
  • Tons more settings options across the board
  • “Car Home” application that uses voice commands and simplified interface for safe/effective device use while driving.
  • Tap on a contact name/photo and a popup with icons for call/txt/email/facebook/etc will show up which eliminates unnecessary scrolling and whatnot. Looks nice.
  • Combined Inbox… uhoh, Sense and BLUR better step up their GAME!

It is pretty obvious that BGR has the Motorola Droid in his possession… so I expect a hardware review coming up. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know!

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