Oct 16th, 2009

“Welcome to Mobile Phone Island where Mt. Android is about to erupt on all the little peon hills that claim to be mobile operating systems. For so many years those heaps of crap sat dormant and now, when Mt. Android flings gobs of hot handset lava all over the world, those punk bitches had better hope they don’t go the way of the Stegosaurus. And they think their little spiky tails are so kick-ass…”


Those are the exact words Eric Schmidt used at Google’s 3rd Quarter Earnings Report to explain Android’s competitive landscape. Okay… not the EXACT words. According to TechCrunch here is what the Google CEO said:

Android adoption is about to explode. You have all the necessary conditions.. a critcial period.

Close enough… right? He also re-iterated that Android now has 12 devices in 26 countries on 32 carriers. Pretty darn impressive considering the “real” push hasn’t even begun yet. What we’ve got on the market right now are “feelers” – manufacturers and carriers first foray into the Android land. Next year I think you’ll see Android make the upgrade to more of a “staple” where you see it consistently used as a featured operating system in a carrier’s “stable” of smartphones. Okay, I know what you’re thinking… enough with the “quotes”…

Done and done.

It is coming ladies and gentlemen. We knew it was coming. You probably did too. But seriously… Android is about to take the world by storm. And those 2012 market share projections? If the cards are played right they could be blown out of the water. Or out of the lava.