Samsung Houdini Magically Re-Appearing?


Way back in May the Samsung Houdini was first rumored as an Android Phone headed to T-Mobile by way of leaked roadmap. A couple days later the Samsung Houdini got slapped with a November launch date and was named the “BIG HOLIDAY LAUNCH” phone for T-Mobile… but little has been heard about the device since. So what do you make of this video that opens with the text “Houdini” but titled by the uplaoder as an Samsung Omnia Pro and highlighted in the video as having Windows Mobile 6.1:

Initially the Samsung Houdini was thought to be the American name for the Samsung Galaxy. Who knows what the heck is going on… but I thought it fair to point out the OTHER information in that initial roadmap was correct and it refers to the Samsung Houdini and Bigfoot launching in the next several months. This video, which LOOKS like it was produced by Samsung themselves, further muddies the rumor waters.

You know as well as we do so tell us what you think… what the heck is going on?

[Via SamsungHub]

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  1. so, if we’re to believe the video it’s WinMo?

  2. This phone. If this would have been an android phone and for certain on T-Mobile I would have stayed with them.
    It’s sleek, thin and has a 5mp cam.

  3. ya beat me to the punch tdg.

    where is all the cool UMA hardware that’s supposed to be coming down the pike?

    all i want for xmas is one lousy android with UMA.

  4. Urgh hybrid isn’t spelled hybryd’, silly Samsung.

  5. Would love to see this sold with Android as well.

  6. Is this another reason to fear the Galaxy wont make it to T-mo? I’ve been dying for a news update on that one.

  7. still waiting for a properly spec’d phone to be released with android…i can’t belive anyone is still wasting their time making winmo phones let alone winmo 6.1

  8. Mhh… nice piece of Hardware… hopefully its gettin’ released with android too!!!

  9. one day you guys will learn 5mpx isn’t necessarily better than a 2mpx sensor camera. But well, keep counting pixels, and you’ll end up seenig that HTC camera shooting usually errrm.. ****cks, no matter how high the pixel count is.

    Both my older HTC Touch Pro, and my now HTC Hero have real horrible image output, compared to many other cheaper phones.

  10. my brother has the samsung memoir… takes excellent pictures. I own nikon DSLR’s and i can vouch for samsung picture quality… even for a phone.

    my htc touch and also the diamond… blehhh. not so good.


  11. i always though houdini was the galaxy

  12. Definitely the Houdini, samsung copied off of the MDA and the Wing, clearly it looks heLLa upgradeddd… samsung is a great brand and their products are top quality….

  13. When is this coming out, I want it.

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