CPhone To Rival OPhone, iPhone


China Unicom will have Apple’s iPhone. China Mobile has their Android-based Open Mobile System phone dubbed OPhone. Now China Telecom could acquire a phone/platform based on Android and created by Access called CPhone:


Interesting UI… ClonedInChina called it “cartoon style” while Engadget was a little more liberal with their criticism, insinuating it was created by drunk people. The Access CPhone comes with Android 1.5 and apparently the media are already calling it an OPhone killer. Funny how they just glazed right over that “i” one isn’t it?

Also interesting that they chose a consonant instead of a vowel to precede “phone” – maybe that is the differentiation they were seeking? The only vowels remaining are A, E, U and Y if you accept it as a vowel. APhone, EPhone, UPhone, YPhone? I would take the “E” over “C” any day and the “A” and “Y” just seem plain silly. Does the “C” even stand for something? China? China Telecom? Or am I missing something here?

[Via CNMO (translated to English)]

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  1. OPhone = open phone
    CPhone = closed phone

    Either, that or “Currently ugly Phone”

  2. Its cleary “See Phone – The phone you can’t look at without being drunk” or something.

  3. Ok im sick of all these “Available in China” phones. Let’s get an amazing android phone to the US asap.

  4. CPhone, pronounced as SeePhone, the C stands fro China.

    for the record, oPhone SDK is based on Android 1.0 and has lots of bugs.

    CPhone SDK clearly has advantages right there with Android 1.5. However, China Telecom is using CDMA network, so the SDK would really be based on Android 1.6 Donut :)

  5. Is it me or is the bottom of the phone lopsided …haha

  6. And check out the status bar … typical android battery life … :-D

  7. was the google phone called gphone before?

  8. Can’t wait for the FPhone.

  9. Just me… but that pic looks photoshopped.

  10. nobody seems to like uphone…
    UPHONE, the new smart phone by China Mobile that YOU can make your OWN.
    ah man i love google translate.

  11. Google Translate is great, if not for the fact that the translation usually ranges from mildly wrong to hilariously wrong.

    Anyway, OPhone is a total and complete piece of crap, that’s why HTC was planning on releasing a version of Magic using OPhone’s firmware (forgot what the name of that crappy OS is called) back in June and then just scrapped the whole project altogether.

    From what I heard, OPhone would miss/freeze in 2 out of every 10 phone calls. So basically you’d get an expensive handset that can’t even do what a $40 USD handset can do. And that’s kinda bad.

    Since Access is a Japanese company, they probably would fail less spectacularly than the oh-great-Chinese-OS-that-is-not-really-Chinese-for-95%-of-the-part. But seriously Japanese and Chinese should just both drop their “We’ll reinvent the wheel(and make it elliptical instead!) and do our stuff over here, and you guys can do your stuff over there” BS and get on with the program.

  12. it is anough with this china crap buy american

  13. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I can see some humorous connotations in owning aPhone. Do you own aPhone? I’d like aPhone. Does anybody have aPhone?

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